Thursday, January 02, 2014

Dinner & Dessert (LRT Celebrities: Fitness Floyd)

Surfboard by williamnyk
Surfboard, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Late Friday evening, my client surprised me with a last minute program migration to production. Bah. And I was supposed to leave on time that day for my paktor session with KH. Since it was urgent (performance tweak for impending high volume transactions), I had no choice but to prepare the necessary documentation and approval. The celaka thing was, the bosses had already left work and I needed to get an endorsement via e-mail. Ended up calling the project manager, who was the most pening of the lot. Managed to settle everything by 7:30 pm. Luckily KH never lou gai. Very understanding BF. Hehe. Our dinner venue was Koryori Enoshima, formerly known as Ozeki Italian. Same boss. Same staff. Just different name, different interior, partially different menu. They basically stained the whole interior with white paint. Very woody. A surfboard features prominently on the wall. Too bad no Surf Surf Revolution waiters. One thing irked me though-- they had a light that switched on and off by itself, and it wasn't a smooth transition. Super irritating. And yeah, indoor smoking is allowed. :(. Looked at their menu long and hard. Didn't know what the heck to order. Basically a lot grilled stuff, skewered items, snacks, more like drinks accompaniments. Remembering a recommendation from Jacky, we ordered the curry pot nabe, grilled seafood salad and skewered cow tongue. Food was OK, but the curry pot reminded me of my childhood favourite-- Mamee Mee Lontong. Basically a pot of curry piled high with bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage, sliced beef and chicken. Went well with my pint of Asahi. That seemingly simple meal came up to over MYR100.

0.3l Asahi

Grilled Seafood Salad

Curry Nabe

On our way back home on the LRT, we were rewarded with this lovely dessert, LRT Celebrity Fitness Floyd:

My spy cam app was acting up so I had to try so many times to get a good shot. Still, I ain't satisfied with the results. But trust me, lovely chest and biceps. Huhu.


Tempus said...

chest was fine; biceps weren't convincing!

Anonymous said...

his body is just fine, no need to over-doing it lah. most gymmers, they over do it that they end up bigger than what they're supposed to be, that they look like hulk instead of a hottie.

Anonymous said...



Jaded Jeremy said...

Rm100?! Wahhh

William said...

Haha. You like 'em very big huh?

I agree with you


Got beer kot