Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dah 2014 Lah Wei!

Rosary by williamnyk
Rosary, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: My blog has already caught up to 2014! Prise be to God!

Like on Christmas Eve, my big boss declared half day off for New Year's Eve. But then, I had already taken leave. Tak kisahlah, berlambak leave to clear (so 'inch' right?). Didn't do much at all. Just rested and went to church. Arrived early enough to participate in the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary before mass started. Sad to say that it has been some time since I used my rosary. Funny to note that the rosary was bought by SK's ex-boss during their holiday to Italy. They thought it was a suitable souvenir for a Protestant. LOL. Since the intended employee rejected it, I got a pretty rosary from Vatican City! Lots of chairs were arranged, but they weren't used. People still prefer to celebrate in a more hedonistic way (or less spiritual way) or not celebrate at all I guess. Thankfully, the priest didn't rehash his sermon from last year talking about the Roman god Janus. Got makan-makan after mass. By the time I got my food, the countdown ended and the fireworks started. Gave mum a peck on the cheek and went looking for a good vantage point. Some where with a good view and not close enough to end up with fireworks ashes in my food! Wasn't that enthusiastic about the night flowers. Ate my fried bihun, roti canai, cupcake, angku, chicken ham sandwich and drank my Vico. Surprisingly the fireworks were still going on. Either the fireworks was long or I just indiscriminately wolfed down the food. Haha. Not really a good way to start the year... a heavy supper. Hope its not the norm for 2014!!!


untold stories said...

How about posting hourly to clear the backlog?! so slow la

Anonymous said...

1.5 month delay wei...


William said...

@UntoldS: @VC:
LOL. You in a rush meh?

Jaded Jeremy said...

Praise the sun!