Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Korban Demi Syarikat: The Sequel

Breakfast Balls by williamnyk
Breakfast Balls, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Work reared its ugly head again and I found myself in office on Friday midnight. Went home earlier at 3:00 pm to try to get some sleep. But the best I could manage was ninety minutes. Yawned and yawned while I was driving to the data centre. Go figure. The whole village was there to support the roll-out. The end-of-day process ended at about 1:30 am and they brought down the whole system after that. Sad to say that one of my deployment scripts had an authority problem and we had to use a workaround to make it work. By 3:00 am, all objects had been migrated and we decided to go to a mamak in Sungei Way while waiting for the start-of-day process at 4:30 am. Just had a cup of teh tarik and roti telur. Bitched about the current turmoil in the company and the shitty way that management does things. So sick of them playing the blame game (they have yet to blame their problems as an act of God though) even when its so obvious that their 'star product' is perfectly flawed. Luckily they are smart enough to 'buy over' the key people on the client's side, else we would all have been kicked out months ago. The system went online without a glitch. Transactions were posted successfully and we just monitored the system until it was completed. By 7:00 am, I was 'fishing' at the cubicle. The short power naps did help, but my eyes were super tired and dry. The new module went live at about 8:00 am and problems were already popping up. Missing parameters and unhandled scenarios. Not entirely our fault, but have to be solved anyhow. By 9:30 am, my big boss declared that we could go home for the weekend. What's done is done, and the next challenge would be on Monday when business commences.

Before going home, I went to see KH for a while. He had just finished his jog and he was sweet enough to accompany me for breakfast at Kuchai Lama. Hungrily finished a large bowl of fishball noodles. Passed him my iPhone 3GS as his Samsung Galaxy S3 was on the blink. It eats SIM cards it seems. By the time I reached home, it was already noon. Was too tired to shower. Just stripped to my undies and slept for about four hours. Got up and showered. Mum and kids turned up about that time. At 6:30 pm, we went out to dinner at Restoran Fei Wang. Fried some noodles and a plate of vegetables. At 9:00 pm, KH came over to pick me up. Ivan (KH's ex-colleague in Singapore) was in town, so we drove over to Radius International Hotel (THAT kind of place) to meet him (so unlike us to be at Bukit Bintang area on a weekend night). The last I met him was at Pepper Lunch in Singapore, some years ago. Brought him to Adique's latest creation in Jalan Mesui-- Feeka. Drank chamomile tea and shared a cherry pound cake. By 11:00 pm, I was already yawning profusely. We took our leave and when I got home, I kinda pengsan-d on my bed....


Derek said...

Yeah lo, haven't been in KL city centre on a Saturday night for ages ... probably since uni days

William said...

Uni days that time go there do what? ;D