Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Lam Yee Mee

The usual Sunday routine. I'm sure my regular readers can guess what I did. Been in ages since I ate at Lammeeya, so I suddenly wanted to eat there. Horrible. Don't think I will be going back there. My loh yee mee was so chewy. The thick gravy was lukewarm and it just made the whole meal feel a tad too disgusting. Blegh. Mum ajak-ed me for cendol after that. But Teochew Chendul is forever crowded, so we tapau-ed. Brought it all the way to Cielo Dolci on the opposite end of Paradigm Mall. Ordered a mini cup of passion fruit yoghurt and S'mores and secretly ate it all there. Such an uncommon combination. Haha. At least we could have dessert in peace. Back home, I tried to burn off dessert by doing some workout routines in my room. Some interesting moves in Men's Health's Spartacus workout. Worked up a sweat, and felt a bit of burn in my muscles. Obviously that wasn't enough to chisel my body.


Plus, the heavy dinner at MaisonSK later that night didn't help. Had a big dinner with SK, Apollo, Brian, QueerRanter-D and KH. Apollo's mum cooked again-- steamed parrot fish (in ginger and hot bean sauce), abalone mushroom tempura, three types of stir--fried vegetables, preserved vegetable omelette and old cucumber soup. My mother added on with some red wine chicken. Apollo made dessert with the help of Daiso pudding powder mix. But his mum outdone him with a pot of sea coconut and white fungus. More sake later with some wasabi mixed nuts. With so much rich foods, Sparta will definitely fall! LOL. When SK went looking for more snacks from her pantry, she was startled by a type of whirring sound. Like from a vintage tin wind-up toy. Turned out that Apollo brought a secret guest along, one of his sugar gliders! It was in a dark pouch that he had left on the coffee table.

Dinner at MaisonSK


Derek said...

Sugar gliders are weird! And high maintenance LOL

Anonymous said...

some other activities burn more calories.... lol