Friday, January 10, 2014

An Ear for Love

Leland and Frank by Tobyotter
Leland and Frank, swiped from Tobyotter on Flickr.

Ended up at the market on Saturday, so I had to reject Grat's invitation for breakfast at Kota Kemuning. For some reason, it was quite quiet that day. The crowds were missing. Whatever the case, it will pick up soon with CNY coming. Same old, same old at the market. The siew yuk seller had his radio on full blast and was belting out "The Great Pretender". The vegetable seller was telling an animated story about the theft of fifty ringgit notes from a fellow vendor. Tried the new restaurant at OUG-- Kopitan Penang. Large and air-conditioned, it had more staff than customers. People are averse to paying cafe prices at a wet market area perhaps. Bet they do better business at night. Selected their CKT, prawn noodles and kaya butter toast. All three were acceptable by cafe standards. Better than Old Town even. Had to babysit again as my sister had to help out at the factory. Thankfully she brought Big Monster along with her. Much easier to handle Little Monster by himself. During lunch, SK joined us. Didn't want to go far, just ate at Restoran Yoon Ping. Halfway through the meal of steamed chicken, choi keok, curry noodles and cendol, the poor kid fell asleep in his baby chair. Couldn't keep his eyes open. So cute.

In the afternoon, I arranged a conjugal visit for KH at BordelloSK(TM). KH's engine was already warmed up as his morning jog had his juices flowing. We went through our paces and when he was behind me, he got a little more aggressive. Nearly went nuts when he went for my ears. The warmth of his mouth on my relatively cold ear while he moved inside of me. Gosh. An amazing feeling. Snuggled after making love and we both fell asleep for a while. The funny thing was, he started telling me jokes after sex. LOL. The Chinese call them 'cold jokes'. Unfortunately, all that sex (or was it the jokes :P) made my flu worse. Popped a Piriton before dinner as I was having chain sneezes (why can't it be chain orgasms instead?). Mum had the mood to cook that night, so we didn't need to think of a place to eat. A hearty meal of stir-fried soya sauce chicken with shimeji mushrooms, jellyfish salad and vegetables. At 8:30 pm, we watched the Golden Chinese Melody Competition on Astro AEC. Better styling this time round, but some of the modelling shots were down right comical. Nothing beats listening to oldies while eating fruit rojak. Haha.


Anonymous said...

i wonder how tall is KH

Derek said...

Will lick your ears more hehe

William said...

A little taller than me.