Friday, April 18, 2014

Shine Shine Doesn't Shine

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Made a grave mistake buying a Shine Shine Club waxing voucher off LivingSocial. SK helped me to book an appointment on Wednesday (during her birthday lunch at Maju Palace) and that alone was enough to make one's blood pressure rise. Think the other person on the line was a migrant worker with poor language skills. If they can use such resources as the HQ receptionist, imagine what you're getting at the branches. Firstly, the voucher actually went by branches. We bought the Jalan Kenari vouchers, but couldn't get through to the shop. Turns out that the branch had already closed down. WTF. Since we were told that we could book for any branch, we chose the OUG branch. That was another mistake. A sorry excuse for a car-detailing centre. Just a shed in a parking lot. My appointment was for 10:30 am. They told me not to be late. I arrived at 10:15 am. I showed the migrant worker the voucher. He looked at it like it was a thesis on quantum physics. The Bangladeshi told me to wait for the supervisor. I asked him what time would he be in. He told me 11:00 am. WTF. He refused to take my car because he did not know what to do. Having spied their supervisor's number on the notice board, I called him. No answer. I called HQ. I passed the phone to the worker. I got the same answer, "Tunggu supervisor mari". Ugh. Went to breakfast with SK instead. Ate fish paste noodles at a nearby shop. Went back to the shop and found the 'supervisor' there. A Myanmarese. At least he knew what to do. Went to do some shopping after that. Visited the rice supplier and pharmacy.

Marbled Meat

Turned back to Shine Shine Club at 1:30 pm. My car was ready and the real supervisor was there, a lala with a constipated face. SK told him about her appointment and he gave some lame excuse that the HQ did not tell him about it. Told him that my appointment was made at the same time, so why take one car and reject the other. He just stalled and pretended to check his iPhone. We just stood there and stared at him. Reluctantly, he took SK's car. I found the waxing to be so shoddy. They didn't buff it properly. And I doubt they actually did ten steps. No more next time. Been a while since we had Korean so we ate at Restoran Seoul Korea at Taman Desa. KH tagged along as well. He told us he had already ate, but that usually doesn't stop him from having seconds. Renovations had been completed but the furniture looked pretty much the same. Some new wallpaper and booths that had seats that were too shallow for comfort. Ordered grilled pork shoulder, spicy beancurd soup and stir-fried rice cakes. Caught the last order by 5 minutes! Too bad we couldn't refill the banchan since the kitchen was closed. Coffee was at Casa del Cocco. The weather was hot enough that I ordered iced mocha instead of my standard hot latte. On the way home, stopped by RT Bakery to get my sister a birthday cake. As usual, the shop was chock-full of customers. Even had to line up at the cake counter, but that was partly due to guy who was fickle about the cakes. Think he was treating it like a life-changing decision. Tried something different this time-- mango mousse.


Went home after that. Some time after four, KH appeared at my doorstep naked under a trench coat. He complained about a stiff shoulder, so being the dutiful husband, I gave him a rub-down. Made sure I pressed his thighs and calves that were sore from the previous day's jog sex session. That got him screaming. LOL. No penetration that afternoon, just a whole lot of snuggling and heavy petting. We didn't even push each other over the brink. At 7:00 pm, we got dressed and went to dinner at Restoran 88 with SK and her granny. Just some simple dishes. At 8:15 pm, I drove to LCCT to wait for the tribe to arrive. According to the KLIA flight system, arrival was supposed to be at 8:40 pm, but in reality, they touched down at 9:00 pm. By the time they got out, it was already 9:45 pm. Some problem with my mum's luggage. The kids were hyper when they got into the car. Very happy from the trip. Little Monster kept on telling me to look at the panda stuffed toy that he bought at the zoo. Seems to have upgraded his speaking skills. They came home with extra luggage and loads of pineapple biscuits. With their holiday at an end, mine was starting soon! Singapore, here I come!


Jaded Jeremy said...

Goodness, sorry to hear about your (and SK's) horrible experience with the car wax service.

Restoran 88? Is it the one at Aman Suria? No more already, it seems.

thompsonboy said...

I thought what kind of waxing...LOL

Twilight Man said...

I have heard tons of stories for those who bought cheap services online. They will milk you too esp the slimming and massage centres! I only shop for products and no regrets!

Oh yes, the best was still the roach repellent!

William said...

I think most of the car detailing centers are cons. Restoran 88 at my area.

LOL. Never tried that.

Roach repellent?