Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CNY I: Mass & Movies


Note: Do you miss CNY? Don't be sad as it starts again at my blog! LOL. Enjoy.

Woke up bright and early on the first day of the Lunar New Year to get ready for the special mass. Did my stretches and simple exercise routines before freshening up. A very Esprit CNY for me as both long-sleeved shirt and indigo jeans were from there. Seriously, my first time wearing indigo jeans. Never my first choice, but it was gift from Lifebook, so I won't complain. LOL. The shirt was also a gift-- from SK. I dug through my collection of unworn undies and pulled out a pair of neon green 2EROS briefs. My look was complete. Following tradition, wished mum a Happy Chinese New Year and called down all the blessings that I could think of in exchange for a red packet. Hehe. Then I also gave her an ang bao. Got one from my bro too and the isi is always in SGD. XD. Proceeded to go out after that. Since we were early, we managed to get a good pew. Being one of the few members of the hospitality ministry that tak balik kampung, I was roped in to help move the giant baskets of mandarin oranges. Was all sweating and tired after lugging the baskets from the office to the sides of the church building. My shoulders felt it for a week! Good workout. Quite a good turnout. As usual, the church was all decked out in red. This year's decorations mainly used red cloth and red paper cuttings. Not really the best, but something different. After normal mass liturgy, we had the rite of commemoration of ancestors. It would always start with a reading from the Book of Malachi. Then joss sticks, flowers, wine and fruits would be offered as a sign of respect, admiration and honour. After mass, I met my old kindergarten school teacher, Sister Benedict. In my memory, she was the fierce mathematics teacher at Assunta. Have not met her since I graduated in 1986. Looks pretty much the same. Already 70+ year old.

Gold Grows on Trees

Camwhoring with Lions

Lunch was at Paradigm Mall. As expected most of the restaurants were closed with the exception of Nando's (had that last year), Uncle 'K' Kopitiam and Serai. But I was really surprised to see Purple Cane Tea Restaurant open for business. Immediately went for that. Their CNY set menu looked good, so we went for that. Apollo joined us for lunch as well. Halfway through lunch, KH made an appearance with his family too. Such a coincidence. They had just finished watching a movie. A perfect chance for KH and I to camwhore on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Hehe. Stayed at the restaurant quite long as we had plenty of time to kill (our movie was at 3:30 pm). Didn't really wanna walk around cause many shops were closed. The movie of choice was "Hello Babies", another CNY staple with Sandra Ng, Ronald Cheng, Raymond Wong & co. Found it to be quite funny with all the sex jokes. Can't go wrong with that. One of the characters in the movie looked suspiciously gay-- Alex who was played by Da Peng. He looked prettier with a manbag than his wife. Went home after that. Mum recycled the leftovers and came up with another big dinner that night. Fat fat fat!

Golden Tofu

Little Bites


thompsonboy said...

esprit de whores?

Anonymous said...

it was like 2 months ago.

Twilight Man said...

Ching Ming is coming!!! Here I read CNY stuffs!

Anonymous said...

you memang lambat grow up isit? ching ming is coming and you still stuck at!

William said...


@Oivera: Twi: @Anon:
Bear with me! LOL. I am the Queen of Back Posts and Latergrams

Derek said...

Hehe yeah lo so coincident I also went to Purple Cane that day

untold stories said...

Ohh 1986 hahaha

And why movie and outside food on first day of CNY? CNY not visiting relatives and friends meh?

William said...

Your mother didn't approve of the 'coincidence'

1986? Were you even born yet?
No relatives in KL. :P