Monday, February 24, 2014


Sick :\ by Taylor+Stevens
Sick :\, swiped from Taylor+Stevens on Flickr.

Note: The kids and I are all sihat walafiat now

For the past few days, Big Monster had been complaining of stomach aches, headaches, flu and fever. His mother brought him to the pediatrician and they ran a few tests. He tested positive for Influenza A. The doctor put him on Tamiflu. First thing they did was to quarantine the kid to the second floor in order to protect Little Monster. That didn't quite work out cause just one day later, Little Monster starting burning up. In the end, Little Monster and his mum moved over to my place. The next morning, I picked SK up from the Nissan Service Centre and we all went to the kiddy specialist in Seri Petaling. Our queue number was 26, but the current number being served was 17. Not too bad. The nurse gave us 45 minutes to have breakfast. I had a bowl of pork noodles nearby. The whole clinic was swarming with kids and germs. Suspecting the same of Little Monster, the doctor performed the Influenza A test. It came back positive. Bundled him up and sent him back home after stopping to pack chicken rice. The kid seemed as energetic as ever. Symptoms were quite mild compared to his brother. On the other hand, I was still coughing my lungs out. Wonder if I actually have the same thing and passed it on to the kids!

SK and I went to have lunch at Restoran Leong Ya at Jalan Kenari. After we had ordered venison wat tan hor with rice wine (huge portion at MYR8), stir-fried vegetables and some YTF, the restaurant was suddenly bombarded by a huge group of people. They pulled up in 4 Hyundai Starex. Judging from the stickers on the vehicles and T-shirts, they were the promotional crew for Astro's CNY movie-- "Ah Beng: Mission Impossible". Recognized some of the MyFM DJs. One or two twinks were spotted in the group. After lunch, we went shopping for a spring mattress for SK's granny. Surprised to find that 95% of the tenants at One Puchong Furniture Centre had moved out. New plans for the place. Dropped SK at the Nissan Service Centre to collect her car. Nearby, the Bee Chiang Hiang 'warehouse sale' (I really don't wanna know what a bak kwa warehouse sale means) was ongoing. Kids were grilling pork outside with for giant fans blowing the fumes at the road. My car had a nice spritz of Eau de Porc. Before heading home, I stopped at Caring Pharmacy to get some supplies of face masks, hand disinfectant and disinfectant sprays. Definitely need to keep flu from spreading. I was in the mood for cleaning, so I started cleaning my room. Cleared all the useless men's magazines, cleaned the racks, etc. Still had the book shelf and dresser to settle but I left it for another day. Brought Little Monster out to dinner at Restoran Shun Ji. The place had been around for ages, can't believe that it's my first time there. Not bad, but I found the food quite salty. Summoned (hehehe) KH over to my place to yum cha at Restoran Rishadh. Had a couple of drinks and a Tandoori chicken with SK. It's fun even to meet for a short while. :).


untold stories said...

Gosh! Tamiflu.... Wonder how many cases were misdiagnosed or left unnoticed. Glad that the pediatrician picked it up!

Gratitude said...

Hope the kiddies are doing fine now.