Monday, April 14, 2014

Taiwan is Good for Sex

Wantan Breakfast

Mum and The Tribe were going to Taiwan for a week-long holiday. Hurray for my sex life! Woke up real early on Sunday morning to send them to the airport. Tummy rumblings during my drive back to Taman Puncak Jalil made me step on the pedal a little more (but that was also because my sister's Avanza was giving out weird noises at low gear). Stopped at Kong Kee and went very HK style that morning by ordering soup noodles with just wantans. Very yummy. Hung around the internet for a while before getting ready for church. Planned to meet JJ and Bunny for lunch at Heritage Village Cafe, but turns out that their shop in Aman Suria is no longer open (perhaps since they have an outlet in Paradigm Mall now?). Made a quick call to the guys and diverted to Restoran 126 instead. Not ate there in ages ever since I tried their sodium-packed bitter gourd noodles. Tried their keong nga ngap rice instead. Big portion and quite good. Their fuzuk yimai is too watered down though. Throughout the lunch conversation, JJ was having fun reliving the tyranny of his ex-boss in PWC. Halfway through, Bunny's elder brother joined us for lunch and I immediately detected the similarities in speech patterns (an anime character trapped in a human body), not so much in appearance. With some time to kill before the test drive, I visited the Holy Trinity of Da Ma Cai, Magnum and Toto. At Volvo, we experienced more of their lukewarm service. When we told the staff that we were there to see Lawrence, they just said that he was upstairs. Nobody bothered to inform him or anything. KH had to go look for him. As an introduction, Lawrence showed KH all the bells and whistles on the dashboard. How to set the mirror, steering wheel, yadda, yadda, yadda. He also mentioned the remote having a longer range than most cars and we were like..... wow? Was a bit unnerving seeing how KH manoeuvred out of the showroom. Traffic was much better than the day before and KH could properly accelerate. Responsive engine and good cornering (and excellent safety rating). Unfortunately, the hatchback has an undercarriage that is noisier than my Almera. Goodness. I expected more from such an expensive car. Guess can't help it since its so low and the tires are so wide.


Scheduled for some quality time after that. KH stopped by at my place and we had a quick shower together. Nothing is more erotic that soaping each other up with slippery, sudsy hands that find every nook and cranny. Starting in the bathroom, we subsequently ended up in the room. This time with lemongrass massage oil between our fingers giving each other a good rub down. My shoulders were super stiff. Can you imagine that we skanked halfway and actually napped? Are we that old? LOL. When I woke up, I found that I had been drooling over KH's bare shoulders. LOL. The nap had recharged KH, judging by the looks of his 'battery meter'. KH finished the job and he later helped me finish too. Moaned right into his kisses. Little Italy was chosen as the night's dinner venue. Never noticed the place. Dark and hidden. Price was reasonable but the authenticity is questionable. The aglio olio spaghetti looked like mee basah. It actually had gravy! LOL. But it was value for money. The pasta gamberi actually came with ten medium sized prawns for just MYR23! The risotto was a bit weird and the clams in the vongole soup weren't fresh. Oppps. But at least the tiramisu helped it win back some points. And if you ever fantasized of dining on a gondola, give the restaurant a try. :D. Still horny from our session, KH's hands were pretty naughty during dinner. Hopefully SK's grandma didn't see anything!


Anonymous said...

he's back!! lol...


Ban said...

talk like an anime character? really?

Simon T. said...

well, my family had experienced lukewarm services from Toyota showroom. lucky that one of the sales woman is nice so managed to seal the deal.

kenni said...

Hooray for Sex! Boo!

William said...

Lagi happy dari saya :P

Kind of

Toyota famous for being lansi

:D :D :D

Derek said...

Bye bye V40!