Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Drama Minggu Ini

Duck Kuay Teow Th'ng by williamnyk
Duck Kuay Teow Th'ng, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Noticed that mum was behaving a bit weirdly on Sunday morning. And while driving to church, I found out why. She cracked and and started venting her anger. From what I heard, she was angry at my sister for something she said, or more accurately, something she did not say. After weeks and weeks of taking of her grandkids day in and day out, my mother suddenly decided not to be taken for granted anymore. Ugh, the drama. Had to placate her to the best of my abilities. The Eucharist probably succeeded where I failed. Drove to Bandar Puteri Puchong to look for eats. Saw a shop with good business called Penang One so I guess it was a safe bet. It was actually a collection of 'famous' hawker fare from Penang and I just came back from Penang. LOL. Never mind. One can never have enough time and stomach capacity to try everything anyway. The food is supposedly imported fresh from Penang daily. Tried the assam laksa since I didn't have any in Penang, while mum ordered the duck kway teow th'ng. The former was a huge disappointment. The noodles and soup were a disaster. Too sweet and little garnish. The latter was on par. For dessert, shared a bowl of cendol. Taste-wise I give it good points, but unfortunately, I found frozen cendol in the bowl. Back at home, mum slept off whatever anger she had in her system while I watched porn movies in my room. Later, I brought KH out for coffee at My Character de Coffee and shared a very mild tiramisu. Just a whole lot of cream. Seeing him did help me relax a bit from the drama at home.


Blanc Tiramisu

In the evening, mum and I attended a wedding dinner at Parkroyal Hotel. Not straightforward to get to their multi-level car park, and not many bays were available. Sat at the far end, the furthest from the stage. Good thing was, we were just next to all the booze and drinks. Didn't even need to get out of my seat to get a glass of red wine. Was seated with the bride's neighbours. They all lived in the same posh neighbourhood. The topic for the night: their experiences being robbed at the end of a machete in their own homes. Seems like most of them had their homes broken into. Yikes. Didn't have high hopes for hotel food. Average la. Since it was late, I accompanied mum's friend to get her car after the banquet. She had parked at some dodgy place behind the hotel. Near a very nasty looking food court that primarily served the migrant worker community. Didn't see a single local. Felt like I was out of the country! And it was so dark there. Yet she seemed oblivious to any possible danger. Even found the time to blah-blah-blah about insurance to me. The rain saved me. I dashed across the puddles, back to hotel before it rained too heavily.

Celebrating Love


Twilight Man said...

Mothers have cranky swings at times like unpredictable weathers. LOL

Hey I swear that the best Penang Assam laksa in KL is that Ah Cheng's Laksa at Setia Walk or Giant's food court @ Shah Alam.

William said...

Hahaha. Does that apply to wives as well? Ah Cheng? That's a franchise right?