Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Crazy Commute, Pervy Partner

Midnight train
Swiped from Tom Perry @ Flickr

It was very crowded in the STAR LRT the other day. Crowded tahap Sardin Cap Ayam. I was standing near the door, in the connecting car. While the train was rumbling past Bandar Tun Razak, I suddenly felt something rubbing against the left cheek of my ass. It was hard alright... Perhaps it was just a brush. But truth be told, it was too rhythmic to be an innocent brush. I turned behind to look and I was greeted by a very cheeky smile.

It was KH.

And his Nexus 5.

The end.

P.S.: Some artistic license was used, but that was generally the story :P


Anonymous said...

ish! potong steam je! really thought it was KH's 7'' cock rubbing you!

Anonymous said...

yalor...such anti-climax...


Dan said...

Oh dear, blog's gone and he last posted about depression. Sounds a little worrying.

Ash Godiva said...

i see...that's kh's new phone?

Anonymous said...

@Dan - i went through depression for 7 years, and it isn't just because of a guy. i managed to pull it through, i sure hope justb3cks could too. there's no reason to do drugs just because of a failed relationship.

Shake Trees said...

Interesting. At least for a while.

William said...

Wah, bila masa you ukur?

LOL. Later people say we slutty

Think he's OK

Yeah. The S3 died.

Good to hear that you pulled through

15 seconds of amusement :)

Derek said...

Hmm LOL I thought this has a different ending actually ..

William said...