Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Braving the Crowds

Koi You Eat This? by williamnyk
Koi You Eat This?, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Note: Miss CNY? Here's a throwback. LOL.

Thaipusam was marketing day for me. While some were braving the crowds at Batu Caves, I was braving the crowds at OUG. Couldn't find any parking so for the first time ever, I paid for parking at the multi-level car park. But truth be told, it wasn't as meriah as I remembered. The bestsellers were the biscuits, new year cakes and decorations. And people were busy buying plates and bowls too. More than usual. Breakfast was at my usual noodle stall at the lorong and I was pleasantly surprised by the 50 sen price hike. Semua barang naik. Went to Giant BK 5 after that. Yes, mum was hunting for more ikan kampung. Bought the whole fish this time. 4 kg at MYR103! Should last us a few weeks at least! Always make sure you have enough for CNY!

Get Ready!


50 sen Spicier


Hdaran said...

Is ikan kampung and ikan patin the same thing??? That is some pricey fish!

ChatMate said...

His Ikan 'Kampung' is Salmon.

Twilight Man said...

So colourful and fishy posts!