Thursday, January 30, 2014


Add Some Colour by williamnyk
Add Some Colour, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: 冬 is more important than 年! LOL. But Happy Year of the Horse y'all!

Celebrated the Winter Solstice on Saturday with friends and family. SK had invited Apollo, Brian, Adam and Frankie-D over as they all did not go home to their respective home towns for reunion dinner. BIL's brother and sister also came. It was a huge cook out with mum and SK in the kitchen. In total, we had twelve dishes-- lotus root soup, arrow root with lean pork, steamed silver pomfret, soya sauce chicken with pacific clams, steamed pork ribs in ginger bean sauce, braised duck, tomato omelette, grilled chicken, bacon-enoki roll, tomato prawns, siew pakchoy with shiitake and mum's signature salad. For drinks, we had Moet & Chandon champagne and Wammsler sparking mead! Fantastic right? Amazingly, we found space for fruit rojak and of course tang yuan. This year, mum decided to use filling. We had home made sweet potato paste and chocolates! Who would have thought that chocolates actually go with tang yuan? Haha. Too bad KH couldn't join for the event. Would have loved to feed him some balls with filling. Maybe next year!

Winter Solstice Banquet 2013

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Suddenly Singapore II: Orchard Lights & Casino Lights

Christmas Cookies by williamnyk
Christmas Cookies, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On my second day in Singapore, I arranged a meet up with KH's wife in Singapore, Moonlight Piggy an ex-colleague of his. Met her over lunch at the food court attached to the Tanjung Pagar MRT station. She told me to look out for the giant Minion standing near the control booth. True enough, there she was in a superbly yellow dress (imperial yellow!) and came running over to give me a hug. That must have been some scene for the commuters. :D. Being the gracious host, she treated me to one of Singapore's favourite food, fish soup. Hot and soupy, definitely a crowd pleaser for the Chinese. She ordered for me, so I just sat and waited, no need to 'chop' our seats with tissues. LOL. She also gave me some chocolate cookies from Laurent Bernard Chocolatier and told me to share them with KH (on the other hand, I gave her a pair of Doraemon travel chopsticks :P). Wanted to end lunch with coffee, but crowds were crazy so we had to settle for tong sui. And halfway through our tong sui, the power actually went off.

After work, we loitered at the hotel lounge helping ourselves to some finger food and drinks. Went out to Orchard after that to look at the decorations. Not so impressive any more. Used to go ooh-ahhh when I was younger. Big and flashy, but lacking in details. My funny colleagues tried so hard to find the dodgy plaza where they saw a whole bunch of Pinoy prostitutes the last they were there. Finally found it-- Cuppage Plaza. Sex workers in short dresses and industrial strength make-up were standing around the higher floors. Seeing how some of my more 'desperate' colleagues were walking up and down the corridor and stealing glances, they actually took notice and waved at them. What a waste of time! Show me the Chinatown PRC gigolos instead!

An Orchard Christmas

Being our last night in Singapore, we went to Marina Bay Sands (my boss was itching for Baccarat). Alighted at Marina Bay MRT station and took the scenic route to MBS. Inside, finally say the whirlpool inverted fountain in action. The last I was there, it was still under construction. Really ugly actually, like a bad case of the runs. Wonder if it has some feng shui symbolism-- empty all your pockets in the casino! Saw my boss throw SGD1,000 on the table. His minimum bet was SGD100. I just loitered around, trying to avoid the ciggie smoke. Observed the gamblers. Some were so seasoned that they stood between tables, putting a bet here, taking their winnings there.. without losing a beat. Luck wasn't quite on my boss' side. No big winnings. He was looking for that elusive banker / player winning streak. Hadn't found it yet. And whenever the dealer refills its tray with chips, the players all leave, believing that the players' luck would end. And its fun seeing how the casino staff operate. Like what Ace Rothstein says in the movie "Casino":

"In Vegas, everybody's gotta watch everybody else. Since the players are looking to beat the casino, the dealers are watching the players. The box men are watching the dealers. The floor men are watching the box men. The pit bosses are watching the floor men. The shift bosses are watching the pit bosses. The casino manager is watching the shift bosses. I'm watching the casino manager. And the eye-in-the-sky is watching us all."

Into the Worm

Had enough of roulette, card tables, crap tables, dice tables and slot machines. Made a move at 11:00 pm and left my boss to continue his battle. Stopped by at a 24 hour McDonalds to have a Happy Meal. Our Pinoy colleague had earlier issued each of us a voucher for Christmas. That was my dinner. Nuggets, corn and Milo. The next morning, my boss looked al groggy but happy. He gambled till 1:30 am and left with and 600% winnings! I smell a free dinner.... :D

Inverted Fountain

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Suddenly Singapore I: Finding Friends

Tokio Marine by williamnyk
Tokio Marine, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
My bosses arranged a training session in Singapore out of the blue for some technical issue, so I was there for three days and two nights. At first, I was supposed to fly Silk, but due to a company policy forbidding employees to travel on the same flight, I had my ticket changed to Jetstar. Well, at least it flies from KLIA. Checked-in early so that I would have the chance to use the Plaza Premium Lounge (unlimited access with Alliance Bank Platinum). Good that I was there early cause by 8:00 am, there was a queue outside. My colleague was shocked when he saw the line. Not quite exclusive hor? LOL. Food was so-so, but at least the latte was satisfying. It was my first time visiting the Singapore office. Basically the seat of power is there. The KL office is just a proxy. We are the puppets while the puppet master pulls the strings from down South. The office was on Cecil Street, very close to the famous Amoy Food Court. On our first day there, we were lucky to have our visit coincide with a fire drill. Not wanting to climb down more than twenty storeys, we just went for a very early lunch. Too many choices, just went for the braised duck kuay teow. After lunch, we started the briefing and discussion. Time seemed to drag, but amazingly we covered most of the material by 3:00 pm. Left office to check-in to the hotel at about 5:00 pm. Quite a challenge to get a cab at that hour. It was raining and the cab drivers were picky. Took us some time to get to The Village Hotel Albert Court. Really should have took the bus instead. Didn't expect the hotel to be two rows of old double storey shop lots. But it was quite nice. Can call it a boutique hotel. Haha.

Kuay Teow de Canard

Bodyworlds Rudolph

I quickly showered and walked over to Potato Bill's condo. Luckily it was just a five minute walk from the hotel. Unfortunately, he and his potential squeeze ZR got caught in the rain. Waited for them to get out of their wet clothes (sounds skankier than it was) before braving the rain to get to Bugis+. Nic and POD were already waiting for us there. Based on past experience, I expected POD to be the cranky one, but surprisingly, it was Nic who was herding us to the nearest restaurant. LOL. The poor dear had a hard day at work and was hungry as heck. We ate at the ramen 'collective' upstairs-- the supposed Ramen Champion. A whole bunch of ramen shops concentrated into one area. Didn't know what to order. Simply decided on Memban Yamagishi Kazuo cause the name was long. LOL. The hot food did help Nic's mood a bit. Dessert at Marble Slab Creamery finally put a smile on his face. He was bugging me about moving to Singapore to help his flagging social life. He missed having KH around to arrange gatherings and movie nights! LOL. And it was interesting meeting ZR, a cute PRC boy. Told me that he wanted to visit Pontian just because it was called Pontian! LOL. Actually, it was to do with its name in Chinese. Didn't know that in Chinese, the town was actually called "Dumb". Nic and POD left first, Potato Bill, ZR and I loitered a little longer.

Special Ramen

Stir-Fried Ice Cream

By 10:00 pm, I was already a little wasted. And can you believe that I had a second appointment for the night? Waited for Kidz at Potato Bill's condo. He only got off work at 11:00 pm and as luck would have it, Potato Bill's condo was right in his bus route home. Fantastic coincidences. While waiting, Potato gave me the grand tour of his place. Very cozy with plenty of picture of friends. Was glad to find that my face appeared thrice on his photo shelf. LOL. That must mean something. He also showed me the guest room reserved for visiting friends. He assured me that the pinhole cameras were well-placed and would capture the best angles for when KH and I bonk on the bed in the future. Talked with Potato about relationships and his future plans. Heavy things were on his mind and I hope that he would find some stability soon in those areas. Met Kidz in front of my hotel. He brought me to a soya bean shop just a stone's throw away. Seems popular for the kupu-kupu malam. An alternative for kids who don't hang out a 24 hour McDonalds. The hot soya bean drink was standard, but I didn't care for the friend cruellers. Let Kidz have all of them. As Kidz said, its said that Malaysians who have been to Singapore too long seem to lower their standards on the taste of certain foods. Haha. By 12:30 am, I bid him goodbye and crept into my room. It's been a long day and I have work the next day!!!

Merry Christmas

P.S.: A Christmas present from Potato-- An Alphagear microfiber low front bikini in S size! Perfect for popping out your mushroom head!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Twice A Year Disaster

Rings of Calamari by williamnyk
Rings of Calamari, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Sunday was a working day for me. My client wanted to test their disaster recovery readiness (BNM requires at least two exercises a year), so they switched their host system to their DR box. I didn't take the early shift as I needed to go to church. Good for me as everything that could go wrong would be at the onset anyway. LOL. By the time I went in at 12:00 pm, all the problems had been ironed out. Hehe. Thought that lunch would be provided, but I was so wrong. At 2:00 pm, I beh tahan jor, so I went for lunch with a couple of colleagues at the nearby mamak. Mee goreng mamak + ayam goreng. Hehe. That kept me full till dinner time. Did the final checkpoints at 6:30 pm before handing the baton to my boss. Drove home and waited for SK to bring me to dinner. Chose to try Drunken Cat Restaurant at Kuchai Lama. Heard that they were quite famous at Peel Road. Not a lonely affair as we were joined by KH, KT and Lifebook. Most of the stuff on the menu was seafood. And not very fresh seafood at that. To start things off, we ordered mini pot sharks fin soup (B1F1 promotion). I knew that KH would be annoyed at me for ordering that. Huhu. Definitely fake. Didn't like the battered calamari with it sickly-vanilla-sweet batter. The superior soup prawns weren't impressive either. The clams were a bit different in a spicy, tomato-based sauce.


Walked over to K3K Benta Kaya after that to get down to business. Lifebook had somehow found out that KT's boyfriend broke up with her. The reason he gave was that he didn't see himself as someone who could give her happiness. Definitely some insecurity issues and it would look better if he cut her off rather than the other way round. But the guy really had lousy timing in dropping the bomb (is there ever a right time?), but luckily KT was quite unfazed by it. She too needs to settle what she wants from life and relationships. Although I'm her gor, I don't nag her about these things. I let her figure them out by herself. If wanna comment also, just say it once lo. I know that she keeps quiet about a lot of things, but she will tell if she chooses to. I no eye see de. Pretend dunno. LOL. First time ever, we pried into her sex life and the finding were unexpected. LOL. Everyone has a different take on sex. Some are hot, some are cold. Some like vanilla, some like hot and spicy. And of course there are the in-betweens. Whatever works for you and your partner.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas @ Regia 2013

Breakfast Noodles by williamnyk
Breakfast Noodles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Come Saturday, I settled my extended warranty with Nissan in just under thirty minutes. Went home after that to have breakfast with the kids. Had a hankering for Restoran Yong Seng's pork ball noodles. Accompanied SK to the ENT after that. Wanted to drag Big Monster along (separating the brothers create less headache for my mum), but he refused to budge from the TV. Her specialist had a posh clinic in Bangsar South. A jovial character. Went in to see how he pushed the scope into her nasal cavity. Yikes. And I was there to help SK answer the doctor on the meds that she was on and side effects that she had in response to some others.Gosh, like I was the hubby. For lunch, SK suggested Ficelle Pattiserie Boulangerie at Taman Desa. Hidden at a corner, near Watsons. Never noticed the place. Bad service and hot surroundings, but I was impressed with the price and food quality. Recommended items are the semi-spicy mixed vegetable aglio olio (better than decent portion with calamari, prawns and bell peppers at MYR12.50), mushroom soup (at MYR6.50, it's very creamy and chock-full of fresh mushrooms) and a cafe latte (tall and piping hot at MYR7.50). At the other table, SK was having her appetite enhanced watching a woman fret over her boyfriend like he was a 5 year old kid. She would brush the bangs out of his eyes, wipe his mouth, touch his face... Romantis banget. Went home to rest for a while and freshened up for that night's party. For the second time, Janvier and The Chief invited us to Regia (their mahligai in Setia Alam) for their Christmas party. Before going to the party, I helped settle KH's blue balls from Thursday. XD.

Ficelle Aglio Olio

The turnout wasn't as good as their maiden party, but fifteen pax is a good number. The concept was potluck with gift exchange so everyone came with food and gifts. The BFF were represented by SK, KH, JJ, Bunny, DanielH and I. The rest of the guests were Janvier's TTDI-ans. Regia was all dolled up with a wreath at the door, a power-up-ed Christmas tree, a red throw on the couch, red and white table settings and Christmas stockings hanging from the bannister. Unlike last year, Janvier's MIL didn't cook up a big pot of curry chicken, but we were satisfied with the roast turkey, mince meat pies, Subway sandwiches, teriyaki roast chicken, two varieties of salad, red bean soup and Yule log. This year, entertainment came in the form of an Ice Age Christmas and some party games on the iPad. The Temple Run 2 tournaments and King of Opera brought out the competitive edge in us. Fortunately there was no brawling in the living room. At the end, we had the gift exchange. I got a box of wooden pick-up sticks. The lack of knobs at the end and the uneven sticks gave it a different kind of challenge. Played with DanielH and SK. Shaky hands did not stop me from winning that that unofficial tournament and I got a prize for it (after shamelessly asking for one from the hosts). LOL. Nice to catch up with the gang over cups of Kickapoo, red wine and Carlsberg. Didn't stay too late as it was a long drive home and there was early mass to attend the next day.

Christmas Gifts

King of Opera

Pick Me Up

Monday, January 20, 2014

Vision of You

Power to your Eyes by williamnyk
Power to your Eyes, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Took leave on Thursday to settle some chores. Bright and early, I went over to the Nissan Service Centre at Puchong Jaya to purchase an extended warranty for my Almera. Unfortunately, I didn't get that done because I didn't drive my car there for inspection. Since the pricing is based on mileage, they need to take a look at the odometer before proceeding. Ish. Boh pien. Drove over to SS2 after that to meet Apollo. Been meaning to get my eyes checked and make an extra pair of spectacles before his shop closes down. Much better to get a good night's sleep and rest one's eyes before checking the power to avoid inaccuracies. Been noticing some blurriness and sensitivity to light, especially when driving at night. Wouldn't be surprised if there was an increase in power. Too much fiddling with my phone perhaps (or watched too much porn in the dark). Anyway, when I arrived at Petaling Jaya, Apollo was still having breakfast at Wong Kok, so I walked over to join him. He was with a friend, Denny. Ordered the breakfast set, but I just drank the yin yong. I let them have the mayo-smothered sandwich. Got around to checking my eyes around 11:00 am. To my surprise, Apollo declared that my power did not change. Most probably just tired eyes. No disappointment. Definitely good news. Decided to make a new pair anyway as my old pair was quite old. Can keep it as a spare anyway. Chit-chatted with Apollo about his new car, future plans and other trivial stuff while waiting for KH to arrive. He took half day leave to accompany me. So sweet of him right? When we arrived at Taman Bahagia LRT, we saw him being cornered by two young girls. Turns out they asked him to participate in a 'theological survey' and we caught him just in time before he gave out his contact details. Obviously it was an evangelical thing disguised as a survey. Kinda like how some insurance agents do things. Nobody converts him before I do! Hmph.

Lunch was at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant at Paradigm Mall. Tried another two new dishes-- aromatic crispy duck (a bit too dry) and boxing chicken. Was also intrigued by one of their appetisers that was made with orange juice and sliced wintermelon. Refreshing and crispy. Back at Apollo's shop, it was KH's turn to check his eyes. This time round, he went for rimless. Scrapped the idea of coffee. Went to BordelloSK instead for KH to have his way with me. He lasted longer than usual that day. Moaned till I had no more energy. Must be from the pent up horniness (had lunch with him the day before and halfway through the meal, he exclaimed that he was horny!). He told me that he delayed his orgasm and by doing so, he ended up not cumming at all. -_-. Do you get that kind of mental block? If you delay going poo-poo, you end up not poo-ing at all? You delay going to sleep and you suddenly find yourself with insomnia? Sent him home with big case of blue balls... LOL.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hot Air Christmas

Balloon Paradise by williamnyk
Balloon Paradise, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

The kids followed us to church again. It was a little easier this time round because Little Monster slept through the whole mass. And mum just gave Big Monster some junk food to settle him down. It also helps to have another pair of hands. SK was also there. She overslept (she wasn't feeling well) and missed her super early morning mass. Decided against Paradigm Mall that day. Went the other direction instead to One Utama. Our first choice for lunch was Pu Tien. Unfortunately there was a queue out front. Tried Soup Restaurant a few down doors down. I had tried their food in Singapore. It was POD's birthday dinner and I remember quite well that we ate in the dark because there was no power supply. Looked through their menu and seriously I was quite shocked by the prices. Simple dishes were double the price. Ugh. Took a gamble and prayed that the portion would be decent. Their signature item was the Samsui Chicken, so we ordered that. MYR40 for half a chicken. Expensive, but worth it. Completely deboned and comes with a wondrous ginger dipping sauce. Kinda think it's better than Kong Sai as it's not Ajinomoto-laden. Also tried their claypot tofu. When the bowl arrived, we were quite shocked to find only a few pieces in it. MYR12.90! Not even enough for one person. Gosh. Baik order kangkung. Next was their soup. MYR9.90 with nothing much inside. Their pricing is obviously geared at getting you to get the large pot which was the next size up at MYR24.90. Pengz. Not very satisfactory...

Samsui Chicken

Mini Beancurd

Went jalan-jalan after that. The kids were crashing around. Ugh. So uncontrollable. Had to carry the little one most of the time to get him out of trouble. Perfect work out for my arms. As much as I want to be the serene and likeable uncle, I must admit that something snaps in my head at times and I roar at them. Only that will bring them out of their hedonistic revelry back to reality. But truth be told, just for a second. Needed a breather, so we stopped at EspressoLab for lattes and cakes. Sat Little Monster on my lap and fired up the Storytime app on my phone for his favourite story-- "The Three Little Pigs" (I prefer the BBC adult version). We watched it at least five times while we were there. Gave me enough peace to sip my coffee and nibble on chocolate banana cake. Actually the main reason we were at One Utama was for Big Monster to look at the hot air balloon decorations. He's kind of a hot air balloon fanatic. It kept him occupied for a while. Some anti-sharksfin thing (Finish The Fins?) was going on and several kids in shark costumes came over to hug Little Monster. Scared the hell outta him. Got out of the mall at 5:00 pm. Quite close to dinner time so we went home and tapau-ed some food at Tai Kar Lok-- pork ball noodles, fried bihun, claypot chicken rice and wantan noodles.

Banana Choc Cake

Finish the Fins

After dinner, I sent SK to Legend Hi-Fi to pick up some spare parts. Since we were in the vicinity, picked up KH as well to a yumcha session at Food Talk, Kuchai Lama. Not a bad place for drinks, but the have a horrible indoor smoking policy. Ugh. But I didn't really notice as my nose was blocked from the sniffles (must be from my 7:00 am jack off session) and by the fact that KH was playfully groping me underneath the table. Shared a cup of "Hot First Love", a supposed bestseller. Just a cup of honey lemon plus chrysanthemum tea actually. Goodness. Didn't stay long as my nose felt like dropping off any time. Washed the smoke off my hair and body, took a Piriton and passed out on my bed.

WTM Again

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Korban Demi Syarikat: The Sequel

Breakfast Balls by williamnyk
Breakfast Balls, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Work reared its ugly head again and I found myself in office on Friday midnight. Went home earlier at 3:00 pm to try to get some sleep. But the best I could manage was ninety minutes. Yawned and yawned while I was driving to the data centre. Go figure. The whole village was there to support the roll-out. The end-of-day process ended at about 1:30 am and they brought down the whole system after that. Sad to say that one of my deployment scripts had an authority problem and we had to use a workaround to make it work. By 3:00 am, all objects had been migrated and we decided to go to a mamak in Sungei Way while waiting for the start-of-day process at 4:30 am. Just had a cup of teh tarik and roti telur. Bitched about the current turmoil in the company and the shitty way that management does things. So sick of them playing the blame game (they have yet to blame their problems as an act of God though) even when its so obvious that their 'star product' is perfectly flawed. Luckily they are smart enough to 'buy over' the key people on the client's side, else we would all have been kicked out months ago. The system went online without a glitch. Transactions were posted successfully and we just monitored the system until it was completed. By 7:00 am, I was 'fishing' at the cubicle. The short power naps did help, but my eyes were super tired and dry. The new module went live at about 8:00 am and problems were already popping up. Missing parameters and unhandled scenarios. Not entirely our fault, but have to be solved anyhow. By 9:30 am, my big boss declared that we could go home for the weekend. What's done is done, and the next challenge would be on Monday when business commences.

Before going home, I went to see KH for a while. He had just finished his jog and he was sweet enough to accompany me for breakfast at Kuchai Lama. Hungrily finished a large bowl of fishball noodles. Passed him my iPhone 3GS as his Samsung Galaxy S3 was on the blink. It eats SIM cards it seems. By the time I reached home, it was already noon. Was too tired to shower. Just stripped to my undies and slept for about four hours. Got up and showered. Mum and kids turned up about that time. At 6:30 pm, we went out to dinner at Restoran Fei Wang. Fried some noodles and a plate of vegetables. At 9:00 pm, KH came over to pick me up. Ivan (KH's ex-colleague in Singapore) was in town, so we drove over to Radius International Hotel (THAT kind of place) to meet him (so unlike us to be at Bukit Bintang area on a weekend night). The last I met him was at Pepper Lunch in Singapore, some years ago. Brought him to Adique's latest creation in Jalan Mesui-- Feeka. Drank chamomile tea and shared a cherry pound cake. By 11:00 pm, I was already yawning profusely. We took our leave and when I got home, I kinda pengsan-d on my bed....

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday with Little Monster (Cafe Celebrities: Sailor Shin)

Goku Raku Ramen by williamnyk
Goku Raku Ramen, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
My sister had to OT again on Sunday, so she offloaded Little Monster on mum and I. Thankfully, she took Big Monster along with her to work. Without his mum around, Little Monster tends to be mellower and less manja. He was quite well-behaved at church. Just the usual ass-can't-sit-on-the-pew syndrome. Brought him to Coffee Sprex after mass. When the barista saw me, she immediately signed an 'L' and I just nodded. The usual. Haha. Met the co-owner of the establishment. She explained to me that she ran a programme of eighteen months to train the deaf and mute to run the business. Her first project was at Damansara Perdana for Cafe Aloha. She took a liking to Little Monster and gave an accurate assessment of his age and character. Gave him a butter cookie, but he was too shy to eat it. To make life easier, lunch was at Paradigm Mall again. This time round we went straight up to the top-most floor for Goku Raku Ramen. Truth be told, their Tokyo Ultimate wasn't that good. Can't really smell the chicken broth. Can't beat Kyo-Ei at Pavillion. Shared a large bowl and added on a portion of ebi gyoza (came with a super salty dipping powder). We sat near the door, so Little Monster had a great time trying to peel off all the stickers from the glass wall. XD. The kid was quite gung-ho that day. Didn't even sleep a bit in church. Normally he would have a short nap at noon. At 3:00 pm, he was getting a bit cranky so I carried him. In my arms, the little tyke started collapsing to the side. Kenot tahan jor, fell asleep. Haha. Really took a toll on my arms, lugging that heavier than a 10 kg bag of rice around! By the time we reached home, the fella woke up.

Sacher Torte

Dinner was with KH. The initial plan was to join him for lunch and meet up with Moonlight Piggy who was in town for a day trip. Unfortunately I had to scrap that plan since my sister had to work. Felt like having Korean, so we went to Taman Desa. Mana tahu, Restoran Seoul Korea was not open! Ish. Walked over to Da Jang Geum, but the lack of customers scared us off. Finally decided on Ke Kho that supposedly serves authentic Szechuan dishes (if we walked some more, KH might have killed me because he was hobbling due to a swollen toe!). A whole bunch of China dolls from the nearby massage joints were in there, so I guess there's some truth to it. To be on the safe side, we ordered the signature dishes-- braised pork rib noodles (love the soup), Tu Dou Bing (a very nice potato pancake) and Ma Po Tofu. Poor KH was all exhausted from the day's activities and yet he wanted to meet me. Hehe. Bet he wanted to rest his head on my shoulder. Post-dinner, we walked over to Free Mori for a Sacher Torte. The bakery was quite dead with two secondary school boys in sailor uniforms manning the store. Definitely a premise for Japanese rape porn. LOL. By nine, I dropped KH back home to rest. Back home, made some paper ribbons for Christmas, following instructions from a FB video. The girl had fake smile and an even faker squeaky voice. Should get Legolas the Gift-Wrapping Elf on Crystal Meth to help me...

Recycled Ribbon

Last minute addition-- Celebrity Sailor Shin!

Friday, January 10, 2014

An Ear for Love

Leland and Frank by Tobyotter
Leland and Frank, swiped from Tobyotter on Flickr.

Ended up at the market on Saturday, so I had to reject Grat's invitation for breakfast at Kota Kemuning. For some reason, it was quite quiet that day. The crowds were missing. Whatever the case, it will pick up soon with CNY coming. Same old, same old at the market. The siew yuk seller had his radio on full blast and was belting out "The Great Pretender". The vegetable seller was telling an animated story about the theft of fifty ringgit notes from a fellow vendor. Tried the new restaurant at OUG-- Kopitan Penang. Large and air-conditioned, it had more staff than customers. People are averse to paying cafe prices at a wet market area perhaps. Bet they do better business at night. Selected their CKT, prawn noodles and kaya butter toast. All three were acceptable by cafe standards. Better than Old Town even. Had to babysit again as my sister had to help out at the factory. Thankfully she brought Big Monster along with her. Much easier to handle Little Monster by himself. During lunch, SK joined us. Didn't want to go far, just ate at Restoran Yoon Ping. Halfway through the meal of steamed chicken, choi keok, curry noodles and cendol, the poor kid fell asleep in his baby chair. Couldn't keep his eyes open. So cute.

In the afternoon, I arranged a conjugal visit for KH at BordelloSK(TM). KH's engine was already warmed up as his morning jog had his juices flowing. We went through our paces and when he was behind me, he got a little more aggressive. Nearly went nuts when he went for my ears. The warmth of his mouth on my relatively cold ear while he moved inside of me. Gosh. An amazing feeling. Snuggled after making love and we both fell asleep for a while. The funny thing was, he started telling me jokes after sex. LOL. The Chinese call them 'cold jokes'. Unfortunately, all that sex (or was it the jokes :P) made my flu worse. Popped a Piriton before dinner as I was having chain sneezes (why can't it be chain orgasms instead?). Mum had the mood to cook that night, so we didn't need to think of a place to eat. A hearty meal of stir-fried soya sauce chicken with shimeji mushrooms, jellyfish salad and vegetables. At 8:30 pm, we watched the Golden Chinese Melody Competition on Astro AEC. Better styling this time round, but some of the modelling shots were down right comical. Nothing beats listening to oldies while eating fruit rojak. Haha.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Machine Giveth

Diebold by zieak
Diebold, swiped from zieak on Flickr.

It was the the end of the month, so I dutifully walked into a local bank's self service branch to help my brother perform installment payment on his housing loan. Like usual, I would withdraw money from his Singapore account using the interlinked ATM card that he provided me. I used one of the newer machines-- the DIEBOLD instead of the SIEMENS NIXDORF. I withdrew the maximum MYR1000 and waited for the machine to finish its whirring and clunking. To my surprise, when the money came out of the slot, it was in a mess! Not in the expected neat stack of cash. Some notes faced the wrong direction and there were even stray notes that were folded. Practically had wrestle the stack of money out of the machine. Geez. Since the fire insurance was also due, I withdrew another MYR1000 with the same disorganized results. I pocketed that second stack of cash. Next, I walked over to the cash deposit machine and stuffed the two stacks of cash in. More whirring and clunking ensued. One the screen, it was displayed "RM2,100". Aik. And I thought my math was bad. Needless to say, I pressed "Yes" to confirm. Hahaha. Lets see how long they take to send a letter of demand to my brother.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Follow Up to Melaka

Go, Be MyWitnesses by williamnyk
Go, Be MyWitnesses, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

As a follow up to the previous day's migration exercise into the production environment, I went into my client's data centre at 4:30 am on Saturday to ensure that the previous day's migration didn't screw things up. Well, it didn't, so this post will be on a pleasant note. :D. Left about an hour later. Felt terribly hungry so stopped at Restoran Rishadh for a tosai garing and teh tarik. Didn't sleep when I got home as I was supposed to leave for a day trip to Melaka at 7:30 am. The whole thing was organized by my BEC as part of our yearly activities cum pilgrimage. Met up at Seri Petaling where the bus was already waiting for us. Been ages since I took a bus and that old school bus was quite rickety. Hin. Handled the registration while the bus was moving, going from seat to seat getting names and NRIC numbers. Felt like a steward training for turbulence. For MYR25 per pax, we also got two bottles of mineral water and some snacky buns. During the journey, we sang some hymns and played some games. Felt like a short trip.

St. Therese of Lisieux

Arrived at the Church of St. Theresa (St. Therese of Lisieux) some time after 10:00 am. Since it was an official visit, a whole bunch of people were there to welcome us. At first, we went looking around the church compound. So ngam a pair of newly-weds were having their wedding photos taken. Later they invited us out to a big gathering outside the church. The chairs were arranged in such a way that it looked like a giant musical chairs session. Some ice-breaking and information exchange about the BEC formation at their church and mine. Interestingly, the Church of St. Theresa is the mother church to eight chapels and their BEC groups go by chapels. Every week they would come to church to have their gatherings. The parish priest also explained the history of the church. Turns out that the Church of St. Theresa is predominantly for the Chinese-speaking and he pointed out the oriental influence in the church's architecture. Interestingly, there are eighteen crosses high on the walls. Nine on each side. And each cross is upon a circle, where the intersection of the cross is a square in the middle of that circle. Does that sound like an ancient Chinese coin to you? Haha. Had a bit of fellowship with nyonya kueh and cakes. Crazy combinations of glutinous rice, black eyed peas, grated coconut, sago and blue colouring. The Mustard Seed Society also recently introduced a pilgrimage passport, so some were busy getting their passports stamped. Very Taiwanese. Then we did a prayer session and quiet reflection before leaving for lunch.

Nyonya Kuih

The restaurant was quite close to the church. Apparently one of the regular haunts of parishioners there. The place was called Zong Hua Sharksfin Restaurant , but alas, we had no sharksfin soup that afternoon. The food wasn't good. The steamed tilapia tasted VERY earthy and the lemon chicken tasted, well not quite lemon-y. Next up was Malim Hill, the site of the Chapel of Santa Cruz, in between the Hainanese Chinese Cemetery and an old rubber estate. The chapel was built some time in 1880 and attracts thousands of devotees each year during the Feast of the Holy Cross (2nd Sunday of September). Didn't stay there for long as it was mostly locked up. What's a visit to Melaka without stopping at Jonker Walk right? Spent ninety minutes there, but I wasn't very keen to walk around there in high noon. Just bought a box of pineapple tarts for KH (he doesn't eat the roll type) and skedaddled into the closest cafe for some Illy. The latte at Bistro Year 1673 came looking like three layer tea. Gave me the necessary kick. And best of all, they gave us complimentary fruit cake. Due to the Christmas season perhaps. On our way back to KL, we stopped at Krubong to visit the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe which actually used to be one of the chapels under the Church of St. Theresa.

Our Lady of Grace


In the compound of the church is actually the ruins of an old Portugese Catholic church that had been forgotten and fallen into obscurity during the Dutch occupation. Only some laterite stones and bricks are left standing after some four hundred years. Outside the church were large marble slabs hewn with scenes from the Via Dolorosa. Different from other churches, the scenes featured Our Lady of Guadalupe. Although they were busy with a huge healing session, the parishioners from OLOG still managed to spare some time to attend to us. Similarly, we looked around, cam-whored and did our prayer session before proceeding to head back to KL. Managed to sleep on the way back to KL. My 3:30 am wake up call was starting to take its toll. Ate dinner at Sri Petaling before going home for a much needed bath. Knowing that KH would be missing me, I went out at 9:00 pm to yumcha with him at Station One. He was quite horny judging from the way his hands were trying to sneak into my shorts. The benefits of exercise, gets the blood flowing to the right places (he swam in the evening). Although I was so tired that night, I still found the energy to coax my swimmers out for a pilgrimage. LOL.


The Deposition

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Dinner & Dessert (LRT Celebrities: Fitness Floyd)

Surfboard by williamnyk
Surfboard, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Late Friday evening, my client surprised me with a last minute program migration to production. Bah. And I was supposed to leave on time that day for my paktor session with KH. Since it was urgent (performance tweak for impending high volume transactions), I had no choice but to prepare the necessary documentation and approval. The celaka thing was, the bosses had already left work and I needed to get an endorsement via e-mail. Ended up calling the project manager, who was the most pening of the lot. Managed to settle everything by 7:30 pm. Luckily KH never lou gai. Very understanding BF. Hehe. Our dinner venue was Koryori Enoshima, formerly known as Ozeki Italian. Same boss. Same staff. Just different name, different interior, partially different menu. They basically stained the whole interior with white paint. Very woody. A surfboard features prominently on the wall. Too bad no Surf Surf Revolution waiters. One thing irked me though-- they had a light that switched on and off by itself, and it wasn't a smooth transition. Super irritating. And yeah, indoor smoking is allowed. :(. Looked at their menu long and hard. Didn't know what the heck to order. Basically a lot grilled stuff, skewered items, snacks, more like drinks accompaniments. Remembering a recommendation from Jacky, we ordered the curry pot nabe, grilled seafood salad and skewered cow tongue. Food was OK, but the curry pot reminded me of my childhood favourite-- Mamee Mee Lontong. Basically a pot of curry piled high with bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage, sliced beef and chicken. Went well with my pint of Asahi. That seemingly simple meal came up to over MYR100.

0.3l Asahi

Grilled Seafood Salad

Curry Nabe

On our way back home on the LRT, we were rewarded with this lovely dessert, LRT Celebrity Fitness Floyd:

My spy cam app was acting up so I had to try so many times to get a good shot. Still, I ain't satisfied with the results. But trust me, lovely chest and biceps. Huhu.