Saturday, March 08, 2014

January Pigs

Three Little Pigs by williamnyk
Three Little Pigs, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

A decade ago, my mother had a persistent nose bleed. She visited the government hospital many times before they referred her to the ENT specialist. The pros found polyps and scraped them out. The bleeding stopped. Recently, mum started having nosebleeds again. Fearing a recurrence of polyps, I advised her to see SK's ENT specialist. Really had no desire to go to the government hospital to wait and wait and wait. Since SK was there on Saturday for a post-op follow-up, we tagged along to Bangsar South. During mum's examination, the doctor's first question was about cancer and high blood pressure in the family. That really set the tone. The examination was brief. The scope found no polyps or growths. Cause of bleeding-- dryness in the nasal cavity. Phew. He prescribed her some nasal gel and charged MYR300. Quick and simple. With that out of the way, we cracked our heads deciding what to eat for breakfast. SK suddenly thought of Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf at Bangsar Village so we went there. Close enough. Funny that one had to either go in from outside BV or via a small door inside Village Grocer. Their breakfast menu is quite small really. Basically its all about bread, eggs (lots and lots of egss) and bacon. SK had the croissant with eggs and bacon, mum the little piggy set and I the oven baked eggs. When all three, we were overwhelmed by the eggs. LOL. Should have just ordered two. On hindsight, I had cummed the night before, so I guess a little more eggs were beneficial. LOL. Did a little shopping after that. Left at about noon to get to my haircut appointment at 1:00 pm. Got my usual undercut with a MYR10 surcharge thanks to the CNY season. Adoi. Surprisingly, the area around Bandar Park wasn't jammed. I guess its because Central Hypermarket is no longer there to feed a pre-CNY shopping frenzy.

Piggy Baked Eggs

Piggy Latte

Piggy Bacon & Eggs

Big Ass Knot

Vain I Am

Later that evening, SK and I attended Janvier's early birthday celebration at Yuzu (organized by The Chief), The Gardens Mall. Other guests were JJ, Bunny and Lifebook. I never remember his real date or birth. I just know that if FB tells me that it's birthday, DO NOT wish him cause its a fake date. Too a long look at the menu. Didn't know what to eat. But it was quite easy for SK cause her post-surgical condition temporarily robbed her of her sense of taste. Good enough to order something cheap and filling. LOL. Our camwhoring session was quite novel because Janvier insisted on using his Joby Gorillapod. Several times, the waitresses hovered outside the entrance of the private room to help us, but seeing our determination she politely waited on the sidelines. And the camera app that Janvier used was quite helpful because during the final five seconds of the timer, it would actually play a countdown. Cool. Post-makan kek, we went to the ground floor to camwhore some more. There was some kind of IG contest, so we posed for Janvier. Think he submitted several entries. The CNY decorations were quite cool. Very old school, very homey. I especially liked the seamstress corner with the sewing machine and stacks of cloth. Went to 8 Ounce Coffee for drinks where we met up with KH for a while. Once again Janvier whipped out his GorillaPod and attempted a timed group photo. His timing was impeccable. We actually managed to take a pic at the busy connection between MV and The Gardens without getting photo-bombed... on the first try! Happy birthday Janvier!


Tuna Sushi

Drink Up

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