Sunday, April 20, 2014

Singapore Story I: MaisonTater & MBS

Icky Benedict

A strange feeling travelling to Singapore together with KH. All this while, it was a solo trip to visit him. It was never a holiday trip there together. But it happened anyway, more than a year after he relocated back to KL. The trip was sponsored by Air Asia because they had decided to 'bless' him with some free flight vouchers. He used the bulk of it to fund his family vacation to Melbourne (and no I wasn't included T_T). The flight was at 10:45 am, so I arranged for the taxi driver to come at 8:30 am. Forgot about the possible jam at Equine Park, but I was lucky that morning. Made some small talk but mostly I asked him about the MyTeksi app. The way he described it, taxi drivers wouldn't pick up passengers that weren't in very close proximity cause potential passengers tend to cancel. This makes the app seem less reliable and responsive. Taxi drivers that register with MyTeksi have to maintain a pre-loaded account with them. With each successful passenger picked up, a commission is deducted from the account. At LCCT, I had breakfast at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. When the eggs ben was served, my eye balls nearly fell out. It looked like someone barfed cheese over it. Yuck. I scraped most of the gunk out. The flight was quite pleasant, but it could have been better with some eye candy. The 45 minutes was spent reading the in-flight magazine with KH (in between that, we shared a meal. KH forgot that he ordered food!). After touching down in Changi T1, we took the MRT to Bugis. Our accommodations for the trip were at MaisonTater-- that's Tater's serviced apartment in case you didn't know. LOL. We tried buzzing at the door at the funny thing was, his unit number appeared on the screen even before I punched it all in! Anyway, the lady at the security counter walked over and asked me who I was looking for. I answered and she immediately knew who. According to Tater, she has a standing instruction to send all cute rice up to his place. LOL.

Tater was so happy to greet us at the door. Gave us both big bear hugs. Was so surprised when he showed us to his room instead of the guest room! He actually offered us his own bed! So sweet of him! Perhaps all the cameras were in place and we were expected to put on a big show. Hehe. KH's schedule was quite packed. Just after putting down his luggage, he had to leave to have lunch with his ex-colleagues and visit Moonlight Piggy's mum. That left me with Tater. We walked over to Bugis Junction to eat at Kozakutei, an udon joint. Supposedly the biggest udon chain in Japan, but boy, did it suck balls. Out of the three pieces of sashimi, I spit out one. Ugh. Crappy udon aside, had a good chat with Tater regarding love, work and future plans. Went for some Starbie before going back. I showed him our schedule for the long weekend. He was amused that I planned my whole schedule around meals. That's me! Tater had to work from home and he had a big phone interview coming up at 5:30 pm. Back at home, I tried to nap in the room while he worked. Tater didn't join us for dinner that night as he had a run scheduled with his running buddies. Took the new Downtown line to Bayfront. Just two stops to Marina Bay Sands. Very convenient, but it was a long-ish walk from Bugis station. I remember Quirky telling me that he works for one of the fashion brands over at The Shoppes in MBS. Tried to look him up, but we had no jodoh-- it was his day off! Ate at Pizzeria Mozza that night, one of the cheaper celebrity chef restaurants at MBS. Business was so good for a Thursday night that we had to take seats at the bar. However, the seating arrangement gave us a first-hand view of the pizza-making process. The person who was kneading the pizza dough and spreading them thin on the pizza pans looked uncannily like the Sultan of Brunei! Also interesting to see how they worked the oven. Just by swiftly whacking a tray at an angle, they are able to pick up the hot plates without touching them.

Note: No pics of the food due to the ambient lighting. Bad news for food photography.

Inside the Shoppes

People Watching

Food was good at Pizzeria Mozza. We started with fried goat cheese that came in a bed of beans. The main was a skinny fennel sausage pizza that's quite different from what we usually see. A yummy combination. Sitting side by side at the bar, it felt very much like a date. Eating, laughing and even stealing a kiss. And KH was trying to impress me further by bringing me up to KU DÉ TA, a bar on the 57th floor. Super windy up there. Seems that everything was rattling on its hinges. With a beer and gin in hand, we went around admiring the night view. Too bad we had to stand around and jostle for real estate with the prime views. Didn't spend too long in the cold night air. Went down to go look at the Gardens by the Bay. At the hotel lobby, was shocked to see a delivery of two large boxes of TWG tea to one of the rooms. Tea must really get it up for him. Was quite difficult to get a good shot in the low light conditions. It was fun walking around MBS. Plenty of opportunities to hold hands and have saccharine-strolls in the quiet areas. Didn't stay out too late as we were both tired. When we got home, Tater had already called it a night. No sex for us that night, we just showered together and fooled around a bit before bedtime. I didn't sulk because KH whispered in my ear, "I'll take you tomorrow morning...".

Power Lines

Singapore in Embers


A Lot of TWG!


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