Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Have a Date with Furniture

Designer Coffee by williamnyk
Designer Coffee, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Mumsy and I went to the 8:45 am mass on Sunday cause she had some charity function to attend at Kuchai Lama. So by 10:30 am, I was already in the vicinity ready to pick KH up for some paktoh time. Drove all the way to The Strand cause KH bought some vouchers to Wood and Steel, a coffee house cum furniture gallery. I'm sure you're smart enough to guess that their furniture is all made of wood and steel. Done up quite nicely with all their best pieces in the cafe. Coffee wasn't bad and the food was OK too (served in flat metal plates as though you're a cowboy eating by the fire.. hmm Brokeback Mountain style). Spent most of my time admiring their furniture and camwhoring. Didn't know what to do after that, so we explored The Strand. Basically a dead place. The mall just opened though and I'm sure it'll die soon. KH actually bought a pot of Moth Orchids from one of the lone kiosks there (after much deliberation!). By that time, mum already gave me a call saying that she was done. Sent KH home and picked up my mother. Met SK after that to go mattress shopping at SML Furniture near Kinrara. Managed to get one queen-sized mattress plus wooden bed frame at MYR2000. Quite a good deal. The kampung fish supply was running low, so we went to Giant BK5 to hunt for salmon again. Also had our late lunch there, at an outlet called Old Klang Road Kopitiam. Some fried rice and nasi kerabu. Not bad at all. Back at home, I did more room tidying. I have so much rubbish! Cleared out my book shelf, so basically I only have my dresser left to deal with. Phew.


Wood & Steel

Out in the Farm

Monday, February 24, 2014


Sick :\ by Taylor+Stevens
Sick :\, swiped from Taylor+Stevens on Flickr.

Note: The kids and I are all sihat walafiat now

For the past few days, Big Monster had been complaining of stomach aches, headaches, flu and fever. His mother brought him to the pediatrician and they ran a few tests. He tested positive for Influenza A. The doctor put him on Tamiflu. First thing they did was to quarantine the kid to the second floor in order to protect Little Monster. That didn't quite work out cause just one day later, Little Monster starting burning up. In the end, Little Monster and his mum moved over to my place. The next morning, I picked SK up from the Nissan Service Centre and we all went to the kiddy specialist in Seri Petaling. Our queue number was 26, but the current number being served was 17. Not too bad. The nurse gave us 45 minutes to have breakfast. I had a bowl of pork noodles nearby. The whole clinic was swarming with kids and germs. Suspecting the same of Little Monster, the doctor performed the Influenza A test. It came back positive. Bundled him up and sent him back home after stopping to pack chicken rice. The kid seemed as energetic as ever. Symptoms were quite mild compared to his brother. On the other hand, I was still coughing my lungs out. Wonder if I actually have the same thing and passed it on to the kids!

SK and I went to have lunch at Restoran Leong Ya at Jalan Kenari. After we had ordered venison wat tan hor with rice wine (huge portion at MYR8), stir-fried vegetables and some YTF, the restaurant was suddenly bombarded by a huge group of people. They pulled up in 4 Hyundai Starex. Judging from the stickers on the vehicles and T-shirts, they were the promotional crew for Astro's CNY movie-- "Ah Beng: Mission Impossible". Recognized some of the MyFM DJs. One or two twinks were spotted in the group. After lunch, we went shopping for a spring mattress for SK's granny. Surprised to find that 95% of the tenants at One Puchong Furniture Centre had moved out. New plans for the place. Dropped SK at the Nissan Service Centre to collect her car. Nearby, the Bee Chiang Hiang 'warehouse sale' (I really don't wanna know what a bak kwa warehouse sale means) was ongoing. Kids were grilling pork outside with for giant fans blowing the fumes at the road. My car had a nice spritz of Eau de Porc. Before heading home, I stopped at Caring Pharmacy to get some supplies of face masks, hand disinfectant and disinfectant sprays. Definitely need to keep flu from spreading. I was in the mood for cleaning, so I started cleaning my room. Cleared all the useless men's magazines, cleaned the racks, etc. Still had the book shelf and dresser to settle but I left it for another day. Brought Little Monster out to dinner at Restoran Shun Ji. The place had been around for ages, can't believe that it's my first time there. Not bad, but I found the food quite salty. Summoned (hehehe) KH over to my place to yum cha at Restoran Rishadh. Had a couple of drinks and a Tandoori chicken with SK. It's fun even to meet for a short while. :).

Friday, February 21, 2014

First Wedding of the Year

Seasonal by williamnyk
Seasonal, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Sunday was the usual routine of church just that on that day, I drove towards Damansara rather than Puchong on the LDP. Decided to revisit Kura again after nearly a year. Don't really understand why they like to seat customers deep in the bowels of their restaurant. I told the waitress, I want more light and she nodded. I guess I should have specified sunlight! Seasonal items were the sanma, but the sashimi was sold out. Bah. Just shared a chirashi-don with mum, paired with some seasonal appetisers and seafood in apple cider vinegar. Quite a satisfying meal. Loved the dainty stuff. Went shopping after that. Planned to use my Tangs vouchers, but we didn't see anything that we liked. Didn't stay too long as we had another wedding banquet to attend at night. This time round at Tropicana Spring Garden (always drop off the old and infirm at the clubhouse before proceeding to the basement car park! Else you will have to climb more than ten flights of stairs!). Don't know how many times I had eaten there. Mum's distant relative marrying off his granddaughter. The groom was very eye-catching. More than 6' tall of doctor hunkiness. Good proportions. Doesn't look too lanky at all and he has meat in the right places. Blur-blur boyish face. Could definitely model if he didn't join the medical profession. And you guessed it, his wife is very short in comparison. Food was a little better that night, and they served sharks fin soup. Yummy. I DID finish the fins. :P. The first wedding dinner of 2014!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Friends from Arrival

Croque Madame by williamnyk
Croque Madame, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

ChatMate was back from a long three week visit to the United States and was transiting in KL for one day before flying back to Sarawak. The cheeky fellow arranged a meet-up on Saturday morning. At about 8:30 am, I picked him up and we went to Ficelle Boulangerie Pattiserie (always a mouthful) at Taman Desa. Much to my surprise, Nicky05 arrived at the venue earlier than me (finally broke his trend of tardiness)! And with a new guy in tow. Not his boyfriend he declared, just some guy he agreed to pick up from the airport. His name was Svan. Found a table quite easily. According to ChatMate, Nicky05 looked a bit fearful in my presence. Even regarding the choice of table, he wanted to make sure I would approve. Am I such a mangzang ogre? LOL. Truth be told, I shouldn't have brought ChatMate to eat a Western breakfast. Bet he preferred wantan noodles with thick slices of charsiew after weeks of angmoh food. Got him the breakfast platter with a latte while I had the croque madame (a croque monsieur with an egg on top lol). With food on the table, the interrogations introductions started. Turns out that just arrived from Shanghai and Nicky05 forced him to come along for the breakfast gathering. Svans was on his first trip to Shanghai to meet his boyfriend there. Judging from the sloppy smile and happy aura that he was emanating, it must have been full of mind-blowing sex. Good that Svans was a sporting guy that opens up quite easily to new people. Nicky05's a different story. Hehe. Always have to dig and dig and dig about his new love interests. Left at about 11:00 am. I brought ChatMate back to my sisters place so that he could play with the kids. Little Monster was afraid of him, but he seemed to be quite good at layan-ing Big Monster. Waited for SK to arrive before going out to lunch together at Restoran Lek Lek, Serdang. Bloody jammed with three lanes squeezing into one and with road works going on for good measure. Was a bit disappointed with the food. Only the escargot was heavenly, but boy, each was an MSG bomb! Thirsted till dinner time. Ate at Nasi Lemak Nana that night. Our first time there. Owned by a Chinese Muslim woman (interestingly shaved like Sinead o' Connor), it combines Malay with Chinese food. You get chu cheong fun and some dim sum together with your nasi lemak. Food was OK, but I found the lighting in the restaurant too harsh. Will try their other food next time.

P.S.: Thanks ChatMate for the American Eagle Outfitters underwear! And I can't believe that I can fit into an X-SMALL!!!

I Can Fit into XS!?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Babysitting The New Year

How did I spend the first day of 2014? Babysitting of course. Brought them out for breakfast then subsequently to The Gardens Mall for some shopping. The Christmas decorations were still up, not yet overridden by the red lanterns of CNY. Decorations there had always been minimalistic, but I felt that they did quite nicely for 2013. Very British and woody, like straight out of someone's drawing room. Plenty of red roses, knick-knacks and a mounted deer head for good measure. Did some shopping. Bought a couple of working pants. Going to retire some of the regular fit slacks. Wearing slim fit would be a reminder to at least maintain my current measurements. Shockingly, I found a pack of DKNY boxer briefs in the changing room. Someone must have smuggled them in for a try. Masyallah. And mum found a red Radley handbag that she liked. Perfect for CNY. As usual, the kids were a challenge to herd around. They never fail to give me a heart attack, especially at the fragrance department. Big monster squeezed in between two shelves of perfume and my heart nearly stopped. Quickly ushered them out and sat them down in Pastis. The Pinoy waitresses immediately took a liking to cute Little Monster. From the menu, I picked out the dessert sampler with coffee and a blueberry cheese tart. Little Monster went cuckoo over the tiramisu and coffee. Think I created an addict. LOL.

Sneaking In

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dah 2014 Lah Wei!

Rosary by williamnyk
Rosary, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: My blog has already caught up to 2014! Prise be to God!

Like on Christmas Eve, my big boss declared half day off for New Year's Eve. But then, I had already taken leave. Tak kisahlah, berlambak leave to clear (so 'inch' right?). Didn't do much at all. Just rested and went to church. Arrived early enough to participate in the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary before mass started. Sad to say that it has been some time since I used my rosary. Funny to note that the rosary was bought by SK's ex-boss during their holiday to Italy. They thought it was a suitable souvenir for a Protestant. LOL. Since the intended employee rejected it, I got a pretty rosary from Vatican City! Lots of chairs were arranged, but they weren't used. People still prefer to celebrate in a more hedonistic way (or less spiritual way) or not celebrate at all I guess. Thankfully, the priest didn't rehash his sermon from last year talking about the Roman god Janus. Got makan-makan after mass. By the time I got my food, the countdown ended and the fireworks started. Gave mum a peck on the cheek and went looking for a good vantage point. Some where with a good view and not close enough to end up with fireworks ashes in my food! Wasn't that enthusiastic about the night flowers. Ate my fried bihun, roti canai, cupcake, angku, chicken ham sandwich and drank my Vico. Surprisingly the fireworks were still going on. Either the fireworks was long or I just indiscriminately wolfed down the food. Haha. Not really a good way to start the year... a heavy supper. Hope its not the norm for 2014!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Drama Minggu Ini

Duck Kuay Teow Th'ng by williamnyk
Duck Kuay Teow Th'ng, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Noticed that mum was behaving a bit weirdly on Sunday morning. And while driving to church, I found out why. She cracked and and started venting her anger. From what I heard, she was angry at my sister for something she said, or more accurately, something she did not say. After weeks and weeks of taking of her grandkids day in and day out, my mother suddenly decided not to be taken for granted anymore. Ugh, the drama. Had to placate her to the best of my abilities. The Eucharist probably succeeded where I failed. Drove to Bandar Puteri Puchong to look for eats. Saw a shop with good business called Penang One so I guess it was a safe bet. It was actually a collection of 'famous' hawker fare from Penang and I just came back from Penang. LOL. Never mind. One can never have enough time and stomach capacity to try everything anyway. The food is supposedly imported fresh from Penang daily. Tried the assam laksa since I didn't have any in Penang, while mum ordered the duck kway teow th'ng. The former was a huge disappointment. The noodles and soup were a disaster. Too sweet and little garnish. The latter was on par. For dessert, shared a bowl of cendol. Taste-wise I give it good points, but unfortunately, I found frozen cendol in the bowl. Back at home, mum slept off whatever anger she had in her system while I watched porn movies in my room. Later, I brought KH out for coffee at My Character de Coffee and shared a very mild tiramisu. Just a whole lot of cream. Seeing him did help me relax a bit from the drama at home.


Blanc Tiramisu

In the evening, mum and I attended a wedding dinner at Parkroyal Hotel. Not straightforward to get to their multi-level car park, and not many bays were available. Sat at the far end, the furthest from the stage. Good thing was, we were just next to all the booze and drinks. Didn't even need to get out of my seat to get a glass of red wine. Was seated with the bride's neighbours. They all lived in the same posh neighbourhood. The topic for the night: their experiences being robbed at the end of a machete in their own homes. Seems like most of them had their homes broken into. Yikes. Didn't have high hopes for hotel food. Average la. Since it was late, I accompanied mum's friend to get her car after the banquet. She had parked at some dodgy place behind the hotel. Near a very nasty looking food court that primarily served the migrant worker community. Didn't see a single local. Felt like I was out of the country! And it was so dark there. Yet she seemed oblivious to any possible danger. Even found the time to blah-blah-blah about insurance to me. The rain saved me. I dashed across the puddles, back to hotel before it rained too heavily.

Celebrating Love

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Dual Celebrations

Madonna & Child by williamnyk
Madonna & Child, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Attended a wedding mass on Saturday afternoon at SFX. This followed a buffet dinner the night before at the bride's house. A fantastic spread with most of the major meats-- two types of chicken, lamb, prawn, calamari and fish. Back to the mass. The bride's family is Catholic but the husband ain't. So it was a short affair. And when it came Holy Communion, less than ten people came up. As usual, sis was working, so the kids were with mum and I. Big Monster was behaving horribly. He wouldn't keep his trap shut and was being a pain so I had to separate the kids. Dragged him to sit at the back pew so that the proceedings won't be disturbed. He truly tested my patience that day. They had a little tea party after mass with proper teacups and plates, and yet I found myself using the disposable stuff. LOL. That's what you do when eating with kids. Later that night, I joined an impromptu dinner with Jay and Khatijah. Jay arranged the last minute gathering for Khatijah's birthday. Bad timing, lousy turnout, but we had fun anyway. The venue was Fiercer Curry House at Solaris Dutamas. A high class establishment to eat nasi briyani. Judging from the interior, it looked more like a restaurant cum bar. Although my throat was killing me, I ordered the Dam Hyberabad (it's actually the gam type, where dough is used to seal the pot to keep the flavours in) set and munched on the papadums with mint sauce. Was quite hungry from my swim earlier (better swim more before my many swimming trunks reput! And still no guts to wear my white Aqux!). With just the tree of us, it was easy to talk. As usual, Khatijah has the most outrageous topics to talk about and usually saucy stories about men. With Jay's Indian food craving satisfied, we went to Mad About Coco for his chocolate craving instead (my first thought was that it was a coconut specialty shop lol). Never had a thing for hot chocolate (plus it's so heaty!). Even at Max Brenner, I just had two sips and that's it. Jay did all the ordering. I just asked for a latte. Didn't like the interior, the lights were too harsh. The waiter brought two things to the table-- a tiramisu and a lava cake. Both were beautifully destroyed by pouring hot chocolate over them. Can't help but ooh and ahh looking at the brown lava. Although I didn't get a gift for Khatijah, Jay passed me a belated Christmas prezzie! So from now on, please call me Leng Zai!

Chocolate Art

Afro Choc

Call Me Leng Chai

Friday, February 07, 2014

Ever Wondered Why Santa Doesn't Have Kids?

Ball Heaven by williamnyk
Ball Heaven, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Christmas was a major monster madness for me. Mum went to get her hair done at A-Saloon, IOI Mall, so the whole tribe went. The cold perm took nearly three hours, so I had the fun of babysitting. My sister suggested that I take them to Reka Zone, which I did. Cost MYR33 for two monsters. Actually monsters below the age of two do not need to pay, but I did not have the MyKID to prove it. And you have to wear socks inside, else they charge you a hand and a foot for it. So what do you get for your money? Just a padded playground really. The staff won't take care of your kids. They're just there to make sure that monstrous monsters don't tear the house down or get themselves killed. The main attraction of the whole place is balls. Lots and lots of balls. Plastic balls. Nerf balls. All sorts of colours. Pools of balls. They even have pneumatic machines that pump balls all over the place. If you like, you can even have a battle with nerf ball guns. I basically let Big Monster go play by his own. Most of my attention was on Little Monster. Had to guide him up and down the slides and see that he doesn't slip. Many of the parents inside looked indifferent to all the chaos that was going on. Like passed out alcoholics, they just sleep there while their kids rampage through the place. In the middle of the playroom, there was play house that Little Monster was attracted too. When I related it to his favourite "Three Little Piggies and the Big Bad Wolf" story, he got a bit freaked out. LOL. By the second hour, Little Monster started getting cranky, so I pulled him out of the fray and gave him a biscuit at the rest area. While on my lap, he just fell asleep. LOL. I moved into a more comfortable position and let him sleep for about half an hour. Found a cosy corner and flipped through an issue of Ujang. Craned my neck around for Big Monster once in a while. He was running around with a couple of girls jumping into the ball pool and going crazy in the balloon room. When mum was done, I collected the kids and we went for a late lunch at Papa John's. Not my first choice for food, but Big Monster likes it. At the end of the day, I felt so tired. One would think that a 'controlled' environment like Reka Zone would make things easier, but that ain't true at all. Babysitting should be as easy as feeding them vodka and letting them sleep the afternoon away! LOL.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Post-Penang Christmas Eve

MyStuff by williamnyk
MyStuff, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Woke up bright and early on Christmas Eve. KH offered to suck me off but I wouldn't let him make me cum. Was conserving my energy for the long drive home. I jacked him off instead. Hehe. Breakfast was arranged by SK's Penang colleague. Lets call her Sandra cause her demeanour and voice reminds me of Sandra Ng Kuan Yu so much. Hahaha. She picked us up and brought us to coffee shop by the name of Restoran KCC. Tried a little bit of everything-- paitee, ham bun, pork soup noodles, yam cake and white curry noodles. I loved the curry noodles the most. We then went to another row of stalls at an unknown roadside for otak-otak and bak kwa bun. Otak-otak in Penang is different from what I'm used to. In Kuantan, the fish meat is whole. In Muar, more like fish cakes. But in Penang, it has the consistency slightly harder than steamed egg. And it has a trademark daun kalau inside. The bak kwa bun is very soft and small. I could finish one in two bites. In KL, we pair the dried meat / floss with chilli sauce and cucumber slices, that stall uses pork gravy. So if you don't eat it immediately, it gets a little soggy.

Pork Noodles

Pai Tee

Breakfast Bun

Otak-Otak Penang

Yam Cake

White Curry Noodles


Finishing the last of our Penang food trip, we headed back to the hotel to pack and check out. I drove back and along the way we stopped at Tapah R & R for lunch. Just a simple meal of fried catfish with rice and a passable iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. Dropped KH and Apollo back at their homes and then rushed home for Christmas Eve mass. Spent an hour stuck in a massive traffic jam in front of Paradigm Mall. A traffic experiment gone wrong. Litrak had decided to block traffic coming from the flyover to turn into Kampung Chempaka thinking that traffic flow towards Damansara would be smoother like that. However, the underpass was also the location of two U-turns so it had turned into a a very ugly bottleneck. Missed the cantata because of that. Ish. When mass was over, we drove to SS2 for some food. Big Monster wanted pizza, but Marco's Pizza was already closed by then. Ended up at Nando's instead. Boy, business was good that night and the staff were obviously struggling. I practically took everything by myself-- the baby chair, the peri-peri sauce, the paper napkins, the plates, the cutlery. I wonder why I even paid for service. Continued on at Sweet Bean for dessert. Loved their black sesame tang yuan in ginger soup. As you can guess, I was very tired by the end of the day and the kids' unruly behaviour didn't help. But it was Christmas... so... a very Merry Christmas!

Bethlehem Babe

Monday, February 03, 2014

Penang II: Coffee on Coffee

Piccolo Latte by williamnyk
Piccolo Latte, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Note @ 2014|02|06 : Updated with more pics!

Nothing beats waking up to your BF next to you. The embrace. The kiss. The hard dick that greets your hand when shove it down his trunks. Needless to say, we finished the previous night's unfinished business there and then. All groggy from the sex, we went out looking for food. Pooh recommended that we try out Wheat Connection for its wonderful pastries, but it was closed till after Christmas. Crap. Went to a Restoran Golden Lake at Sungai Nibong instead for hawker fare. Think it was the wrong place, but we were to hungry to care. Simply ordered Penang Hokkien Mee (thumbs up), duck koay teow th'ng, egg and kaya toast and mixed pork soup. Next up was to get ur coffee fix at Coffee Elements (did you know that C8H10N402 is chemical structure of caffeine?) in All Seasons Place. The whole place is like IOI Boulevard, only dead-er (literally too cause I heard that its built on a Chinese cemetery and it is neighbours with another two other graveyards!). LOL. Wonder how they survive. The place looked a bit weird, more like a cupcake place with picnic benches. The walls were sketched and arty. Feeling a little Christmas-y, I ordered their toffee latte. And SK added on with an orange meringue cake. The coffee was quite good. Tried to arrange a meet up with Cutiepie, but she was tied up with family and her kid.


Lunch was with ZaiZai at Teo Chew Ming. His office was nearby, so it was easy to arrange. Their signature dishes were the mee sua kor (rice vermicelli in thick-ish gravy with fish slices, not exactly very special IMHO) and baby octopus (the crunchy octopus was practically tasteless without the dipping sauce). In addition to that, we tried the Teo Chew seafood porridge, golden mushrooms and sweet and sour oyster.

Seafood Porridge


The sun was blazing outside again, prompting us to seek refuge in an air-conditioned mall-- Gurney Paragon. The whole placed assimilated the former St. Joseph's Novitiate, preserving some of the old architecture while adding a shopping mall, eateries, residences and office towers.


Standing on Heritage

Colonial Cool

Didn't stay too long, so we went to our next destination, which was Straits Quay. It was another dead place with a flea market on a weekday. Yikes. The only reason we were there was for the Charlie Brown Cafe. Even then, we did dine-in. Apollo just wanted to buy merchandise! He did reveal later that their drinks and food suck. Oh well. Cam-whored a bit outside and went to a proper coffee place called Full of Beans that do hand-crafted specialty coffee. A peculiar note in their menu-- each customer needs to order at least one cup of coffee. Hmmmm... Went through their menu and all the names of the different brews went flying through my mind. Reminded me of my short craze playing LINE's "I Love Coffee" game. Finally decided on an Ethiopia Mocha for its low acidity and rich and winey taste. Each cup of coffee is prepared using a syphon coffee maker. Fun to see it prepared. Take a look at the video. It's like a lab experiment.

Syphon, Intelligentsia from The D4D on Vimeo.

Christmas Books

Peppermint Patty

Beside us in the cafe were a familly of five, consting of a mother, a daughter who was perpetually playing candy crush and three sons. We all felt the sons were playing for the other team. Some of us agreed that the eldest was gay (partly cause he stared the most at how KH caressed my thighs), but I found the middle son to be most suspicious with his fashion sense of drape-y clothes and he even tied the front of his cardigan like women do with long blouses. Apollo didn't join us for dinner that night as he had an appointment with his god-sis. Our plan was to eat at Hai Boey. I had actually eaten there before some years back. Some mixed reviews on Foursquare, blaming it for turning into a tourist trap. Drove through the kampung roads and reached the beach-side restaurant in under half an hour from the hotel. We were just in time to catch the fleeting sunset view. We went for the homemade steamed beancurd (good texture), pumpkin crab (the sauce was a tad too sweet by itself), Nyonya prawns in coconut (this is f*cking must have, I could eat two plates of white rice with the gravy!!!) and fried brinjal with fish meat (perfectly deep fried!). Back in the hotel, lepak-ed a while in SK's room then KH manhandled me to sleep earlier! He forbade me to fiddle with my smartphone (cause he wanted to fiddle with me I suspect). Basically hugged me tightly and didn't let me go (love to be spooned with his boner on my back :P). Slept at 10:00 pm that night! X_X.

Homestyle Tofu

Swing by the Sea

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Penang I: William on William

Old Dim Sum by williamnyk
Old Dim Sum, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Pooh and ZaiZai invited me to Penang roughly more than a couple of years ago. I had lost count how many times they asked me about it. But anyway, finally made it happen with KH, Apollo and SK. Road trip!!! Apollo drove SK's Almera as it was bigger compared to his new Attrage. He picked us up at 7:00 am and by 9:00 am we were having breakfast at Restoran New Paradise, Bercham. Seemed to be popular for their dim sum, noodles and bao. Unfortunately, most of the dim sum was sold out and we only managed to get some charsiew bao and loh mai kai. In my opinion, I've had better charsiew bao else where. Think the burnt the meat a little. The kau yuk bao was much better though. Since the place was only 1 km from my mum's recalcitrant tenant, I asked Apollo to drop me there to take a look. According the the neighbour, they had moved out, but still come back now and then to feed the cats the what not. From the looks of things, they still use the house as a store of sorts. Some things seem to have been moved away and some of the windows were open, unlike when they were living there. The place needs a good bombing out truthfully. No eye see. Continued our journey and by noon we were in Penang. Couldn't check in until 2:00 pm, so we went for a Peranakan lunch at Ivy's Kitchen. The restaurant is actually an old house but in terms of interior decoration, there was nothing to shout about. We went for their set which consisted of ju hu char, kapitan curry chicken (thumbs up), soya sauce chicken (thumbs down), asam prawns, stingray curry, fish maw soup (I liked this) and dessert of gandum and black glutinous rice, both of which were very thick. Overall the meal was quite satisfying.

Charsiew Bao

Ju Hu Char

Fish Maw Soup

Went for coffee fix after that at 55 Cafe, Coffee Atelier right in the heart of Georgetown (Lorong Stewart). The roads were so narrow with cars parked on both sides. More fantastic was the fact that it was two way! Thankfully, we managed to find parking. The whole row of shops was full of customers. When we finally sat down and ordered, our over-priced coffee only arrived forty minutes later. The only reason you might wanna go there is for the 3D coffee art. And you can only get it by ordering double shot at MYR15. Even if you have the money to pay, they might limit your order depending on the volume of customers. Anyway, we ordered two lattes with 3D coffee art. One was a pig and the other a cat. I preferred the former. Coffee-wise, nothing to shout about. Apollo found their iced latte too weak and KH's special Kim Guan coffee wasn't that special after at all at MYR8 per shot. Felt like melting in the middle of the Georgetown heat, so we went to B-Suites to check in. Showered and turned on the air conditioning where KH and I skanked and napped in the large room till evening. At about 6:00 pm (with a huge case of blue balls), we satisfied our cendol craving at the famous Jalan Penang stall. Parked near the Chowrasta Market and walked over. While enjoying the cooling bowl of cendol, we kept hearing the the Indian Muslims at the adjacent stall mentioning nasi kangkang. :S. I hope that's not their specialty.

Lorong Stewart

Chilling & Pigging

View from B

Went looking for the dinner venue after that. Zemien was back from New Zealand, so there a was big dinner bash at Aroy Chang Moo Kata in his honour. We were just the extras. LOL. There was a whole bunch of the people at the dinner that we didn't know. The only other familiar faces were Pooh, ZaiZai and Donchadh (whom I had not met since 2010). Also finally met Vegescott, Zemien's di. Many names were thrown around during dinner, but of course not all the names stuck. Can't help it when one is in such a big gathering and the seating at a long table didn't help to break the ice. Poor Zemien had to flutter around to make sure no parties were given the cold shoulder. Basically the table split into three groups depending on what one ate. One group wanted steamboat and grill, while SK and I opted for dishes. Another couple did ala carte individual for special food requirements. The food was super spicy and I had warned KH that we might be having cili padi sex later at that rate. LOL. Halfway through dinner, Pooh was telling us about his shoulder injury when this cutie DPC suddenly started a groping fest with Pooh's pecs. At the rate that they were going, I thought I was at Hooters.


For dessert, they brought us to China House, a very hipster joint. Unfortunately, their coffee machine broke down, so we just had to tea to go with their mediocre cakes. Although the place was very very long (we walked from the cafe, to the gallery, to the courtyard, to the bar), they couldn't find us a table. At last they holed us up in a private room called "14 Chairs". The place was very nicely done up, arty and fun. Perfect for cam-whoring. Left at about midnight and before getting into the car, we noticed the famous mural “Little Children on a Bicycle” by Ernest Zacharevic at Armenian Street. Had to take the customary picture. No sun. No queue. No crowd. Hehe. Nearby was also the "Skippy Comes to Penang" mural by Artists for Stray Animal. Back at the hotel, KH and I cleaned up and continued where we left off in the afternoon. We were all over each other, entangled and panting. Edged each other like crazy, we were both sticky from the sweat and pre-cum. And yet we didn't finish the job. It's amazing how we actually slept that night. LOL.



Midnight Ride