Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Machine Giveth

Diebold by zieak
Diebold, swiped from zieak on Flickr.

It was the the end of the month, so I dutifully walked into a local bank's self service branch to help my brother perform installment payment on his housing loan. Like usual, I would withdraw money from his Singapore account using the interlinked ATM card that he provided me. I used one of the newer machines-- the DIEBOLD instead of the SIEMENS NIXDORF. I withdrew the maximum MYR1000 and waited for the machine to finish its whirring and clunking. To my surprise, when the money came out of the slot, it was in a mess! Not in the expected neat stack of cash. Some notes faced the wrong direction and there were even stray notes that were folded. Practically had wrestle the stack of money out of the machine. Geez. Since the fire insurance was also due, I withdrew another MYR1000 with the same disorganized results. I pocketed that second stack of cash. Next, I walked over to the cash deposit machine and stuffed the two stacks of cash in. More whirring and clunking ensued. One the screen, it was displayed "RM2,100". Aik. And I thought my math was bad. Needless to say, I pressed "Yes" to confirm. Hahaha. Lets see how long they take to send a letter of demand to my brother.


Jonathan Tee said...

Haha... Don't worry they won't.... They will have the headache how to tally back the money....

Derek said...

Has he received the letter by now? ;-)

Bunny B said...

gosh, the bank will really suffer @_@

y don they test it out first -,-

i don mind a few extra cash.

William said...

They can trace it back for sure


Hardware failure. Haha.

Whizkid said...

Huat arrrr. No letter yet till now rite?

Twilight Man said...

What a shocking machine! Spit it.

William said...


It was having a bad day