Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Post-Penang Christmas Eve

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Woke up bright and early on Christmas Eve. KH offered to suck me off but I wouldn't let him make me cum. Was conserving my energy for the long drive home. I jacked him off instead. Hehe. Breakfast was arranged by SK's Penang colleague. Lets call her Sandra cause her demeanour and voice reminds me of Sandra Ng Kuan Yu so much. Hahaha. She picked us up and brought us to coffee shop by the name of Restoran KCC. Tried a little bit of everything-- paitee, ham bun, pork soup noodles, yam cake and white curry noodles. I loved the curry noodles the most. We then went to another row of stalls at an unknown roadside for otak-otak and bak kwa bun. Otak-otak in Penang is different from what I'm used to. In Kuantan, the fish meat is whole. In Muar, more like fish cakes. But in Penang, it has the consistency slightly harder than steamed egg. And it has a trademark daun kalau inside. The bak kwa bun is very soft and small. I could finish one in two bites. In KL, we pair the dried meat / floss with chilli sauce and cucumber slices, that stall uses pork gravy. So if you don't eat it immediately, it gets a little soggy.

Pork Noodles

Pai Tee

Breakfast Bun

Otak-Otak Penang

Yam Cake

White Curry Noodles


Finishing the last of our Penang food trip, we headed back to the hotel to pack and check out. I drove back and along the way we stopped at Tapah R & R for lunch. Just a simple meal of fried catfish with rice and a passable iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. Dropped KH and Apollo back at their homes and then rushed home for Christmas Eve mass. Spent an hour stuck in a massive traffic jam in front of Paradigm Mall. A traffic experiment gone wrong. Litrak had decided to block traffic coming from the flyover to turn into Kampung Chempaka thinking that traffic flow towards Damansara would be smoother like that. However, the underpass was also the location of two U-turns so it had turned into a a very ugly bottleneck. Missed the cantata because of that. Ish. When mass was over, we drove to SS2 for some food. Big Monster wanted pizza, but Marco's Pizza was already closed by then. Ended up at Nando's instead. Boy, business was good that night and the staff were obviously struggling. I practically took everything by myself-- the baby chair, the peri-peri sauce, the paper napkins, the plates, the cutlery. I wonder why I even paid for service. Continued on at Sweet Bean for dessert. Loved their black sesame tang yuan in ginger soup. As you can guess, I was very tired by the end of the day and the kids' unruly behaviour didn't help. But it was Christmas... so... a very Merry Christmas!

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