Sunday, March 30, 2014

CNY III: The Tribe and Cutiepie

Kong Ming lantern
Photo credits: mintze / Hau @ Flickr

On the third day of the Lunar New Year, mum and I attended English mass at SIC. Went earlier cause my sister was back from her in-laws' place in Melaka and would be visiting. Planned to have breakfast at Coffee Sprex but seeing that it was overflowing with customers waiting for their Big Breakfast, we made a detour to Restoran Rishadh closer to home. Upon reaching home, mum immediately started cooking lunch. The tribe arrived some time after 11:00 am. Missed the kids. Practically a seafood lunch since my refrigerator overflow-eth with fish from my cousins. Apollo, SK and granny were our repeat lunch guests. Food-wise, it was a semi-rehash of what we had on Friday during reunion dinner. With lunch out of the way, mum started her major siang ikan operation. Little Monster was kinda spooked by the size of the fishes. Since mum was all gung-ho about finishing up the job, she didn't join us for the birthday party at Cutiepie's place (KH joined instead hehe). Her son just turned three. Just a small party with several friends and her eldest sister. I finally managed to pass her the birthday and Christmas presents that had been sitting in my room since 2013! While her son was sleeping, SK pulled out the box of designer shades for Cutipie to choose from. Her son recently broke her Marc Jacobs into two so it was time to get a replacement. Luckily she managed to choose a pair of Ferragamos that she liked. SK looked like counterfeit goods pedlar on Jalan Petaling. LOL. Gorged on roti jala, curry chicken, fruits, satay and a giant Minion cake! Been months since I saw Cutipie. She was quite 'ripe' with child. Gonna give birth in March.

Reached home in time for my BIL's fireworks party. The kids were having fun with sparklers and Pop-Pop's. Was suprised that some Pop-Pop's now used plastic tubes. Sad to note that the sparklers seem so mild these days. They burn out so quickly! Also released two Kong Ming lanterns that night. SK wrote a whole bunch of wishes on it and it nearly couldn't rise under the weight of her many requests. LOL. Several times during at my sister's place, KH called me "Baby" in front of my mother. According to SK, she didn't seem to notice. Phew! Haha.

Friday, March 28, 2014

CNY II: Babysitting in Bagan Sungai Burung

A Room With A View

This year, mum decided not to visit relatives in Teluk Intan. Instead, we made our way to Bagan Sungai Burung to meet her nephews. Years and year ago, her eldest sister married into the small fishing village and spent a good part of her life there. Some years back, she was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer and passed away. Due to some drama in the family, several of her daughter-in-laws skipped town (they were Chinese diaspora from Indonesia), leaving the family without any women around the house. Kinda descended into 'chaos' in my opinion, but we all have different standards for that. Left home at about 10:00 am and used the new LATAR highway to get there. I expected less cars on the road, but PLUS was quite busy and the roads in and out of Kuala Selangor wasn't smooth. Impressed by the level of development in Kuala Selangor. It has GIANT, TESCO, a standalone McDonald's, Old Town Kopitiam and even bubble tea joints. Not bad at all. Bagan Sungai Burung has also changed a bit. The roads were tarred, better DiGi coverage and the authorities even erected a pintu gerbang for the village. When we arrived, it was a little before noon. Was quite surprised by what I saw. The house was a mess. The furniture was gone, with the exception of classroom wooden chairs, the walls and windows were full of graffiti and all the doors did not have door knobs. Most shocking was the toilet. Rubbish was strewn on the floor and the hole was decorated with fossilized shit. Alarm bells! The reason for the devastation: a pack of kids. The youngest of six was the worse. He was practically bouncing off the walls. He would kick the wooden walls, climb up the windows to touch the ceiling, throw around the wooden chairs as he would a rag doll and basically charge in and out. Basically he was high on soft drinks. He would guzzle 100 Plus straight from the bottle and the excess would spill onto the floor (when his dad asked him to mop up the mess, he purposely poured more on the floor so that it would be easier to mop). Identifying my brother and I as new 'toys', he would pester us to play with him. When we ignored him, he would turn violent. We tried to restrain him by swinging him by his hands and feet, but he seemed to enjoy it a lot. Even turned acrobatic.

Natural Landfill

Cigar Before Lunch

The kids settled down a bit during lunch. My cousin prepared steamboat for us. Something that they typically eat. Had it out on the terrace where it was cooler. Believe it or not, the soup base was just water with a can of canned pork. Surprisingly the outcome was delicious. Since my cousins are fishermen, the steamboat was filled with the freshest of pomfrets, garoupas, oysters and prawns. Totally yummy and sweet. Everyone just stood around the pot and ate. Bones? No problem, just spit it over the side of the house into the swamp. The meal kinda recharged the kid. We made use of his boundless energy by getting him to wash all the dishes which he did! He squatted on the floor and started on all the dishes, meticulously soaping each bowl. From time to time, I would reject some items if they were too oily. And he did not complain. He'll go far in life with the right focus I guess. Respite came when the kid followed his dad out to buy ice cream. When he returned, he gave all three of us ice creams. His dad said that it was from his own pocket. Wow. Was so happy when we thanked him as tauke. At about five, another group of kids arrived... offspring of my other cousins. Both groups greeted each warmly... via flying kicks. After five hours, I finally realized how well-behaved Big Monster and Little Monster are. Hahaha. We left the village with a car boot full of fish that would last us a month. By the time we reached home, my eyes were screaming for a rest. Phew....

Hyperactivity to Good Use

Village Style

Go Fish

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CNY I: Mass & Movies


Note: Do you miss CNY? Don't be sad as it starts again at my blog! LOL. Enjoy.

Woke up bright and early on the first day of the Lunar New Year to get ready for the special mass. Did my stretches and simple exercise routines before freshening up. A very Esprit CNY for me as both long-sleeved shirt and indigo jeans were from there. Seriously, my first time wearing indigo jeans. Never my first choice, but it was gift from Lifebook, so I won't complain. LOL. The shirt was also a gift-- from SK. I dug through my collection of unworn undies and pulled out a pair of neon green 2EROS briefs. My look was complete. Following tradition, wished mum a Happy Chinese New Year and called down all the blessings that I could think of in exchange for a red packet. Hehe. Then I also gave her an ang bao. Got one from my bro too and the isi is always in SGD. XD. Proceeded to go out after that. Since we were early, we managed to get a good pew. Being one of the few members of the hospitality ministry that tak balik kampung, I was roped in to help move the giant baskets of mandarin oranges. Was all sweating and tired after lugging the baskets from the office to the sides of the church building. My shoulders felt it for a week! Good workout. Quite a good turnout. As usual, the church was all decked out in red. This year's decorations mainly used red cloth and red paper cuttings. Not really the best, but something different. After normal mass liturgy, we had the rite of commemoration of ancestors. It would always start with a reading from the Book of Malachi. Then joss sticks, flowers, wine and fruits would be offered as a sign of respect, admiration and honour. After mass, I met my old kindergarten school teacher, Sister Benedict. In my memory, she was the fierce mathematics teacher at Assunta. Have not met her since I graduated in 1986. Looks pretty much the same. Already 70+ year old.

Gold Grows on Trees

Camwhoring with Lions

Lunch was at Paradigm Mall. As expected most of the restaurants were closed with the exception of Nando's (had that last year), Uncle 'K' Kopitiam and Serai. But I was really surprised to see Purple Cane Tea Restaurant open for business. Immediately went for that. Their CNY set menu looked good, so we went for that. Apollo joined us for lunch as well. Halfway through lunch, KH made an appearance with his family too. Such a coincidence. They had just finished watching a movie. A perfect chance for KH and I to camwhore on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Hehe. Stayed at the restaurant quite long as we had plenty of time to kill (our movie was at 3:30 pm). Didn't really wanna walk around cause many shops were closed. The movie of choice was "Hello Babies", another CNY staple with Sandra Ng, Ronald Cheng, Raymond Wong & co. Found it to be quite funny with all the sex jokes. Can't go wrong with that. One of the characters in the movie looked suspiciously gay-- Alex who was played by Da Peng. He looked prettier with a manbag than his wife. Went home after that. Mum recycled the leftovers and came up with another big dinner that night. Fat fat fat!

Golden Tofu

Little Bites

Monday, March 24, 2014

Get Together Dinner

Preparations by williamnyk
Preparations, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

My big boss declared half day off for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Anticipating the same treatment for the Lunar New Year Eve, I just applied half day leave. I was right. Kakaka. Went out to breakfast with bro and mum. Hunted for curry noodles at Kuchai Lama. One shop was closed, but the other wasn't. Surprised that I had to take a number just for my order to be taken! And the price was jacked up to MYR6.00, without any chicken! More surprising was the fact that the dim sum joint next door, Jin Xuan was brimming with customers. Yuck. Basically the whole day was preparing for reunion dinner and the coming lunar new year. While mum was busying herself at the kitchen, I was busy vacuuming the cars and cleaning the carpets. Once in a while I would help mum out in the kitchen to boil rice, prepare vegetables and etc. Never an easy job giving her a helping hand. Her instructions are always abstract and she would only like things to be done her way. If her instructions were clear, then I'm all for it. But if you're vague, it can really be frustrating. SK came over with her granny at about 5:00 pm. Apollo arrived not much later. Due to her weakened post-surgical condition, she still managed to cook three dishes this year. She also ordered a whole batch of caramel puddings from her colleague which Apollo helped to collect from Shah Alam. At that time, mum was still cooking. By the time she was done, it was near 7:00 pm. When all six of us sat at the table, there were eleven dishes awaiting us-- stewed fish maw with pork ribs, sea cucumber with mushrooms, enoki-bacon wrap, steamed pomfret, fried threadfin, charsiew, blanched chicken, ju hu char, tempura moriawase, salad and lotus root soup. Mum also dug out a small bottle of sparkling mead that was left over from winter solstice. Post dinner, we just lazed around the living room and started a kuaci and red wine session. LOL. With the food settled in my tummy, had to start work again by washing the cars and mopping the floor. Get everything cleaned up before CNY! Ironed my new shirt and got my jeans ready. Hehe. Year of the Horse, here I come!

Dragon Fruit + Pork

Colorful Salad

Must Have Chicken

Friday, March 21, 2014

I Am A Princess

I am a Princess by williamnyk
I am a Princess, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Got the shock of my life when I received a heart shaped postcard in the mail. I actually saw it on the table but ignored it cause I thought it was some kind of flyer. Upon closer inspection only did it dawn on me! It was a postcard from The Bunny and The Bear! Complete with his trademark drawings! TQ! Forgot that he did ask me whether I wanted a postcard from Euro Disney. LOL. Never in my wildest dreams that I expected him to send me something from the Princess Department. Goodness. Not a fan of those four b*tches on the postcard. They should stay away from our hunky Prince Charmings! LOL. Wonder what my mother was imagining about the sender. :P.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tater in Town

Horsing Around by williamnyk
Horsing Around, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On the Monday before reunion dinner there was a "Tater In Town" event at The Pavilion. Due to work, he was in Kuala Lumpur for two days and one night, so we managed to arrange a dinner date. Met him up at the Coach boutique among all the hideous midget horses that The Pavilion chose to use as their CNY decoration this year. Tater was looking slimmer than I last remembered, but he was a bit tired in the eyes. Turns out he was nursing a headache and all that travelling made things worse. Brought him down to Restoran Hiong Mun (Duck King sudah close shop) to wait for KH who was running late due to work. Since there was no place to sit, we stood around and chatted. Didn't quite remember much about it but I think we had an Underwear Expert exchange. LOL. Yapped and yapped and yapped. When I looked at my watch, holy cow, it was already 7:20 pm. And no update from KH. Quickly ushered Tater into the restaurant and ordered food before we fainted from the hunger. KH arrived right after we had finished ordering the dishes. The poor dear was busy at work till he forgot the time. Just some simple dishes with rice-- roast pork, bunshimeji tofu, three egg spinach and ginger-honey chicken. We had a long talk about life, relationships and work. And he was particularly eager to hear what we did on our anniversary. Too bad there was no sex romp to share. Like always, we had dessert after dinner. Moved up to Hui Lau Shan for some mango mania and camwhoring. Tater was nice enough to offer us his hotel room for some 'alone time', but we really didn't want to impose and let him rest early since his head was still aching and he had a tridiuum of meetings the next day. Always great to meet Tater with his warm smile and open personality. Until the next "Tater In Town" event! Ciao.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mall Celebrities: Red Ron

Forgot to introduce Red Ron from my mum's visit to the hair saloon before CNY. He was at A-Saloon, IOI Mall with a bunch of his lala friends. One of them was getting a haircut while the rest of the pack just wu liao-ed there. If you're a fan of twinky meat, skinny jeans, dyed hair and contacts, he's the boy for you. I'm sorry that I couldn't get a frontal shot, but if you zoom enough, you might make out his face in the mirror's reflection. I'm also in some of the shots, but my face has been cropped away. Hehe. Could pass for a COAT WEST porn actor, but looks a bit like those who whimper a little too much when getting f*cked. :P. Or perhaps not. Hehe.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Septième Anniversaire

Noodles to Start the Day by williamnyk
Noodles to Start the Day, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
It was the last weekend before CNY and I brought mum out to do last minute shopping for groceries and fresh produce. As expected, the roads were jammed and the crowds were crazy. Parking was also sparse. Our first stop was at the Jalan Hujan Emas 8 market. The narrow bi-directional road was made narrower by inconsiderate shoppers who stopped their car by the road. When cars came from both directions, they had to squeeze their way through. Matters were made worse by the fact that many who shop there drive large, luxury cars out. :S. Why drive out an unwieldly Chevrolet Colorado out to the market where there is no proper parking? Really baffles. Saw tensions rise a bit when an old lady in a Kelisa slowly but surely scratched the side of a red Mercedes B class. Fortunately, the aunty did not ask for compensation and just sulkily drove off. Rushed over to the Nissan service centre after that. Now that I had bought the warranty extension, I have to make sure that my maintenance checks are on time to avoid voiding the cover. By the time I finished registration, it was 11:00 am. And I had not had breakfast, no wonder my perut berbunyi! Randomly chose Wen Tong Wantan Noodles at Puchong Jaya. Above average prices for their 'artisanal' noodles. So so only. Drove over to the furniture shop after that to drop off some defective drawers. Zero QC these days. Nails were actually poking out. Perhaps they thought my mum purchased a bed of nails. Just as I was leaving, Nissan called to say that my car was ready. Took just a little under forty minutes. Makes a world of difference when you forgo the complimentary car wash.

Hearts following Hearts

Was already running late. KH and I were to celebrate our 7th anniversary. Sweet KH had made plans from lunch till dinner. By the time I picked him up, it was already 1:30 pm. He looked handsome in a short-sleeve gingham shirt and long pants. Pecked me on the cheek and off we went to KLPAC. Traffic was nuts all over the place. Took us a bit longer than usual to get there. Poor KH was hungry, so we quickly got a table at Richard's Bistro. Cozy little place with red and white tablecloth. We had the whole place to ourselves (I'll just imagine that KH booked the whole place lol). Just ordered a coq au vin to share as I had a late breakfast. KH first surprised me with a card. What he wrote was very sweet. He described how things had changed after returning to Kuala Lumpur. I was surprised to see him write that he felt that he had opened up more and held less things back. His card made me realize that I had forgotten to bring out mine. LOL. And it also made me realize that I had counted my anniversary wrongly. I know for sure that we started in 2007, and yet I kept thinking that it was our 6th anniversary! Grrrr.... Stuck in 2013! Secondly, KH whipped out his cock a photobook of our various trips together. Knowing how slow and awkward he was with all that design work, I was really suprised. And it looked great with a good selection of photos. Been a while since I saw those photos and they brought back many sweet memories. I sat next to him and we flipped through the book together.

Coq au Vin

Out to Pasture

It was already nearly 3:00 pm, so we collected the "Best Of" tickets from the box office and made our way into Pentas 1. My first time watching a monologue. Wasn't sure what to expect. I just warned KH that I might fall asleep. LOL. To my credit, I actually stayed awake throughout the 60 minute tirade about a Singaporean Malay woman's struggle in life. Just through simple storytelling, she goes through heavy topics like Syariah law, the prison system, divorce, women's rights, marriage, love, familial ties, loss, frustration, cultural stereotypes and racism. Good thing is, it all gels together and flows well. We even sat through the Q&A session after that with the director. We waited outside for a while because KH wanted to shake Siti Khalijah Zainal's hand, but she didn't turn up. With some time to burn before dinner, we went to the STUD warehouse sale at Plaza Damas. No signboard for the office at all but we were lucky enough to have found it on the first try. Went upstairs and found that it was devoid of customers. Nothing much caught my eye. And the price wasn't that attractive. But for the heck of it, I bought a Baltic brief. Attracted to its complicated construction with four different colour panels. Jonathan Cheng was manning the cashier. Still as maintains his good looks. Only when we left did another two gay lou come up.

Best Of


Decided to jalan-jalan at Hartamas Shopping Centre since KH had never been there before. Mum worked there for a short a stint during its early days. Many shops were open there but the human traffic was quite sad. Our exploration didn't last long with no shops of interest. Stopped for some yutiao and hot soya bean instead. With nothing much else to do, we went to our dinner venue a little earlier than scheduled. KH found a cute little French restaurant at Jalan Raja Chulan called La Vie En Rose. Baffled as to where it was. On our first pass, we overshot it. To get to the restaurant one had to make a sharp left up a slope. Kinda nuts. Definitely a challenge for my car that has a large turning radius. Only managed to get there on our second try. Went all the way up to Bukit Ceylon and down. Ugh. Francois Mermilliod, the chef met us at the door and apologized that his valet attendant had not arrived. We dined at the outdoor terrace with a view a slightly elevated view of KLCC and KL Tower. However, it also overlooked Jalan Raja Chulan and a row of dilapidated shoplots. Haha. For starters, we went for the weird foie gras crème brûlée with toasted brioche. A savoury and sinful 'dessert'. Yummy. My main was veal kidney (flambé with Armagnac, mustard sauce) which Francois praised as being oh-so traditional French. But he reassured KH that his duck leg confit with coco beans stew was also a classic. LOL. Both dishes were good, but KH didn't quite like the kidney. An acquired taste I guess (he described it as urine taste!). The texture is actually chewier than pig's kidney. Our meal came with complimentary lentil salad and something that looked like mashed potatoes. We toasted our years together with a couple of glasses of red.


Dessert meets Foie Gras

During the course of dinner, KH and I had a very grown-up conversation regarding his current job hunt and satisfaction levels at work. Rarely have mood for such topics. Haha. Eating didn't quite stop KH's sneezing spell. The poor dear looked so drained. Shared something sweet before we left-- cold strawberry soup, basil sorbet, and almond crisp. Quite a topsy-turvy dining experience... dessert as starter and soup as dessert. Hahaha. The bill wasn't exactly cheap, but fair considering you're served Evian when you ask for still water. :X. I asked KH whether I should send him home since he was a bit flu-ish, but he wanted to spend a little more time with me, so I suggested coffee. LOKL was nearby, but it was already closed. Went to familiar ground and drank at My Character De Coffee, Kuchai Lama instead. Feeling a bit nip-ish, we ordered fried chicken wings (this is what happens when you go for fine dining and not gorge on enough bread LOL) to go with our matcha latte and avocado juice. Sex would have been the cherry on the cake, but we didn't manage to make love. But we always make do with some naughty business in the car. Definitely left us wanting more. That would have to wait. Happy anniversary dear! I love you lots!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

When Less is More

Hula-Hula by williamnyk
Hula-Hula, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Lunched with SK and her granny at Rakuzen, Empire Shopping Gallery on Sunday. Our initial plan was T Forty Two, but they closed down, giving way to Espresso Lab. In the year of the horse, Empire decided to use the Chinese lion as the main theme. Quite nicely done really. And upon arrival, I was just in time to view a Chinese acrobatic act with very butch looking PRC girls in spandex. The background music was hypnotic-- "Hula, hula, hula, hula x 1000". On stage, they transformed into human slinkies using hula hoops. LOL. Turns out that Kura in One World Hotel shares the same menu with Rakuzen. Both below to the Super Dining Group. The staff there were super attentive. They kept refilling your tea to the point that I found it annoying and intrusive. So free meh? They could have just left the pot on the table like Pasta Zanmai does. And they don't seem to take no for an answer. At one point, I just surrendered and dutifully passed him the cup. And there was one gay waiter with a super slang-y English. He rolled through the words. Couldn't understand a word he was saying. A word of warning, don't order their cod bone nabe. The soup stock has a sour after-taste. Couldn't mask it with soy sauce or wasabi. Failed!

Snow Crab Ozisushi

Cha Soba

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bleeding Love

Nosebleed DSC_3356 by ettible
Nosebleed DSC_3356, swiped from ettible on Flickr.

Adrenaline and blood was pumping on Wednesday afternoon with an emergency call from SK. She had started bleeding from her nose and mouth since 4:00 pm and it had not stopped. Apollo was supposed to send her to the A&E at Pantai Bangsar but luck wasn't on her side because the MyVi that he was driving had ignition problems (things usually tak boleh harap in times of need)! And in order to help her, I had to take the LRT home and drive to her place during rush hour traffic making it at least a ninety minute journey. Her guardian angel came in the form of her colleague who was nearby. Hearing that she was on the way to the hospital,I took the LRT to Kerinchi and walked up to the hospital. She was sitting down with her head back with a bowl of blood-stained tissues in her hand. Comically she had an ice pack on her face. The specialist arrived soon after. Thankfully, he was having dinner nearby and managed to rush over in a jiffy. Immediately asked her to tilt her head forward rather than backward and asked her to gargle ice water. But it didn't really help. Seems that she would need to be wheeled into the OT again! I went home to get her clothes and stuff. By the time I got to the hospital, they had already wheeled her in. At 1:30 am, a nurse called to notify that her bleeding had been stopped and she was currently being observed in the ICU. Quite a scare. The next day, I was told that the doctor had cleaned up the blood clots and sealed the wound. Finding it peculiar, he also sent her blood to an overseas lab to test for a rare bleeding disorder. Just in case, they also shoved two tampon-like devices up her nostrils. Judging at how red the release strings had become, it wasn't 100% effective. That episode also started another drama between her HR and the group insurance underwriter. Problems, problems go away!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

January Pigs

Three Little Pigs by williamnyk
Three Little Pigs, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

A decade ago, my mother had a persistent nose bleed. She visited the government hospital many times before they referred her to the ENT specialist. The pros found polyps and scraped them out. The bleeding stopped. Recently, mum started having nosebleeds again. Fearing a recurrence of polyps, I advised her to see SK's ENT specialist. Really had no desire to go to the government hospital to wait and wait and wait. Since SK was there on Saturday for a post-op follow-up, we tagged along to Bangsar South. During mum's examination, the doctor's first question was about cancer and high blood pressure in the family. That really set the tone. The examination was brief. The scope found no polyps or growths. Cause of bleeding-- dryness in the nasal cavity. Phew. He prescribed her some nasal gel and charged MYR300. Quick and simple. With that out of the way, we cracked our heads deciding what to eat for breakfast. SK suddenly thought of Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf at Bangsar Village so we went there. Close enough. Funny that one had to either go in from outside BV or via a small door inside Village Grocer. Their breakfast menu is quite small really. Basically its all about bread, eggs (lots and lots of egss) and bacon. SK had the croissant with eggs and bacon, mum the little piggy set and I the oven baked eggs. When all three, we were overwhelmed by the eggs. LOL. Should have just ordered two. On hindsight, I had cummed the night before, so I guess a little more eggs were beneficial. LOL. Did a little shopping after that. Left at about noon to get to my haircut appointment at 1:00 pm. Got my usual undercut with a MYR10 surcharge thanks to the CNY season. Adoi. Surprisingly, the area around Bandar Park wasn't jammed. I guess its because Central Hypermarket is no longer there to feed a pre-CNY shopping frenzy.

Piggy Baked Eggs

Piggy Latte

Piggy Bacon & Eggs

Big Ass Knot

Vain I Am

Later that evening, SK and I attended Janvier's early birthday celebration at Yuzu (organized by The Chief), The Gardens Mall. Other guests were JJ, Bunny and Lifebook. I never remember his real date or birth. I just know that if FB tells me that it's birthday, DO NOT wish him cause its a fake date. Too a long look at the menu. Didn't know what to eat. But it was quite easy for SK cause her post-surgical condition temporarily robbed her of her sense of taste. Good enough to order something cheap and filling. LOL. Our camwhoring session was quite novel because Janvier insisted on using his Joby Gorillapod. Several times, the waitresses hovered outside the entrance of the private room to help us, but seeing our determination she politely waited on the sidelines. And the camera app that Janvier used was quite helpful because during the final five seconds of the timer, it would actually play a countdown. Cool. Post-makan kek, we went to the ground floor to camwhore some more. There was some kind of IG contest, so we posed for Janvier. Think he submitted several entries. The CNY decorations were quite cool. Very old school, very homey. I especially liked the seamstress corner with the sewing machine and stacks of cloth. Went to 8 Ounce Coffee for drinks where we met up with KH for a while. Once again Janvier whipped out his GorillaPod and attempted a timed group photo. His timing was impeccable. We actually managed to take a pic at the busy connection between MV and The Gardens without getting photo-bombed... on the first try! Happy birthday Janvier!


Tuna Sushi

Drink Up

Thursday, March 06, 2014

LRT Celebrities: Smiley Cyril

Smiley Cyril by williamnyk
Smiley Cyril, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
It's been a long time since the last LRT Celebrity. Some of you must be thinking that the plug had been pulled on this segment. That couldn't be farther from the fact. I have been snapping away, but for some reason, I had neglected processing the photos. Huhu. Too much distraction from KH perhaps. :P. Without further ado, I present to you Smiley Cyril!

LRT: Ampang Line

Direction: Towards Sentul Timur

What caught my attention was his sweet smile. Not sure what video he was watching on his smartphone (Coat West perhaps?), but it surely perked him right up. And if his smile doesn't do it for you, I'm sure his hairy, strong legs would. If only his backpack wasn't blocking the view of his torso. :P.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Braving the Crowds

Koi You Eat This? by williamnyk
Koi You Eat This?, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Note: Miss CNY? Here's a throwback. LOL.

Thaipusam was marketing day for me. While some were braving the crowds at Batu Caves, I was braving the crowds at OUG. Couldn't find any parking so for the first time ever, I paid for parking at the multi-level car park. But truth be told, it wasn't as meriah as I remembered. The bestsellers were the biscuits, new year cakes and decorations. And people were busy buying plates and bowls too. More than usual. Breakfast was at my usual noodle stall at the lorong and I was pleasantly surprised by the 50 sen price hike. Semua barang naik. Went to Giant BK 5 after that. Yes, mum was hunting for more ikan kampung. Bought the whole fish this time. 4 kg at MYR103! Should last us a few weeks at least! Always make sure you have enough for CNY!

Get Ready!


50 sen Spicier

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Happy Birthday Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Pork Ball Noodles III by williamnyk
Pork Ball Noodles III, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Was supposed to meet Apollo for breakfast at Restoran Yoon Seng on Maulidur Rasul, but he was a no show. At noon, I sent SK to Pantai Hospital for her turbinoplasty (sinus operation lo). For the past four months, she had been suffering from a lingering case of flu, eye irritation, ear infection and sore throat due to her problematic sinuses. The ENT specialist had declared that she was non-responsive to medication and recommended surgery to shave off bits of soft bones from her nasal cavity. By doing so, those offending bits will no longer be inflamed and she will breathe better. Admission took longer than usual due to three reasons:

  1. Her HR is shit
  2. Her company's third party insurance administrator (TPA) is shit
  3. Her company's insurance company is shit

Practically ding-dong-ed at the adminission counter for ninety minutes. On the admission form, the specialist stated that SK needed to be warded one day earlier for a CT scan before the surgery. Based on the admission form, the stupid TPA actually issued a guarantee letter (GL) stating that only day care was required. Suddenly they are more knowledgeable than the doctor. And her stupid HR refused to furnish SK with the details of her coverage, policy number and etc earlier. Gave her assurance that her admission would be hassle free. She had to call the TPA and shout at them. Best thing was, they didn't even know the content of the GL that they issued. Idiots. All that hassle made her blood pressure shoot up.

Food Galore

When everything was settled, I left the hospital and went to see KH. We went for a short coffee break at My Character De Coffee. Used to be known as The Scurp. A little renovation definitely turned the business around. Just shared a cup of latte (already shared a Starbie with SK earlier) and a tiramisu (the palest I had ever seen). Just had an hour to rest before BEC that night. It was quite a big deal because it was joint gathering with two other BECs. Food, scripture sharing, fun and games. Too many varieties of food at the pot luck that I failed to try them all. Some eye candy too. Also celebrated the birthday of several people that night. When the MC asked if they knew whose birthday it was, I shouted, "Prophet Muhammad!". :D. Drained my battery to 15% by the end of the day!

I Know The Answer