Sunday, February 16, 2014

Babysitting The New Year

How did I spend the first day of 2014? Babysitting of course. Brought them out for breakfast then subsequently to The Gardens Mall for some shopping. The Christmas decorations were still up, not yet overridden by the red lanterns of CNY. Decorations there had always been minimalistic, but I felt that they did quite nicely for 2013. Very British and woody, like straight out of someone's drawing room. Plenty of red roses, knick-knacks and a mounted deer head for good measure. Did some shopping. Bought a couple of working pants. Going to retire some of the regular fit slacks. Wearing slim fit would be a reminder to at least maintain my current measurements. Shockingly, I found a pack of DKNY boxer briefs in the changing room. Someone must have smuggled them in for a try. Masyallah. And mum found a red Radley handbag that she liked. Perfect for CNY. As usual, the kids were a challenge to herd around. They never fail to give me a heart attack, especially at the fragrance department. Big monster squeezed in between two shelves of perfume and my heart nearly stopped. Quickly ushered them out and sat them down in Pastis. The Pinoy waitresses immediately took a liking to cute Little Monster. From the menu, I picked out the dessert sampler with coffee and a blueberry cheese tart. Little Monster went cuckoo over the tiramisu and coffee. Think I created an addict. LOL.

Sneaking In

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