Saturday, April 26, 2014

Singapore Story III: Deviant Brunch & Temple Visit

Coffee & Coffee

Saturdays are perfect for sleeping in. More so with your horny boyfriend by your side. Needless to say we ended up making love again, but we didn't quite finish the job. By the time we emerged from the room, Tater was already going through his second cup of coffee. We all gathered in the living room to talk about his date the night before. Things sounded quite promising and best of all, there was some cheeky flirting going on. An hour before noon, we made a move to Artichoke for brunch of 'deviant middle eastern' food. Every time we walk past the beauty parlours below his service apartment, the China girls will push Tater for a massage. But when I walk past, its either silence or facial offers. Big difference. Hidden from plain view in Sculpture Square, Artichoke serves great food in a cosy environment surrounded by edible herb gardens and astro turf stools. We shared the mezze platter and bacon and eggs. Bacon sounds simple, but it was actually a whole big strip of pork belly! And the platter was a playful combination of cheese, anchovies, vinegared vegetables, hummus, shredded chicken loaf and caramelized beetroot. Very healthy stuff. Coffee was of course part of the meal too. Some weird spiral foam art was seen KH's mocha, and amazingly he sees a rabbit in that. I'll let you be the judge. On our way out, they gave us little brown paper bags filled with gummy candy. So fun! Camwhored around Chapel Gallery and got a few 'pre-wedding' shots with KH. LOL.

Grass Bottom

Blending In

What Am I?

Mistaken Identity

Plaza Singapore was our next stop to spend more time with KH's Singaporean 'wife', Moonlight Piggy. Did some walking around and fulfilled KH's craving for Koi bubble tea. Went into total Aunty Overdrive later at Sommerset 313's Holland & Barret's. Frankly, I thought it was gonna be a straight forward visit. In and out with a bottle of Co-enzyme Q10 tablets. However, it turned into a full-fledged shopping frenzy with membership renewal, free vouchers and one-time membership offers. We left with much more than we bargained for. Moved down the road after that. Practically the whole stretch of Orchard Road. Made a few stops at Robinsons @ Heerens (so the atas) and the Temple of Abercrombie & Fitch. I was so disappointed that we were greeted by a fully-clothed store greeter. But he did have a killer jaw line, the signs of testosterone overload. As a virgin visitor (no, first time visitors aren't 'sacrificed' on an altar inside), I found the experience to be largely disappointing. The interior was too dark to make any proper shopping. Too many mirrors. The music was too noisy! The air was thick with the cloying and musky scent of A&F EDT. Gosh, it does sound like some dodgy temple now. Couldn't stand it. Left as quickly a possible. As I was leaving, someone triggered the shop-lifting alarm, and truth be told, I thought it was part of the loud, house music that was playing in the background.

The All-Seeing Eye

Raining Daylight

Combat Heels

Our ultimate destination was The ION Orchard to meet KH's ex-investment agent. Back in the days when KH was still in Singapore, he was a very staunch Christian. He knew about KH and I. His response was, "I will pray for you (but I have no qualms about your pink dollars)". Anyway, he performed an about-turn in his spiritual life. He has left the church and now questions the power of prayer. Too him, people who pray or lean on the power of faith end up in a kind of limbo. Their lives do not move. They are not in control because they depend on a perceived 'higher power'. He is now determined to take control of his life and just do what he wants to do. Is this the problem with Singapore's "Prosperity Gospel" where believers think that they will get everything that they pray for? And that by believing, one would be blessed with material wealth. Gone are the days of the burning bush and the booming voice from the Heavens. If you are constantly looking for those signs, then God does not exist for you. Talking with him, I can see that he has started to question everything and bring up all sorts of philosophical questions. Even the thought of people being saved on their deathbeds got him thinking. Why not I sin all I want now, and repent on my deathbed later? The conclusion is the same. That reminded me of what Jesus said in the Gospel where "The first will be last, and the last will be first". I didn't argue with him, because I think that whatever is happening to him now will better make him understand himself. Perhaps he will return to the faith in the future, perhaps he will not. Time will tell.

Cold & Sticky

Pour Me & Drown Me

Back to the food! Tea time was at The Marmalade Pantry, but it was lunch for Moonlight Piggy. I'm always amazed how girls can treat cakes and desserts as mains. Mind-boggling. She was contented to have a sea salt cheesecake and sticky pudding. And KH was currently on an affogato frenzy. Felt that I sweating coffee from my pores already, so I just ordered a pot of Gryphon Peony Jade tea. Went home after that for a very short rest before needing to go out again for dinner. French that night at Taratata Bistro. The head waiter looked gay and snobbish enough and the restaurant manager had very little tact in pushing for us to buy wine. Ignored her anyway. POD and Nic were the first to arrive. Missed his cranky cheerful face. Suzy, W850i, Andy, Tater and Kidz also came along. Since it was a looooong table, Nic and I would periodically change seats to ensure balanced mingling. Food wasn't fantastic, but they did have quite a good three course set. KH ordered that and it came with scallops, tenderloin and chocolate wrapped in filo pastry. Being the considerate and dutiful husband who doesn't spend too much of his spouse's money, I just ordered a main-- quail stuffed with foie gras. LOL. Like always, Suzy was regaling is with interesting tales-- her experience melting in the sun for a HSBC golf tourney and her brother's vindictive ex-wife who sends lawyer letters on Christmas. Sad to hear that POD was currently being 'downsized' by his boss and practically taken for granted. Andy was his usual spunky self drawing claws with Nic and Kidz (who came late due to class).

Dessert Filo

Most of the gang didn't join us for drinks after dinner. Only Tater, W850i and And. Our first choice was DYMK, but we ended up at OUT Bar next door because the place was full to the brim. When I was last in Singapore, OUT Bar was The Locker Room. The crowd was quite young, perhaps cause they have no where to congregate now that Play has closed down. We managed to find a table with seats and looked at the liquor list. The waiter who tended to us was this air-head CYT in a tank top and tight jeans. Didn't have the common sense to bring enough cups nor take a proper order. And the alcohol wasn't that good. Heard that the sin tax increased 25% for booze in the city state. Ouch. Two jugs of whisky sour and rum coke later, we left the bar to search for our beds. Really no energy to be a kupu-kupu malam. And I had church the next morning. Opps. See you guys again next time!


Dan said...

Nice shot of your pants and thighs. ;)

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ditto..but where's KH's....


Ban said...

asking questions about what you believe in is a good thing.

William said...

LOL. Nice to have people appreciate crotch shots :D

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Definitely good.

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KH is actually fuckable like you too

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why anyone would pay money to be Abercrombie's Bitch is beyond me.

William said...

TQ! ;)

Let's start a survey!

Derek said...

Haha .. that was a very eventful day. Love the bubble tea and the dinner!

Derek said...

Haha .. that was a very eventful day. Love the bubble tea and the dinner!

Derek said...

Haha .. that was a very eventful day. Love the bubble tea and the dinner!

William said...

Koi is your fave hor

Scott Cheong said...

So of a food blog already!

Twilight Man said...

The ceilings are so avant garde! You should quit your boring job and take photos lah.

I love the stools so much that I will make a grass bench soon! Thanks for sharing!!!!

William said...

It has always been a food blog :P

But a scary eye.
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