Sunday, March 02, 2014

Happy Birthday Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Pork Ball Noodles III by williamnyk
Pork Ball Noodles III, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Was supposed to meet Apollo for breakfast at Restoran Yoon Seng on Maulidur Rasul, but he was a no show. At noon, I sent SK to Pantai Hospital for her turbinoplasty (sinus operation lo). For the past four months, she had been suffering from a lingering case of flu, eye irritation, ear infection and sore throat due to her problematic sinuses. The ENT specialist had declared that she was non-responsive to medication and recommended surgery to shave off bits of soft bones from her nasal cavity. By doing so, those offending bits will no longer be inflamed and she will breathe better. Admission took longer than usual due to three reasons:

  1. Her HR is shit
  2. Her company's third party insurance administrator (TPA) is shit
  3. Her company's insurance company is shit

Practically ding-dong-ed at the adminission counter for ninety minutes. On the admission form, the specialist stated that SK needed to be warded one day earlier for a CT scan before the surgery. Based on the admission form, the stupid TPA actually issued a guarantee letter (GL) stating that only day care was required. Suddenly they are more knowledgeable than the doctor. And her stupid HR refused to furnish SK with the details of her coverage, policy number and etc earlier. Gave her assurance that her admission would be hassle free. She had to call the TPA and shout at them. Best thing was, they didn't even know the content of the GL that they issued. Idiots. All that hassle made her blood pressure shoot up.

Food Galore

When everything was settled, I left the hospital and went to see KH. We went for a short coffee break at My Character De Coffee. Used to be known as The Scurp. A little renovation definitely turned the business around. Just shared a cup of latte (already shared a Starbie with SK earlier) and a tiramisu (the palest I had ever seen). Just had an hour to rest before BEC that night. It was quite a big deal because it was joint gathering with two other BECs. Food, scripture sharing, fun and games. Too many varieties of food at the pot luck that I failed to try them all. Some eye candy too. Also celebrated the birthday of several people that night. When the MC asked if they knew whose birthday it was, I shouted, "Prophet Muhammad!". :D. Drained my battery to 15% by the end of the day!

I Know The Answer


Bunny B said...

... prophet Muhammad? dang i am going to wish tat to all ah mohs i see tomorrow! =D

TZ said...

Prophet Muhammad birthday? where is our national holiday?...

William said...

LOL. Will the ang mohs appreciate that?


Jaded Jeremy said...

Lol, that's cheeky of you re the birthday.