Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Singapore Story IV: Pray & Fly

Sunday Morning @ Bugis

An interesting fact: KH does not follow me to mass in Malaysia, but he promised that he would in Singapore. So I always give him a chance to keep his promise when I'm in town. Hehe. Woke up real early on Sunday morning to attend the 8:00 am mass at St Joseph's Church, Victoria Street. Just walking distance from Tater's place. The Gothic Revival style Roman Catholic church was built in 1906 by the Portugese mission. As expected, not many parishioners and half of the seating was not available due to restoration works. More than half the time, I couldn't catch what the elderly French priest was saying (thick-accented mumbling). Luckily the sermon was done by his assistant. Took the customary photos and left for breakfast. Cut through another nearby parish, The Church of St. Peter & St. Paul to get to Food For Thought, just across the road.

Out of Bounds

Looking Up On A Sunday Morning

Cherub in Prayer


Arranged to meet Tater there at 9:30 am. Quite rare that I get proper breakfast in Singapore. Normally its just yoghurt, bread or hamster food at home. Those who know me well would be surprised that I ordered the mixed berries pancakes for breakfast. Bored of the usual bacon and eggs, so I departed from my usual food patterns. KH predicted that Tater would order flapjacks too, and he was right. The place had interesting interior decorations. The ceiling was a landscape of hanging jars and the walls were full of scribblings. Stopped at Watsons before going home as KH had some vouchers to spend and I was looking for some sleep aids for SK. Found what we were looking for then headed home to pack. Didn't take us too long, but in the end KH still managed to forget about the pineapple tarts in the refrigerator. The perfect host that he is, Tater saw us right up to the cab ride.

A Family That Eats Together

Eat & Drink

Pancake Paradise

At Changi T1, KH managed to squeeze in a final lunch appointment with another ex-colleague of his at Paradise Inn. Been ages since I met Mdm. E and it was my first time meeting her hubby and newborn son. Moonlight Piggy and her boss also joined us at the restaurant. Mdm. E's kid was easy to take care of. He just quietly sat on my lap without much complain. However, he seemed to have an aversion to the camera. Went in with an hour to takeo-off. When we reached the gate, we found that the plane wasn't there yet, so I went alcohol shopping. Bought myself a bottle of Cockburn's port. Guess I was attracted to the name. Got on the plane and found out that I wasn't seated next to KH. Wonder how that happened. Didn't matter. I just dozed off from take-off till landing. Back in KL, the air was horribly hazy. Trudged across the hot tarmac to the arrival hall. And the taxi line was so long that it snaked out of the covered portion of the terminal. Saved fifteen minutes during the flight, but wasted it waiting for the cab. Everything was so dry. Spotted firemen putting out fires along the road to Salak Tinggi. So depressing. Back to work!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Singapore Story III: Deviant Brunch & Temple Visit

Coffee & Coffee

Saturdays are perfect for sleeping in. More so with your horny boyfriend by your side. Needless to say we ended up making love again, but we didn't quite finish the job. By the time we emerged from the room, Tater was already going through his second cup of coffee. We all gathered in the living room to talk about his date the night before. Things sounded quite promising and best of all, there was some cheeky flirting going on. An hour before noon, we made a move to Artichoke for brunch of 'deviant middle eastern' food. Every time we walk past the beauty parlours below his service apartment, the China girls will push Tater for a massage. But when I walk past, its either silence or facial offers. Big difference. Hidden from plain view in Sculpture Square, Artichoke serves great food in a cosy environment surrounded by edible herb gardens and astro turf stools. We shared the mezze platter and bacon and eggs. Bacon sounds simple, but it was actually a whole big strip of pork belly! And the platter was a playful combination of cheese, anchovies, vinegared vegetables, hummus, shredded chicken loaf and caramelized beetroot. Very healthy stuff. Coffee was of course part of the meal too. Some weird spiral foam art was seen KH's mocha, and amazingly he sees a rabbit in that. I'll let you be the judge. On our way out, they gave us little brown paper bags filled with gummy candy. So fun! Camwhored around Chapel Gallery and got a few 'pre-wedding' shots with KH. LOL.

Grass Bottom

Blending In

What Am I?

Mistaken Identity

Plaza Singapore was our next stop to spend more time with KH's Singaporean 'wife', Moonlight Piggy. Did some walking around and fulfilled KH's craving for Koi bubble tea. Went into total Aunty Overdrive later at Sommerset 313's Holland & Barret's. Frankly, I thought it was gonna be a straight forward visit. In and out with a bottle of Co-enzyme Q10 tablets. However, it turned into a full-fledged shopping frenzy with membership renewal, free vouchers and one-time membership offers. We left with much more than we bargained for. Moved down the road after that. Practically the whole stretch of Orchard Road. Made a few stops at Robinsons @ Heerens (so the atas) and the Temple of Abercrombie & Fitch. I was so disappointed that we were greeted by a fully-clothed store greeter. But he did have a killer jaw line, the signs of testosterone overload. As a virgin visitor (no, first time visitors aren't 'sacrificed' on an altar inside), I found the experience to be largely disappointing. The interior was too dark to make any proper shopping. Too many mirrors. The music was too noisy! The air was thick with the cloying and musky scent of A&F EDT. Gosh, it does sound like some dodgy temple now. Couldn't stand it. Left as quickly a possible. As I was leaving, someone triggered the shop-lifting alarm, and truth be told, I thought it was part of the loud, house music that was playing in the background.

The All-Seeing Eye

Raining Daylight

Combat Heels

Our ultimate destination was The ION Orchard to meet KH's ex-investment agent. Back in the days when KH was still in Singapore, he was a very staunch Christian. He knew about KH and I. His response was, "I will pray for you (but I have no qualms about your pink dollars)". Anyway, he performed an about-turn in his spiritual life. He has left the church and now questions the power of prayer. Too him, people who pray or lean on the power of faith end up in a kind of limbo. Their lives do not move. They are not in control because they depend on a perceived 'higher power'. He is now determined to take control of his life and just do what he wants to do. Is this the problem with Singapore's "Prosperity Gospel" where believers think that they will get everything that they pray for? And that by believing, one would be blessed with material wealth. Gone are the days of the burning bush and the booming voice from the Heavens. If you are constantly looking for those signs, then God does not exist for you. Talking with him, I can see that he has started to question everything and bring up all sorts of philosophical questions. Even the thought of people being saved on their deathbeds got him thinking. Why not I sin all I want now, and repent on my deathbed later? The conclusion is the same. That reminded me of what Jesus said in the Gospel where "The first will be last, and the last will be first". I didn't argue with him, because I think that whatever is happening to him now will better make him understand himself. Perhaps he will return to the faith in the future, perhaps he will not. Time will tell.

Cold & Sticky

Pour Me & Drown Me

Back to the food! Tea time was at The Marmalade Pantry, but it was lunch for Moonlight Piggy. I'm always amazed how girls can treat cakes and desserts as mains. Mind-boggling. She was contented to have a sea salt cheesecake and sticky pudding. And KH was currently on an affogato frenzy. Felt that I sweating coffee from my pores already, so I just ordered a pot of Gryphon Peony Jade tea. Went home after that for a very short rest before needing to go out again for dinner. French that night at Taratata Bistro. The head waiter looked gay and snobbish enough and the restaurant manager had very little tact in pushing for us to buy wine. Ignored her anyway. POD and Nic were the first to arrive. Missed his cranky cheerful face. Suzy, W850i, Andy, Tater and Kidz also came along. Since it was a looooong table, Nic and I would periodically change seats to ensure balanced mingling. Food wasn't fantastic, but they did have quite a good three course set. KH ordered that and it came with scallops, tenderloin and chocolate wrapped in filo pastry. Being the considerate and dutiful husband who doesn't spend too much of his spouse's money, I just ordered a main-- quail stuffed with foie gras. LOL. Like always, Suzy was regaling is with interesting tales-- her experience melting in the sun for a HSBC golf tourney and her brother's vindictive ex-wife who sends lawyer letters on Christmas. Sad to hear that POD was currently being 'downsized' by his boss and practically taken for granted. Andy was his usual spunky self drawing claws with Nic and Kidz (who came late due to class).

Dessert Filo

Most of the gang didn't join us for drinks after dinner. Only Tater, W850i and And. Our first choice was DYMK, but we ended up at OUT Bar next door because the place was full to the brim. When I was last in Singapore, OUT Bar was The Locker Room. The crowd was quite young, perhaps cause they have no where to congregate now that Play has closed down. We managed to find a table with seats and looked at the liquor list. The waiter who tended to us was this air-head CYT in a tank top and tight jeans. Didn't have the common sense to bring enough cups nor take a proper order. And the alcohol wasn't that good. Heard that the sin tax increased 25% for booze in the city state. Ouch. Two jugs of whisky sour and rum coke later, we left the bar to search for our beds. Really no energy to be a kupu-kupu malam. And I had church the next morning. Opps. See you guys again next time!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Singapore Story II: Abandoned

Bugis Backdoor

Woke up on Friday morning to a kiss, a grope and a fuck. LOL. Thankfully Tater had left for work, so I could moan my heart out. Huhu. Two cumshots later, we fell asleep again. When we finally got out of bed, we found that Tater had brought out milk and cereal for us. Never been much of a fan of hamster food, so KH bought me a raisin cream bun from Barcook Bakery on our way out to town. KH was telling me that it was one of his favourite breakfast bite while working in Singapore. Too creamy for me. Walked past the busy streets to Bugis MRT. The place is always busting with activity. Street vendors, pedlars, hawkers, fortune tellers, diviners, mediums and tourists. Our lunch plans were at China Square.

Shopping Terrarium


Met KH's ex-colleague, Lily for the first time. He mentions her quite a lot, so it's good to a face to a name. Good thing was the she knew who I was, so I didn't feel so wu liao. The funny thing was that KH tried to give her a big hug at the lobby of her office and she got kinda freaked out at that. LOL. Later tongues start wagging :P. The restaurant that she brought us to was just around the corner, simply named Aglio Olio. I ordered the pesto that didn't quite look like pesto and KH ordered the aglio olio that looked more like pesto. LOL. That aside, the pasta was quite good. On our way back, we stopped at the Yue Hai Ching Temple, one of the oldest Taoist temples in Singapore. A small but beautiful temple with a huge forecourt.


Some Assembly Required



Say A Little Prayer

Sea Dragon

In the afternoon, I was abandoned at home again as KH was going to join his ex-colleagues for a team building exercise. One of those "Escape Games" where you had to figure out clues to escape a locked room. Nothing like "Saw" la. Just watched TV the whole afternoon. Luckily Tater had a whole HDD full of movies and TV series. Pulled up "Family Guy: Star Wars", stripped down to my Skivvies, plopped myself on the couch and let the time pass. Watched some some episodes of "Sex and the City" and a bit of "Archer" too. By 6:00 pm, KH returned and I wasn't quite sure whether I was joining him for dinner or joining my ex-colleagues for dinner. One by one they FFK-ed me. At the very last minute, a ex-subordinate of mine, Sean gave me a call and rescued me from an awkward dinner with KH's ex-colleagues.

Start Wars ala Family Guy

Told him to meet me at Fish and Co (KH already showed me the way there in the morning for fear that I may lose my bearings... sweet BF) but since he was coming from Yiu Chu Kang, it took him some time. While waiting for him, I loitered at Bugis Junction. Shared the seafood platter for two. In my opinion, it was just decent, not super delicious. Was glad to hear that Sean was doing well in Singapore. Found a good job with pleasant colleagues. Told me that he looked for higher income in Singapore to enable him to purchase a house in KL. But I'm not too sure if his septuagenarian parents will be thrilled to leave Kota Bharu. Not really an ideal situation if you have to be Singapore for more pay, and you're not physically there to care for your parents. Oh well. At 9:30 pm, I joined KH who happened to be at the TCC just next door with a different group of friends. Ivan was there (his BF wasn't feeling sociable that night so didn't turn up), together with Rick whom I had not seen since 2010. Best of all, Rick brought a surprise, his new BF Ken! Another gay pharmacist from Malaysia who happened to know CMon. Think they have some kind of Gay Pharmacists Association. Back to the drinks that night. Frankly, if you're looking for your coffee fix and want a place to chill with your friends, please don't go to the TCC at Bugis Junction. The service sucks. Definitely understaffed. The attentiveness of the staff can challenge that of First World Plaza eateries. Sick of the usual choices, I ordered the Tarte Tatin Latte, kononnya "a sensational latte rendition of the good ol’ apple tart". Couldn't detect any apple tart when my drink arrived. Perhaps they dropped it on the floor instead of my drink. Whatever la. Halfway through, a waitress came over and asked me if I got the right drink.

Waitress: Sir, did you get the correct drink?

Moi: Is this a Tarte Tatin Latte?

Waitress: I don't know.

Moi: ...

Waitress: Can you taste any apple in it?

Moi: No.

Waitress: Would you like me to replace it?

Moi: Yes, please.

Not bad, one and half drinks for the price of one. Turns out that the correct drink did have the taste of apples. Even contained little chunks of caramelized apple. Not bad la, but nothing super. Give me a Nasi Lemak Latte next time. LOL. Walked back home after that. Tater left us another note at the door. He was pooped from his long day and would be having brunch with us the next day.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Singapore Story I: MaisonTater & MBS

Icky Benedict

A strange feeling travelling to Singapore together with KH. All this while, it was a solo trip to visit him. It was never a holiday trip there together. But it happened anyway, more than a year after he relocated back to KL. The trip was sponsored by Air Asia because they had decided to 'bless' him with some free flight vouchers. He used the bulk of it to fund his family vacation to Melbourne (and no I wasn't included T_T). The flight was at 10:45 am, so I arranged for the taxi driver to come at 8:30 am. Forgot about the possible jam at Equine Park, but I was lucky that morning. Made some small talk but mostly I asked him about the MyTeksi app. The way he described it, taxi drivers wouldn't pick up passengers that weren't in very close proximity cause potential passengers tend to cancel. This makes the app seem less reliable and responsive. Taxi drivers that register with MyTeksi have to maintain a pre-loaded account with them. With each successful passenger picked up, a commission is deducted from the account. At LCCT, I had breakfast at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. When the eggs ben was served, my eye balls nearly fell out. It looked like someone barfed cheese over it. Yuck. I scraped most of the gunk out. The flight was quite pleasant, but it could have been better with some eye candy. The 45 minutes was spent reading the in-flight magazine with KH (in between that, we shared a meal. KH forgot that he ordered food!). After touching down in Changi T1, we took the MRT to Bugis. Our accommodations for the trip were at MaisonTater-- that's Tater's serviced apartment in case you didn't know. LOL. We tried buzzing at the door at the funny thing was, his unit number appeared on the screen even before I punched it all in! Anyway, the lady at the security counter walked over and asked me who I was looking for. I answered and she immediately knew who. According to Tater, she has a standing instruction to send all cute rice up to his place. LOL.

Tater was so happy to greet us at the door. Gave us both big bear hugs. Was so surprised when he showed us to his room instead of the guest room! He actually offered us his own bed! So sweet of him! Perhaps all the cameras were in place and we were expected to put on a big show. Hehe. KH's schedule was quite packed. Just after putting down his luggage, he had to leave to have lunch with his ex-colleagues and visit Moonlight Piggy's mum. That left me with Tater. We walked over to Bugis Junction to eat at Kozakutei, an udon joint. Supposedly the biggest udon chain in Japan, but boy, did it suck balls. Out of the three pieces of sashimi, I spit out one. Ugh. Crappy udon aside, had a good chat with Tater regarding love, work and future plans. Went for some Starbie before going back. I showed him our schedule for the long weekend. He was amused that I planned my whole schedule around meals. That's me! Tater had to work from home and he had a big phone interview coming up at 5:30 pm. Back at home, I tried to nap in the room while he worked. Tater didn't join us for dinner that night as he had a run scheduled with his running buddies. Took the new Downtown line to Bayfront. Just two stops to Marina Bay Sands. Very convenient, but it was a long-ish walk from Bugis station. I remember Quirky telling me that he works for one of the fashion brands over at The Shoppes in MBS. Tried to look him up, but we had no jodoh-- it was his day off! Ate at Pizzeria Mozza that night, one of the cheaper celebrity chef restaurants at MBS. Business was so good for a Thursday night that we had to take seats at the bar. However, the seating arrangement gave us a first-hand view of the pizza-making process. The person who was kneading the pizza dough and spreading them thin on the pizza pans looked uncannily like the Sultan of Brunei! Also interesting to see how they worked the oven. Just by swiftly whacking a tray at an angle, they are able to pick up the hot plates without touching them.

Note: No pics of the food due to the ambient lighting. Bad news for food photography.

Inside the Shoppes

People Watching

Food was good at Pizzeria Mozza. We started with fried goat cheese that came in a bed of beans. The main was a skinny fennel sausage pizza that's quite different from what we usually see. A yummy combination. Sitting side by side at the bar, it felt very much like a date. Eating, laughing and even stealing a kiss. And KH was trying to impress me further by bringing me up to KU DÉ TA, a bar on the 57th floor. Super windy up there. Seems that everything was rattling on its hinges. With a beer and gin in hand, we went around admiring the night view. Too bad we had to stand around and jostle for real estate with the prime views. Didn't spend too long in the cold night air. Went down to go look at the Gardens by the Bay. At the hotel lobby, was shocked to see a delivery of two large boxes of TWG tea to one of the rooms. Tea must really get it up for him. Was quite difficult to get a good shot in the low light conditions. It was fun walking around MBS. Plenty of opportunities to hold hands and have saccharine-strolls in the quiet areas. Didn't stay out too late as we were both tired. When we got home, Tater had already called it a night. No sex for us that night, we just showered together and fooled around a bit before bedtime. I didn't sulk because KH whispered in my ear, "I'll take you tomorrow morning...".

Power Lines

Singapore in Embers


A Lot of TWG!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Shine Shine Doesn't Shine

Davied-Michael Stratton may o9 074

Made a grave mistake buying a Shine Shine Club waxing voucher off LivingSocial. SK helped me to book an appointment on Wednesday (during her birthday lunch at Maju Palace) and that alone was enough to make one's blood pressure rise. Think the other person on the line was a migrant worker with poor language skills. If they can use such resources as the HQ receptionist, imagine what you're getting at the branches. Firstly, the voucher actually went by branches. We bought the Jalan Kenari vouchers, but couldn't get through to the shop. Turns out that the branch had already closed down. WTF. Since we were told that we could book for any branch, we chose the OUG branch. That was another mistake. A sorry excuse for a car-detailing centre. Just a shed in a parking lot. My appointment was for 10:30 am. They told me not to be late. I arrived at 10:15 am. I showed the migrant worker the voucher. He looked at it like it was a thesis on quantum physics. The Bangladeshi told me to wait for the supervisor. I asked him what time would he be in. He told me 11:00 am. WTF. He refused to take my car because he did not know what to do. Having spied their supervisor's number on the notice board, I called him. No answer. I called HQ. I passed the phone to the worker. I got the same answer, "Tunggu supervisor mari". Ugh. Went to breakfast with SK instead. Ate fish paste noodles at a nearby shop. Went back to the shop and found the 'supervisor' there. A Myanmarese. At least he knew what to do. Went to do some shopping after that. Visited the rice supplier and pharmacy.

Marbled Meat

Turned back to Shine Shine Club at 1:30 pm. My car was ready and the real supervisor was there, a lala with a constipated face. SK told him about her appointment and he gave some lame excuse that the HQ did not tell him about it. Told him that my appointment was made at the same time, so why take one car and reject the other. He just stalled and pretended to check his iPhone. We just stood there and stared at him. Reluctantly, he took SK's car. I found the waxing to be so shoddy. They didn't buff it properly. And I doubt they actually did ten steps. No more next time. Been a while since we had Korean so we ate at Restoran Seoul Korea at Taman Desa. KH tagged along as well. He told us he had already ate, but that usually doesn't stop him from having seconds. Renovations had been completed but the furniture looked pretty much the same. Some new wallpaper and booths that had seats that were too shallow for comfort. Ordered grilled pork shoulder, spicy beancurd soup and stir-fried rice cakes. Caught the last order by 5 minutes! Too bad we couldn't refill the banchan since the kitchen was closed. Coffee was at Casa del Cocco. The weather was hot enough that I ordered iced mocha instead of my standard hot latte. On the way home, stopped by RT Bakery to get my sister a birthday cake. As usual, the shop was chock-full of customers. Even had to line up at the cake counter, but that was partly due to guy who was fickle about the cakes. Think he was treating it like a life-changing decision. Tried something different this time-- mango mousse.


Went home after that. Some time after four, KH appeared at my doorstep naked under a trench coat. He complained about a stiff shoulder, so being the dutiful husband, I gave him a rub-down. Made sure I pressed his thighs and calves that were sore from the previous day's jog sex session. That got him screaming. LOL. No penetration that afternoon, just a whole lot of snuggling and heavy petting. We didn't even push each other over the brink. At 7:00 pm, we got dressed and went to dinner at Restoran 88 with SK and her granny. Just some simple dishes. At 8:15 pm, I drove to LCCT to wait for the tribe to arrive. According to the KLIA flight system, arrival was supposed to be at 8:40 pm, but in reality, they touched down at 9:00 pm. By the time they got out, it was already 9:45 pm. Some problem with my mum's luggage. The kids were hyper when they got into the car. Very happy from the trip. Little Monster kept on telling me to look at the panda stuffed toy that he bought at the zoo. Seems to have upgraded his speaking skills. They came home with extra luggage and loads of pineapple biscuits. With their holiday at an end, mine was starting soon! Singapore, here I come!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Hand for Hands

Porky Breakkie

It was the last weekend before The Tribe and mum gets back from Taiwan. Woke up a bit later than usual cause I had closed the curtains the night before. SK had suggested having breakfast at Kota Kemuning, but I really wasn't in the mood to travel so far for a plate of WTM. Happy with the pork ball noodles at Restoran Yoong Sheng nearby. Have taken a liking to dry noodles these days (not the healthiest choice but I'm not getting any six packs any time soon anyway LOL), but not everyone gets it right. At around 11:00 am, KH came over for a skank session. But I had to work for it by giving him a massage first! :P. We surely have gotten to know each other's bodies much better. Things run smoother and we know can better anticipate the next step. Even had a synchronized finish that afternoon for which I'm quite proud of. Freshened up and rushed out to pick SK for lunch before watching Hands Percussion's The Next Restage. Our initial plan was to eat at Fukuharu, but seems that they have gone out of business. Luckily KH had another place in mind-- Hanare @ The Intermak. Our first time there. Quite atas. Choice cuts at a more premium price. They do have cheaper meals, but the portion ends up to look a bit pitiful. I got the mix and match for MYR48-- chose kakiage and sashimi moriawase. Three types of yummy raw fish, but just one slice per type! Kesian kan? Don't worry, I did manage to fill my tummy as the kakiage was like a huge-assed cucur udang! Business wasn't bad for a Saturday afternoon. When we left, the whole restaurant greeted us and one waiter actually sprinted out to the entrance to catch us. Potong gaji if never say "Thank you, please come again" to the leaving customer?! Will definitely return to try their Sunday buffet.

Raw Jap


We were pulling it a bit too close as we left Hanare at 2:30 pm and Jalan Tun Razak was experiencing heavy traffic towards Istana Budaya. Crap. By the time we reached the venue and dumped the car at the roadside, it was fifteen minutes to show time. As we were making our way up to Panggung Seri, SK's friend was rushing down and she immediately passed us the tickets. What surprised me the most was the sheer number of school students who were milling outside the entrance. Rombongan ke? Our seats were actually surrounded by a sea of primary school students. Horrible seats really. Uncomfortable, low, minimal leg space. The question marks on my head regarding the kids were cleared during the introduction. Turns out that for a minimum donation of MYR5,000, forty students get to watch the show and gain entry into four other museums around town. Its part of an initiative to expose children to the arts. The show started off with with Sangpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw, a Taiwanese aboriginal singer playing a double nose flute and awing the audience with his powerful vocals. Later, the rest of the performers streamed onto the stage from the back accompanied by the haunting sounds of didgeridoos. The first half of the show was dominated by Hands Percussions fantastic drumming and choreography. In addition to drums, their baggy pants were put to good use for percussive sounds. And I loved the music which was a dynamic rojak of bonang, rebab and tabla. However, that didn't stop the teacher sitting beside me to catch forty winks. Thinks its not the first batch of students that she brought. During intermission, KH and I quickly rushed to the restroom. Not for a frantic quickie mind you, but to avoid the tsunami of school boys that came after.

I was told that the second half of the show would be quite a drastic change in concept. It was a drastic change alright. For the worse. Everything went more modern. Futuristic. Electronic. Metallic sounds. Tron meets Gamelan. The only thing that I found interesting was the LED-laced costumes. Drums were also mounted on circular cages, give the performer a 360 degree range of drumming. That was followed by a collaboration with Man Kidal, for a taste of Malay Rocker, left-handed electric guitar. Those wailing sounds nearly drowned out everything else. And KH was plugging his ears! More weird graphics projections after that. Eyes and hand popping out all over the place, punctuated by a lone shirtless performer (the only real skin in the whole show!). The fella was wielding a staff whacking giant sheets of aluminium near the ceiling. Weird. Left the hall with some mixed feelings about the performance. Too bad the momentum ended after intermission for me. Publika was our next destination for dinner. Gratitude promised to join us as he wanted to give SK a belated birthday treat. While waiting for him to arrive, we lepak-ed at B.I.G. and had a couple of drinks from a vinegar bar. Yes, vinegar.

Swiped from Taipei Times

The Next
Swiped from MSN Malaysia News

Having too many restaurants to choose from, we resorted to Foursquare and HungryGoWhere to 'show us the way'. Wanted to try Elegantology, but the price tag of roughly MYR100 per pax was too steep. Passing by Magenta Dining, our eyes immediately caught sight of their MYR99+ for two dinner set. Huhuhu. More my price range. The meal came with bread rolls, baked escargot, a main of your choice (I had the tuna steak) and a drink. Since it was Gratitude's first time there, we gave him a tour of the place and to let him cuci mata with the high net worth leng zais there. Some speed dating thing was going on at The Stage and I went over to take a closer look at was 'on the shelf'. More guys than girls. The girls seem to be of good quality but the guys not so much. Think gays have something like that too at some local rainbow cafe. After dinner drinks were at Coffee Stain by Joseph. The yin energy was very strong there that night. Some eye candy, but he left soon after. An old couple were running around tending to the customers that night which Gratitude found them to be quite out of place. Perhaps that was Joseph and his wife. Saw something interesting in the menu-- coffee ice with silk milk. Basically one pours warm milk into a glass of coffee ice cubes. Gimmick-y, but I was surprised that it was actually quite good.



Cold Meets Hot

Monday, April 14, 2014

Taiwan is Good for Sex

Wantan Breakfast

Mum and The Tribe were going to Taiwan for a week-long holiday. Hurray for my sex life! Woke up real early on Sunday morning to send them to the airport. Tummy rumblings during my drive back to Taman Puncak Jalil made me step on the pedal a little more (but that was also because my sister's Avanza was giving out weird noises at low gear). Stopped at Kong Kee and went very HK style that morning by ordering soup noodles with just wantans. Very yummy. Hung around the internet for a while before getting ready for church. Planned to meet JJ and Bunny for lunch at Heritage Village Cafe, but turns out that their shop in Aman Suria is no longer open (perhaps since they have an outlet in Paradigm Mall now?). Made a quick call to the guys and diverted to Restoran 126 instead. Not ate there in ages ever since I tried their sodium-packed bitter gourd noodles. Tried their keong nga ngap rice instead. Big portion and quite good. Their fuzuk yimai is too watered down though. Throughout the lunch conversation, JJ was having fun reliving the tyranny of his ex-boss in PWC. Halfway through, Bunny's elder brother joined us for lunch and I immediately detected the similarities in speech patterns (an anime character trapped in a human body), not so much in appearance. With some time to kill before the test drive, I visited the Holy Trinity of Da Ma Cai, Magnum and Toto. At Volvo, we experienced more of their lukewarm service. When we told the staff that we were there to see Lawrence, they just said that he was upstairs. Nobody bothered to inform him or anything. KH had to go look for him. As an introduction, Lawrence showed KH all the bells and whistles on the dashboard. How to set the mirror, steering wheel, yadda, yadda, yadda. He also mentioned the remote having a longer range than most cars and we were like..... wow? Was a bit unnerving seeing how KH manoeuvred out of the showroom. Traffic was much better than the day before and KH could properly accelerate. Responsive engine and good cornering (and excellent safety rating). Unfortunately, the hatchback has an undercarriage that is noisier than my Almera. Goodness. I expected more from such an expensive car. Guess can't help it since its so low and the tires are so wide.


Scheduled for some quality time after that. KH stopped by at my place and we had a quick shower together. Nothing is more erotic that soaping each other up with slippery, sudsy hands that find every nook and cranny. Starting in the bathroom, we subsequently ended up in the room. This time with lemongrass massage oil between our fingers giving each other a good rub down. My shoulders were super stiff. Can you imagine that we skanked halfway and actually napped? Are we that old? LOL. When I woke up, I found that I had been drooling over KH's bare shoulders. LOL. The nap had recharged KH, judging by the looks of his 'battery meter'. KH finished the job and he later helped me finish too. Moaned right into his kisses. Little Italy was chosen as the night's dinner venue. Never noticed the place. Dark and hidden. Price was reasonable but the authenticity is questionable. The aglio olio spaghetti looked like mee basah. It actually had gravy! LOL. But it was value for money. The pasta gamberi actually came with ten medium sized prawns for just MYR23! The risotto was a bit weird and the clams in the vongole soup weren't fresh. Oppps. But at least the tiramisu helped it win back some points. And if you ever fantasized of dining on a gondola, give the restaurant a try. :D. Still horny from our session, KH's hands were pretty naughty during dinner. Hopefully SK's grandma didn't see anything!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Back to School


It was the day after Chap Goh Mei that Seputeh DAP organized their CNY function. Sent mum to the Teresa Kok's Kuchai Lama office to help with the preparations. I left the car for her since she wasn't sure what time the thing would end and went home with SK instead. Normally we would have curry noodles nearby, but with her raging sore throat we chose to eat at Meng Kee instead. They now have some mission statement displayed prominently in their shop. I didn't bother to finish reading the contents after finding the wantans to be icky. Customer satisfaction my ass. Was supposed to head home after that, but KH suddenly told me that he wanted to test drive the Volvo V40 (before you start thinking that I can actually be a tai-tai already, you're wrong), so SK and I joined him instead. Wasn't easy getting to Federal Motors. Missed it the first time round and suffered crawling traffic at Jalan Syed Putra and Jalan Tun Sambanthan. Turns out, one had to turn into Midvalley in order to get it. The whole place was basically messy. Construction of their new building was still going on, there was lack of parking and with the service centre lumped in together over there, it was kinda pengz. At the service counter, we were greeted by an old lady with high hair and a knitted scarf. She immediately exclaimed, "Collecting your car?". Told her that it was kinda premature. Anyway, we were entertained by a soft-spoken old man by the name of Lawrence. Before showing us to the car, he brought out a whole bunch of brochures and we started talking about the V40. During the whole thing, SK was the one asking most of the questions, especially regarding total cost of ownership, maintenance, details regarding purchase using the Talent Corp. benefits, etc. Having seen how bad it was outside, we didn't bother to test drive the car. Told him that we would return the following day. Before we left, we went up to the showroom to look at the V40 T4. All I can say is that the car's outlook is very sporty and its low. The interior is kinda small and you can only fit one corpse in the boot. RRP is is around MYR170k. Crazy right? But KH can get it for a hefty discount. Whatever the case, I'm not keen for him to get it. High maintenance cost and lousy resale value weighed heavily on my mind.


Volvo V40
Swiped from Stijn Vanderstraeten @ Flickr

KH arranged for lunch with HL at Kechara Oasis, Jaya One. Turns out that the whole place is now known as The School, Malaysia's first enrichment mall, whatever the hell that means. A whole lot of giant alphabets were littered about the unoccupied retail space. So dead. So very dead. Too much enrichment I guess. The vegetarian restaurant was also very quiet that day. So quiet that I could hear what variety show another customer at the other end of the restaurant was watching on her smartphone. Pored over the menu for a long time before deciding what to order. Tried the pan-fried momos (some Tibetan dumpling chock full of sweet basil and served with chili oil), deep-fried mushrooms, 'seafood' treasure pot, mixed vegetables and stir-fried 'unagi'. The mixed vegetables was my favourite. And for drinks, do order the jug of fresh fruit punch. So cheap at MYR13.90. As usual, HL told interesting stories about his working experience in China. Spreads some light about the gay scene there. Funny that friends would drop out of the radar for six months to a year and later tell him that they're either married or fathered children. The pressure is very high. However, he observed that the younger generation of undergrads were very open in terms of sexuality. Just not to their parents. Sounds familiar. Later in the evening, I had a BEC gathering at Bandar Puteri Puchong. Typical food fest intertwined with fellowship, sharing, praise and worship. The end to another long day!

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