Thursday, January 30, 2014


Add Some Colour by williamnyk
Add Some Colour, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: 冬 is more important than 年! LOL. But Happy Year of the Horse y'all!

Celebrated the Winter Solstice on Saturday with friends and family. SK had invited Apollo, Brian, Adam and Frankie-D over as they all did not go home to their respective home towns for reunion dinner. BIL's brother and sister also came. It was a huge cook out with mum and SK in the kitchen. In total, we had twelve dishes-- lotus root soup, arrow root with lean pork, steamed silver pomfret, soya sauce chicken with pacific clams, steamed pork ribs in ginger bean sauce, braised duck, tomato omelette, grilled chicken, bacon-enoki roll, tomato prawns, siew pakchoy with shiitake and mum's signature salad. For drinks, we had Moet & Chandon champagne and Wammsler sparking mead! Fantastic right? Amazingly, we found space for fruit rojak and of course tang yuan. This year, mum decided to use filling. We had home made sweet potato paste and chocolates! Who would have thought that chocolates actually go with tang yuan? Haha. Too bad KH couldn't join for the event. Would have loved to feed him some balls with filling. Maybe next year!

Winter Solstice Banquet 2013


Anonymous said...

GONG XI FA CAI Mr Cute Bottom!

got any cute chinese friend?

TZ said...


Ash Godiva said...

balls eh?i need chocolate balls nowXD

nicky05 said...

how many balls presented? hahaha

William said...

Thank you (am I a cute bottom, or is my bottom cute? :P)! Happy Lunar New Year to you too! Got geh... come see my catalogue! :P


Salty, chocolate balls.

Just 2 :P

Derek said...

Will join next year!