Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bleeding Love

Nosebleed DSC_3356 by ettible
Nosebleed DSC_3356, swiped from ettible on Flickr.

Adrenaline and blood was pumping on Wednesday afternoon with an emergency call from SK. She had started bleeding from her nose and mouth since 4:00 pm and it had not stopped. Apollo was supposed to send her to the A&E at Pantai Bangsar but luck wasn't on her side because the MyVi that he was driving had ignition problems (things usually tak boleh harap in times of need)! And in order to help her, I had to take the LRT home and drive to her place during rush hour traffic making it at least a ninety minute journey. Her guardian angel came in the form of her colleague who was nearby. Hearing that she was on the way to the hospital,I took the LRT to Kerinchi and walked up to the hospital. She was sitting down with her head back with a bowl of blood-stained tissues in her hand. Comically she had an ice pack on her face. The specialist arrived soon after. Thankfully, he was having dinner nearby and managed to rush over in a jiffy. Immediately asked her to tilt her head forward rather than backward and asked her to gargle ice water. But it didn't really help. Seems that she would need to be wheeled into the OT again! I went home to get her clothes and stuff. By the time I got to the hospital, they had already wheeled her in. At 1:30 am, a nurse called to notify that her bleeding had been stopped and she was currently being observed in the ICU. Quite a scare. The next day, I was told that the doctor had cleaned up the blood clots and sealed the wound. Finding it peculiar, he also sent her blood to an overseas lab to test for a rare bleeding disorder. Just in case, they also shoved two tampon-like devices up her nostrils. Judging at how red the release strings had become, it wasn't 100% effective. That episode also started another drama between her HR and the group insurance underwriter. Problems, problems go away!


Twilight Man said...

Sorry to hear that. I thought I was alone with weird nose bleeds.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Yes, scary episodes!

William said...

What did your ENT specialist say?

Supposedly 'simple' procedure