Monday, April 07, 2014

GM Gathering

Drink and Be Merry

T'was the last weekend of CNY, so my GM invited the whole project team to his place for a makan-makan gathering. Scheduled for lunch, so I went for the earlier English mass. Got my coffee fix at Coffee Sprex after that and shared a big breakfast with mum. Sitting behind me was a young couple. The guy was going on and on and on correcting the girl's grammar and vocabulary. Gosh. I suspect that he loves the sound of his own voice. And the worse thing was that the girl seemed to be enjoying it. Annoying is the new attractive. Back to the CNY party. Like in the past, my GM did all the cooking. Last year was pork ribs, this year was sandwiches. He baked his own bread and Vietnamese baguette, made his own bacon and ham and even grilled his own satay! Amazing. We even joked if the sliced apples for the sandwiches were home-grown. And he would ply us with drink. Was high on The Glenrothes Scotch whisky and Johnnie Walker Premier Rare Old Scotch whisky. The house was overrun by kids. Thankfully there was a giant playroom on the top floor and kid busied themselves treating the elevator like a private carnival ride. Later on, the dining table was transformed into a poker table. Gambling wasn't quite my thing, so I made my escape at 3:00 pm.

Been renting out my apartment for more than a year and the tenant is finally leaving at the end of February. A very good tenant. Minimal problems and a superb paymaster. He had bought his own condo in Koi Kinrara and renovations were complete, so it was time to end the tenancy. He was leaving a whole bunch of electrical items and furniture behind so I went over to the unit to take a look if it was worth buying. Agreed to meet at 6:00 pm and lo and behold he greeted me topless with his pot belly hanging out over his shorts. He wasn't self-conscious even with SK and my mum in tow. His wife to be was also there and from my memory, wasn't the same woman that I saw on the day he signed the tenancy agreement. Anyway, he was leaving behind the refrigerator, two air conditioners, washing machine, water heater, dining table set, sofa, coffee table and a queen sized bed! Took all that off his hands for MYR2,500. Guess the place can now be advertised as "partially-furnished" going by real estate jargon. Time to look for a new tenant!


Jaded Jeremy said...

Hope you'll fine a good tenant and soon!

William said...

Found a replacement, but so far more troublesome than the predecessors.