Sunday, March 30, 2014

CNY III: The Tribe and Cutiepie

Kong Ming lantern
Photo credits: mintze / Hau @ Flickr

On the third day of the Lunar New Year, mum and I attended English mass at SIC. Went earlier cause my sister was back from her in-laws' place in Melaka and would be visiting. Planned to have breakfast at Coffee Sprex but seeing that it was overflowing with customers waiting for their Big Breakfast, we made a detour to Restoran Rishadh closer to home. Upon reaching home, mum immediately started cooking lunch. The tribe arrived some time after 11:00 am. Missed the kids. Practically a seafood lunch since my refrigerator overflow-eth with fish from my cousins. Apollo, SK and granny were our repeat lunch guests. Food-wise, it was a semi-rehash of what we had on Friday during reunion dinner. With lunch out of the way, mum started her major siang ikan operation. Little Monster was kinda spooked by the size of the fishes. Since mum was all gung-ho about finishing up the job, she didn't join us for the birthday party at Cutiepie's place (KH joined instead hehe). Her son just turned three. Just a small party with several friends and her eldest sister. I finally managed to pass her the birthday and Christmas presents that had been sitting in my room since 2013! While her son was sleeping, SK pulled out the box of designer shades for Cutipie to choose from. Her son recently broke her Marc Jacobs into two so it was time to get a replacement. Luckily she managed to choose a pair of Ferragamos that she liked. SK looked like counterfeit goods pedlar on Jalan Petaling. LOL. Gorged on roti jala, curry chicken, fruits, satay and a giant Minion cake! Been months since I saw Cutipie. She was quite 'ripe' with child. Gonna give birth in March.

Reached home in time for my BIL's fireworks party. The kids were having fun with sparklers and Pop-Pop's. Was suprised that some Pop-Pop's now used plastic tubes. Sad to note that the sparklers seem so mild these days. They burn out so quickly! Also released two Kong Ming lanterns that night. SK wrote a whole bunch of wishes on it and it nearly couldn't rise under the weight of her many requests. LOL. Several times during at my sister's place, KH called me "Baby" in front of my mother. According to SK, she didn't seem to notice. Phew! Haha.


untold stories said...

Come out la...Let it go! lol

Hdaran said...

@untold stories : Good one!
@william : Or she simply buat x tau, she know de kot!!!

Derek said...

Hehe .. it's a habit already .. can't be helped

Anonymous said...

Next he'll be calling her mom....