Sunday, February 09, 2014

Dual Celebrations

Madonna & Child by williamnyk
Madonna & Child, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Attended a wedding mass on Saturday afternoon at SFX. This followed a buffet dinner the night before at the bride's house. A fantastic spread with most of the major meats-- two types of chicken, lamb, prawn, calamari and fish. Back to the mass. The bride's family is Catholic but the husband ain't. So it was a short affair. And when it came Holy Communion, less than ten people came up. As usual, sis was working, so the kids were with mum and I. Big Monster was behaving horribly. He wouldn't keep his trap shut and was being a pain so I had to separate the kids. Dragged him to sit at the back pew so that the proceedings won't be disturbed. He truly tested my patience that day. They had a little tea party after mass with proper teacups and plates, and yet I found myself using the disposable stuff. LOL. That's what you do when eating with kids. Later that night, I joined an impromptu dinner with Jay and Khatijah. Jay arranged the last minute gathering for Khatijah's birthday. Bad timing, lousy turnout, but we had fun anyway. The venue was Fiercer Curry House at Solaris Dutamas. A high class establishment to eat nasi briyani. Judging from the interior, it looked more like a restaurant cum bar. Although my throat was killing me, I ordered the Dam Hyberabad (it's actually the gam type, where dough is used to seal the pot to keep the flavours in) set and munched on the papadums with mint sauce. Was quite hungry from my swim earlier (better swim more before my many swimming trunks reput! And still no guts to wear my white Aqux!). With just the tree of us, it was easy to talk. As usual, Khatijah has the most outrageous topics to talk about and usually saucy stories about men. With Jay's Indian food craving satisfied, we went to Mad About Coco for his chocolate craving instead (my first thought was that it was a coconut specialty shop lol). Never had a thing for hot chocolate (plus it's so heaty!). Even at Max Brenner, I just had two sips and that's it. Jay did all the ordering. I just asked for a latte. Didn't like the interior, the lights were too harsh. The waiter brought two things to the table-- a tiramisu and a lava cake. Both were beautifully destroyed by pouring hot chocolate over them. Can't help but ooh and ahh looking at the brown lava. Although I didn't get a gift for Khatijah, Jay passed me a belated Christmas prezzie! So from now on, please call me Leng Zai!

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Jaded Jeremy said...

Aqux swimming trunk? Ooooh that should be a treat. Bila boleh tengok? :P

William said...

See your luck lo :P