Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Birthday Monday

Some Assembly Required

KH's birthday was on Monday and it's really a rare occasion that I celebrate it with him on the actual day. Went over to Mediteca to have lunch with him. And SK was nice enough to join since it was her day off. Sad to say that the lunch set looks a bit sad now. Smaller portions on large plates. Just... looks... a... bit... pathetic. Gave KH a mini birthday present as he still in the midst of ordering his main gift off Lazada. He wanted a tablet to read comics. Last Friday, we went to Plaza Low Yatt to do a little tablet survey. Decided upon the Asus MemoPad8. Cheaper to buy it online though. Stopped at KopiClub after that, in the Low Yatt basement food court. Tried something really weird-- Kopi Soyacino Ping. LOL. Kopi Ping with soya bean and cincau. LOL. Weird. Back to Monday! The mini gift was a Lamy Swift Anthracite rollerball pen. More for his new job actually, something I hope he would use at work and remind him of me (but not as a pencil dick!). Also gave him a card in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. Hope he had a fun time figuring out that it was a heart. Hehe. Moved over to Serai looking for coffee and cake. For some reason, the latte tasted a bit rancid to me. KH detected it too. The berry pavlova was still good though, but the portion had shrunk. :(. Happy birthday baby! Sorry no birthday sex!

Berry Pavlova




Twilight Man said...

Happy Birthday to your darling! You can wipe him with the towel.
I have become online shopper cos cheaper and saves time.

Shadow Wind said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! have a good one

William said...

Online shopping is addictive

I'll send your wishes to KH

Derek said...

Thanks dear. Love u lots

Wanna have birthday sex next year!