Monday, February 03, 2014

Penang II: Coffee on Coffee

Piccolo Latte by williamnyk
Piccolo Latte, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Note @ 2014|02|06 : Updated with more pics!

Nothing beats waking up to your BF next to you. The embrace. The kiss. The hard dick that greets your hand when shove it down his trunks. Needless to say, we finished the previous night's unfinished business there and then. All groggy from the sex, we went out looking for food. Pooh recommended that we try out Wheat Connection for its wonderful pastries, but it was closed till after Christmas. Crap. Went to a Restoran Golden Lake at Sungai Nibong instead for hawker fare. Think it was the wrong place, but we were to hungry to care. Simply ordered Penang Hokkien Mee (thumbs up), duck koay teow th'ng, egg and kaya toast and mixed pork soup. Next up was to get ur coffee fix at Coffee Elements (did you know that C8H10N402 is chemical structure of caffeine?) in All Seasons Place. The whole place is like IOI Boulevard, only dead-er (literally too cause I heard that its built on a Chinese cemetery and it is neighbours with another two other graveyards!). LOL. Wonder how they survive. The place looked a bit weird, more like a cupcake place with picnic benches. The walls were sketched and arty. Feeling a little Christmas-y, I ordered their toffee latte. And SK added on with an orange meringue cake. The coffee was quite good. Tried to arrange a meet up with Cutiepie, but she was tied up with family and her kid.


Lunch was with ZaiZai at Teo Chew Ming. His office was nearby, so it was easy to arrange. Their signature dishes were the mee sua kor (rice vermicelli in thick-ish gravy with fish slices, not exactly very special IMHO) and baby octopus (the crunchy octopus was practically tasteless without the dipping sauce). In addition to that, we tried the Teo Chew seafood porridge, golden mushrooms and sweet and sour oyster.

Seafood Porridge


The sun was blazing outside again, prompting us to seek refuge in an air-conditioned mall-- Gurney Paragon. The whole placed assimilated the former St. Joseph's Novitiate, preserving some of the old architecture while adding a shopping mall, eateries, residences and office towers.


Standing on Heritage

Colonial Cool

Didn't stay too long, so we went to our next destination, which was Straits Quay. It was another dead place with a flea market on a weekday. Yikes. The only reason we were there was for the Charlie Brown Cafe. Even then, we did dine-in. Apollo just wanted to buy merchandise! He did reveal later that their drinks and food suck. Oh well. Cam-whored a bit outside and went to a proper coffee place called Full of Beans that do hand-crafted specialty coffee. A peculiar note in their menu-- each customer needs to order at least one cup of coffee. Hmmmm... Went through their menu and all the names of the different brews went flying through my mind. Reminded me of my short craze playing LINE's "I Love Coffee" game. Finally decided on an Ethiopia Mocha for its low acidity and rich and winey taste. Each cup of coffee is prepared using a syphon coffee maker. Fun to see it prepared. Take a look at the video. It's like a lab experiment.

Syphon, Intelligentsia from The D4D on Vimeo.

Christmas Books

Peppermint Patty

Beside us in the cafe were a familly of five, consting of a mother, a daughter who was perpetually playing candy crush and three sons. We all felt the sons were playing for the other team. Some of us agreed that the eldest was gay (partly cause he stared the most at how KH caressed my thighs), but I found the middle son to be most suspicious with his fashion sense of drape-y clothes and he even tied the front of his cardigan like women do with long blouses. Apollo didn't join us for dinner that night as he had an appointment with his god-sis. Our plan was to eat at Hai Boey. I had actually eaten there before some years back. Some mixed reviews on Foursquare, blaming it for turning into a tourist trap. Drove through the kampung roads and reached the beach-side restaurant in under half an hour from the hotel. We were just in time to catch the fleeting sunset view. We went for the homemade steamed beancurd (good texture), pumpkin crab (the sauce was a tad too sweet by itself), Nyonya prawns in coconut (this is f*cking must have, I could eat two plates of white rice with the gravy!!!) and fried brinjal with fish meat (perfectly deep fried!). Back in the hotel, lepak-ed a while in SK's room then KH manhandled me to sleep earlier! He forbade me to fiddle with my smartphone (cause he wanted to fiddle with me I suspect). Basically hugged me tightly and didn't let me go (love to be spooned with his boner on my back :P). Slept at 10:00 pm that night! X_X.

Homestyle Tofu

Swing by the Sea


untold stories said...

Caressing your thigh in public? Aiyo so indecent! The boy must be really confused now!

Hdaran said...

It's very interesting reading about Penang from someone else's view. Have you tried Indian food in Penang?

William said...

Hahahaha. Kids these days are more advanced.

Didn't try Indian food. But I did try Nasi Kandar years back at Lebuh Campbell. Does that count?

Hdaran said...

Nasi kandar has its roots in Indian cuisine but it has deviated so much. The Malay Muslims tend to "lemak"fy and sweeten their dishes (a little too much). You should try some proper Indian food in Penang. As good as, if not better, than the best in KL. I'd recommend Passions of Kerala at Gelugor, Veloo Villas, and Woodlands (vegetarian), among others, all of which can be found using GPS. That is if you are still in Penang.

William said...

Ohhh... Thanks for the tip. Alas, no longer there.

Derek said...

Yeah, must force to sleep earlier and stop playing with the phone!

Hdaran said...

Just realised a mistake, it is supposed to be the Indian Muslims, not Malay Muslims. Paiseh!!!