Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Singapore Story II: Abandoned

Bugis Backdoor

Woke up on Friday morning to a kiss, a grope and a fuck. LOL. Thankfully Tater had left for work, so I could moan my heart out. Huhu. Two cumshots later, we fell asleep again. When we finally got out of bed, we found that Tater had brought out milk and cereal for us. Never been much of a fan of hamster food, so KH bought me a raisin cream bun from Barcook Bakery on our way out to town. KH was telling me that it was one of his favourite breakfast bite while working in Singapore. Too creamy for me. Walked past the busy streets to Bugis MRT. The place is always busting with activity. Street vendors, pedlars, hawkers, fortune tellers, diviners, mediums and tourists. Our lunch plans were at China Square.

Shopping Terrarium


Met KH's ex-colleague, Lily for the first time. He mentions her quite a lot, so it's good to a face to a name. Good thing was the she knew who I was, so I didn't feel so wu liao. The funny thing was that KH tried to give her a big hug at the lobby of her office and she got kinda freaked out at that. LOL. Later tongues start wagging :P. The restaurant that she brought us to was just around the corner, simply named Aglio Olio. I ordered the pesto that didn't quite look like pesto and KH ordered the aglio olio that looked more like pesto. LOL. That aside, the pasta was quite good. On our way back, we stopped at the Yue Hai Ching Temple, one of the oldest Taoist temples in Singapore. A small but beautiful temple with a huge forecourt.


Some Assembly Required



Say A Little Prayer

Sea Dragon

In the afternoon, I was abandoned at home again as KH was going to join his ex-colleagues for a team building exercise. One of those "Escape Games" where you had to figure out clues to escape a locked room. Nothing like "Saw" la. Just watched TV the whole afternoon. Luckily Tater had a whole HDD full of movies and TV series. Pulled up "Family Guy: Star Wars", stripped down to my Skivvies, plopped myself on the couch and let the time pass. Watched some some episodes of "Sex and the City" and a bit of "Archer" too. By 6:00 pm, KH returned and I wasn't quite sure whether I was joining him for dinner or joining my ex-colleagues for dinner. One by one they FFK-ed me. At the very last minute, a ex-subordinate of mine, Sean gave me a call and rescued me from an awkward dinner with KH's ex-colleagues.

Start Wars ala Family Guy

Told him to meet me at Fish and Co (KH already showed me the way there in the morning for fear that I may lose my bearings... sweet BF) but since he was coming from Yiu Chu Kang, it took him some time. While waiting for him, I loitered at Bugis Junction. Shared the seafood platter for two. In my opinion, it was just decent, not super delicious. Was glad to hear that Sean was doing well in Singapore. Found a good job with pleasant colleagues. Told me that he looked for higher income in Singapore to enable him to purchase a house in KL. But I'm not too sure if his septuagenarian parents will be thrilled to leave Kota Bharu. Not really an ideal situation if you have to be Singapore for more pay, and you're not physically there to care for your parents. Oh well. At 9:30 pm, I joined KH who happened to be at the TCC just next door with a different group of friends. Ivan was there (his BF wasn't feeling sociable that night so didn't turn up), together with Rick whom I had not seen since 2010. Best of all, Rick brought a surprise, his new BF Ken! Another gay pharmacist from Malaysia who happened to know CMon. Think they have some kind of Gay Pharmacists Association. Back to the drinks that night. Frankly, if you're looking for your coffee fix and want a place to chill with your friends, please don't go to the TCC at Bugis Junction. The service sucks. Definitely understaffed. The attentiveness of the staff can challenge that of First World Plaza eateries. Sick of the usual choices, I ordered the Tarte Tatin Latte, kononnya "a sensational latte rendition of the good ol’ apple tart". Couldn't detect any apple tart when my drink arrived. Perhaps they dropped it on the floor instead of my drink. Whatever la. Halfway through, a waitress came over and asked me if I got the right drink.

Waitress: Sir, did you get the correct drink?

Moi: Is this a Tarte Tatin Latte?

Waitress: I don't know.

Moi: ...

Waitress: Can you taste any apple in it?

Moi: No.

Waitress: Would you like me to replace it?

Moi: Yes, please.

Not bad, one and half drinks for the price of one. Turns out that the correct drink did have the taste of apples. Even contained little chunks of caramelized apple. Not bad la, but nothing super. Give me a Nasi Lemak Latte next time. LOL. Walked back home after that. Tater left us another note at the door. He was pooped from his long day and would be having brunch with us the next day.


Ban said...

at least the waiter offered to replace!

Ash Godiva said...

maybe you don't like the raisin cream bun coz you had other creamy things before...too much creamy....hahahaha

Jaded Jeremy said...

The number of gay pharmacists are astonishing! So do the number of gay guys from Klang and Ipoh. Something in their water...

Anonymous said...

agreed...seems to be concentrated in the central region...

btw..more details :P


William said...

Very grateful.

Hahaha. Perhaps.

Someone should write a thesis on this.

You'll have to buy the Extended Version DVD.

Derek said...

Thanks for being understanding, dear! Muacks!

William said...

I'm not unreasonable right? :P

Twilight Man said...

Their folks are sweet talkers! Beware!

I love the Art designs in Singapore. We can travel together!

William said...

Whose folks?
You always travel to exotic places!