Friday, August 30, 2013

Husband, Wife & Yakuza

Flower Crab by williamnyk
Flower Crab, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

KH is a supporter of the erotic arts. He donated a sum of money earlier this year to KLPAC and to show their gratitude, they gave him a pair of complimentary tickets for "Rashomon". Since it was a matinee show on Sunday, I decided to attend the earlier mass to avoid too much rushing. Had the time to have breakfast at Woo Pin, Taman Desa. Been a few months since my last visit and I was 'pleasantly' surprised to find that the price had increased from MYR7.50 to MYR8.00! KNS. Anyway, mum and I shared a large bowl with added spinach and that came to MYR11. Even the gingko barley drink increased 10% to MYR2.20. Meh. Stopped a while at Central Hypermarket to stock up on honey vinegar and psyllium husk. Even had the time to shop for salmon steaks at Giant BK5.
Since I had such a late breakfast, I just ate a mini glutinous rice cake that we had tapau-ed from yesterday's dinner.

KLPAC in Sepia


By the time I reached KH's condo, it was a little before 2:00pm. Took less than half an hour to reach Sentul Timur. Picked up our tickets from the box office and went around camwhoring. Hehe. Seating didn't begin until 3:00pm. Was kinda boring waiting around, until an interestingly dressed character made an appearance. Overheard:

ZZZ: Hi XXX. Long time no see. This is my friend YYY. He's a fashion designer.

XXX: You don't say. I love your crazy pants. A male Lady Gaga look you have going. See you later.

ZZZ (whispering to YYY): I heard he lives in trees or something.


Actually, the fashion designer was dressed in a white cap, white tank top, white flower corsage around the neckline, black mesh long-sleeved top and black and white striped long pants. Paired with chunky white shoes and a clutch that looked like it was an oversized condom foil packaging! Definitely beat the other gay lou who dressed like he belonged in a kendo group. Our seats were quite good, just three rows from the stage. Could see things pretty clearly. I was actually more interested looking at what was happening backstage. The play was quite short. Just 75 minutes. But I guess that's good, cause I didn't quite like it. The lead character spoke purely in Japanese and along the way, some fan of his in the audience kept squealing some anime sound effects at random intervals. And my curiosity about 'adult content' was answered when the lead actress was 'raped' on stage. A lengthy 'rape' that didn't really wanna watch. And the whole 'Ring Wraith' scene, I think it was over-dramatic. If it wasn't for the cool music from Hands Percussion, I think it would have been a duller affair.



With a little time to spare before dinner, we took up Nicky05's recommendation and went to Tommy le Baker (looking at the Cina-ness of the staff, can also be called Tommy Lee Baker) at Viva Residency. Just opposite the road actually, with free parking. Tried their latte and a banana almond tart. Strangely, the coffee was good at the first sip, but turned more and more sour as we drank it. I liked the tart though. Wangi and crumbly. Overall atmosphere wasn't that good. Al fresco bakery at a shoplot area with flies.

Banana Walnut Tart

Dinner was at Maison SK again. Mum boiled shark bone soup with chicken feet (sounds like a witch's potion kan?), while SK made tempura salmon fish heads (yummier than it sounds!), pig kidney in rice wine and stir-fried lotus root with fishballs and eringii mushrooms. Dessert was grapes and some tarts which I bought earlier from the bakery. Practically out the whole day. Exhausted!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Frying Rice in the Morning

Cheap Eats by williamnyk
Cheap Eats, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

For months I had not step foot in the OUG wet market. Suddenly had to make a trip there on Saturday morning cause mum wanted to buy some chickens and vegetables. Quite an express trip because I told my mum that KH invited me over for sex at 10:30am. LOL. Even had time to spare to eat breakfast at Restoran Hoi Sum. Can you imagine that the place still serves up a MYR3.50 bowl of pork noodles? No mistaking cause the waiter gave a change of MYR6.50 for the red note I gave him. By the time I reached KH's condo (braved the Saturday jam, a JPJ roadblock and a police roadblock), his parents had already left the building. His mum went out to perm her hair while his dad attended some kind of investment talk. KH immediately ushered me to his room we started furiously kissing. Quickly enough, my clothes were lying on the floor and his red Andrew Christian brief I dumped on his laptop. Rubbing, groping, sucking, hugging, grinding, shagging-- you get the picture. Once he climaxed, he collapsed on me and we snuggled for a while. Seeing that our lunch appointment was near, we had a quick shower and dressed. SK fetched us to Senjyu, Bangsar Village. We were two exhausted boys. Haha. The three of us shared a sashimi set, fuji kaiseki set (five course meal) and a grilled hamachi head (a rarity). I must say that the cuts of raw fish were thick and juicy. The fish head was also much larger than I expected. More than enough for three people. And the vanilla and matcha ice cream that came in a large scoop. Definitely value for money. The lunch would have been perfect if the girl seated next to our table wasn't such a motor mouth. Ordering a meal sounded like a heated corporate meeting.



Hamachi Head

Did some waking around BV after that. The Kitchen Shop had some weekend promotion for a large MAXIM non-stick wok with glass cover for just MYR99! We left the shop with two. LOL. When aunties attack! Also took a look-see at the Private Structure shop. Nothing much of interest. SK also bought some groceries at the supermarket. Couldn't leave without a stop at Espressamente Illy. Doesn't take a psychic to tell you that I ordered the latte. While enjoying the caffeine fix, I saw Sufian A. and Paolo M. sashaying past. Quite the golden couple at the moment with their shirtless and lovey-dovey adventures all over social media. By the time I got home, I was already after 5:00pm. Took a quick showered and got myself dressed for the St. Ignatius Church 25th Anniversary Dinner at Yuk Chai. Traffic was good and we managed to find 'legal' parking outside. Dinner was slated to start at 6:30pm, but taking into account Malaysian tardiness, we ate at 8:15pm after a short tantalizing pom-pom performance by the veteran female members of the Legio Mariae and couple of speeches. Food was provided by a famous caterer from Sekinchan that often caters for political fund-raising dinners. Cheap and good (and with sealed and sanitized tableware!). Two emcees that night, one English, one Mandarin, but obviously the Indian guy took centre stage with his not-so-politically-correct-Chinese-Malay-Indian jokes and funny personality. Along the way, there was a new age Indian vocal performance, magic show (I hate his scarf tricks), dance performance by the youth, live band and 'face change' performance. The last 'face change' happened a tad too slowly and we could see the mask actually rolling downwards. Opps.


During the whole course of the dinner, we were encouraged to buy beer and whisky for 'health reasons'. :S. The parish priet also sang two songs and managed to get pledges amounting to several thousand ringgit. Good sponsors also came forward judging from the great lucky draw prizes. We had a 42" LED TV, iPad Mini, Air Asia tickets, Air Asia X tickets, Tune Hotels stays and many more. A stroke of luck saw my number being called during the first draw-- got an electric kettle. Reached home at about 11:30pm waiting for the grand prize to be announced. LOL. Didn't win the 42" LED TV. Oodles of fun that night. Hope the organizing committee managed to hit their target.

SIC 25th


Monday, August 26, 2013

Literally Pissed

Out of Order... by lakeoffyre
Out of Order..., swiped from lakeoffyre on Flickr.

I really hate RapidKL with their poor maintenance mentality on the Ampang Line. Not every station has a toilet, and for those that do have a toilet, they close them on whim. My best guess would be that something was spoiled and to make life easier just bar the toilet from being used. Then they can take their own sweet time getting it fixed and the cleaner would not need to bother about it. Wonder if they outline this in their 'quality management' policies. Provide facilities, but make them unavailable. So annoying when you arrive at the station after a long jam and a full bladder only to find that the loo is still closed after a week! What can you do but board the LRT and tahan for another 25 minutes. Eh wait, Plaza Rakyat got toilet! So I alighted there only to find that the toilet was barred too! With a broom handle no less! Must be to stop zombies from getting out. Crap. Went back up and proceeded to Masjid Jamek where I had to take a long, long walk to get to the toilet. And after I was done, I had take another long, long walk to get to the Sentul Timur direction. Thank goodness it wasn't #2! Menyampah!

Friday, August 23, 2013


Romantic by CarbonNYC
Romantic, swiped from CarbonNYC on Flickr.
Every day, KH asks me the same question:

"Hi dear, what time today?"

Not what time to shag, back what time I will get off work. Depending on my workload, I will reply him, but it's usually around the same time. But he never gets tired of asking. At the agreed upon time, we will make our way to the rendezvous point. Sometimes I would wait for him, at other times he would be earlier. I would Instagram while waiting, while he normally reads Gay SG Confessions. But when we meet, the greeting is standard:

"Hi baby!"

When we board the LRT, there would usually be no seats available, so we stand near the door, telling each other about our respective day. Oft times, KH would update me about interesting GSC stories and I would tell him about the things that annoyed me that day. And throughout the week, he would be planning about what to eat for lunch on Friday and what movies to watch. Sometimes often, he would show me the groceries he bought from Isetan Food Market (he even commandeered my Isetan card!). And I would sometimes be on the look out for LRT Celebrities. At times, the train can be crowded and I get to be naughty and brush myself against KH without arousing much attention. Hehe.

The 25-minute ride ends quickly. And we go our separate ways, with the familiar:

"Bye baby!"

When we reach home, we would update each other on whether we had eaten or showered. And this cycle would repeat every day. As simple as it seems, it's our daily weekday paktor session in addition to our Friday lunch and Friday mini dates (shopping / movies / dessert). Simple meet ups, but high on calories. Haha. Love you dear. XOXO.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Asian Food Channel for the Blind

Temari by williamnyk
Temari, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Been some time since I watched a movie with mum, so I discussed my options with KH the night before. Either "Badges of Fury" or "Blind Detective". Reading reviews on IMDB didn't help cause both seemed equally bad. LOL. Put my money on Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng cause I don't put much stock in that "Journey to the West" guy and a movie not really starring Jet Li at all. Our movie was at 2:20pm, so there was ample time for us to have lunch after church. Decided to queue up in front of Sushi Zanmai that day. I know, it's very surprising. Like Lim Kiat Siang joining MCA. After years of having it on the ban list, I finally gave it a second chance. Mum lined up while I went to collect the movie tickets. By the time I was back, it wa nearly our turn to get seated. I now understand why there' always such a long queue out front. They waste their seats. Adherence to a strict FIFO seating policy wastes their seats. If there's only two of you and the only table available is a six seater, they will not hesitate to put you there without bumping up the bigger parties behind. Impressed! Anyway, the menu's quite good. Cheap. I ordered the seafood treasure soup with rice (a starchy soup with oysters, scallop, cod fish slices, mushrooms and tofu at just MYR15.80) and salmon zanmai (a must for salmon lovers-- two pieces each of salmon sushi, salmon belly sushi, broiled salmon sushi and smoked salmon sushi + six pieces of mini salmon maki. All for just MYR19.80). At where we were sitting, there was a also a pretty wall decorated with beautiful embroidered temari. So pretty. Guess it's off my ban list now, but I'm not thrilled with their seating policy.

Seafood Treasure Soup

Salmon Zanmai

The movie was quite long-winded with a running time of 129 minutes! Think they would have done better with less sub-plots and a leaner movie. Quite interesting to see Andy Lau as a blind man after last seeing Tony Leung in a similar role. Both main actor and actresses really make their presence felt on screen. Veterans la katakan. Not a bad movie and even better if you're a fan of them. Just that, in every other scene, Andy Lau's character is seen eating something. Kinda like Blind Swordsman meets Sherlock Holmes meets The Asian Food Channel meets Madam Zorra. It's weird. In terms of plot, things aren't very logical at all. Just swallow it. There's this one guy in one of the final scenes called "Joe". Looks kinda handsome and gay, but can't seem to look up his name on the internet. Hmmm. Did some shopping after the movie and clocked some MYR4 on my parking ticket. Immediately headed to SK's place for dinner. She had whipped up some grilled pork, French beans with fishballs and prawns, leftover grilled chicken wings from Sky Blue's housewarming and fried fish. For dessert, we yellow watermelon and golden kiwis. We were joined by KT, Apollo, QueerRanter-D (QueerRanter's body double) and Brian. SK, Brian and I talked about his employment at Unza, while KT, Apollo and QueerRanter-D were busy with diving talk. A new hobby of theirs. Stories of sea urchins and jellyfish. Hopefully their capture pics of hunky mermen soon. Left at about 10:00pm, after not going home for 12 hours. Huh... So tired.

French Beans

From the Grill

P.S.: After letting my car roast in the late morning sun till past noon, I got into the car and felt the superb heat. Guess the tint ain't that magical after all.

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Ride

Almera by williamnyk
Almera, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Saturday was D-Day for me to collect my brand new Almera. Had a simple meal of pork ball noodles and killed some time at the newly-opened Super Save nearby. Very much like Daiso, only cheaper and more Tiong Kok. Some good deals there. SK and I drove out in separate cars to Edaran Tan Chong cause she traded-in her Viva. Some hiccups. They nearly couldn't locate SK's car and my car had a slight scratch that wouldn't quite go away even with several polishings. Just a little fine line. I'm not that particular. These things happen sooner or later. Took the customary photo in front of the car as proof of collection and went off with the tint guy to his shop at 1Puchong. Decided on this shop after comparing TSER, VLTR and most-importantly $$$$. Plus CCC strongly-recommended it. The guy drove us back to the Nissan showroom after that and we drove home in my Iswara. Made a short detour to Giant before going home. By that time, I wasn't feeling very well. My throat felt scratchy and I was kinda flu-ish. Downed a bottle of herbal tea and took a nap. Felt much better when I woke up at 4:00pm and it was already time to pick up our vehicles. Mum also followed us out because we needed her to drive the Iswara home. SK was a bit more gaya cause she forgot her road tax, so she risked the short drive home. Immediately teared off all the plastic from the seats. Prefer things bareback. ;D. While doing the backseat, I found that there was no way to fold the seats down flat. Opps. Another quirky 'feature' of the Almera in addition to the missing boot lights, no seat pocket and weird air-con clunk on startup.

Curry Chicken Rice

Watched a bit of Fringe Season 3 before going out for dinner at Restoran Yoon Ping. Shared a plate of curry chicken rice (a flood of santan), YTF and dragon fruit ABC. After dinner, went to my sister' place to look for a padlock for my front gate. For years, had no 'real reason' to secure it. Haha. Played with the kids for a while. My eldest nephew had his first fifty sen coin from the Tooth Fairy. :P. Not like he needs it. His dad gives him small change all the time. The milk tooth came off while he was eating an apple. And he also demonstrated to me how he skinned an apple. All with the help of PRC 'ingenuity'. At about 9:00pm, I went out to yumcha with KH at K3K Benta Kaya. Took a seat at booth where we could have a bit of privacy. Hehe. KH was so comfortable that he nearly kissed me before he stopped himself. So sweet. Shared a cup of Longan Silky Honey Milk. I don't know where the 'Silky' comes from... soya bean perhaps. LOL. There was a live band that day, but we didn't quite pay attention to them. Left at about 10:30pm and stopped the car at a less busy road for a bit of fun. Was enjoying the hand job so much that we didn't notice the two migrant workers passing by the car. But I guess the tint didn't reveal much to those outside cause they just passed by without so much as a look. LOL. Don't worry, I didn't stain the seats as I wasn't brought pass the edge. Another blue ball end to the evening!

Ice Dragon

Saturday, August 17, 2013

MRT Celebrities: Chesty Charles & Presentation Pete

Hi guys. I'm still very dry in the LRT Celebrities segment so I've roped in some help from BeautifulMale, a connoisseur of Caucasian men. The first hunk in today's post is Chesty Charles, spotted in Singapore's MRT. Just look at how thick he is (down south I dunno la)! That tight polo T! Bet he can pin me down in bed (not like I'd put up much of struggle).

Presentation Pete here wasn't spotted in the LRT obviously. Seen at a coffee joint in Chulan Tower. With his cool hair and neat facial hair, I'd be sold. I can just imagine myself unbuttoning that fitting white shirt of his.

Hope this will keep you guys satiated for a while. Until the next stop, keep on wanking in the train like Matuatama!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Prevention When There Is No Cure

Drink It Up by williamnyk
Drink It Up, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Friday night, mum and SK had an appointment with a preventive pain specialist from Kuching. The whole thing was arranged via his brother, a general practitioner in our neighbourhood. Eight patients were there to see him that night. Waited for quite some time. I had dinner in the car and later went to nearby RQ Tea to get some drinks. Clumsy as ever, SK dropped her drink and the cup split at the side. An amazing new way to enjoy her 3Q passionfruit tea. LOL.

The specialist looked very much like his brother but with a demeanour that was more rushed and jittery. Also noticed that he liked to lick his lips and that his tongue was kinda sharp. Thank goodness my mum didn't present him with much of a case, just the normal degradation that old people experience. Nothing much to do about that. SK on the other hand had medical conditions that were right up his alley. And he immediately handed her his card and asked her if she has medical insurance. He spoke in a very 'funny' way:

"The procedure that I am proposing to you, only five doctors are qualified to perform in Malaysia. And I'm one of them. Not to say that I'm so great or anything. I'm just telling you a fact."

Humble, right? Anyway, SK will be seeing him again next month with all her reports and recent MRIs and hopefully he can help her manage the pain that she is experiencing daily at the moment. But in the mean time, three weeks of muscle relaxants for both of them. By the time we were done, it was already 11:00pm!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Love Thy Neighbour

I really love this neighbour of mine who lives opposite my place. He has three cars at home and his beautifully renovated porch can accommodate two cars. The third car is a beaten up old red Iswara which he uses to drive to project sites judging from the reflector vest and hard hat I spied inside of it. Understandably, he doesn't park that car inside. Instead, he used to park it in front of my adjacent neighbour's gate since that house was unoccupied. That's not the only reason though. You see, the space in front of his house is blocked by cement bricks and large panes of glass. Sounds harmless enough right? Actually, no. He parks like an asshole. A good asshole parks accurately onto a hard cock, but this asshole has no sense of direction. He likes to park his car at angle, wasting the space in front of my house. And when my other adjacent neighbour needs to park his car, he has less space to park and sometimes partially blocks my front gate. And most of the times, he leaves his car like that for weeks on end. One day, I left a note on his car, explaining the situation, and I later found the note on the ground, with his car unmoved. Now that the unoccupied house has new tenants, he no longer can park in front of the gate, so naturally, he goes for the space in front of my house. As per his style, he leaves it there for days and days. Even my mother is annoyed with him. If he was more friendly, my mother wouldn't have mind, but his snobbishness got to her. My mum actually put a large flower pot outside to thwart him. For a few days, the fella parked his car further away. Then one day, we found that someone had knocked over the flower pot. A few days later we came home to find the flower pot in pieces. Smashed to bits. Impossible that it was caused by a car. The car would have to have ran over it a few times, and with collateral damage. No proof that it was that idiot, but we shall soon see....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Streets of Chow Kit

Polite Criminals by koobz
Polite Criminals, swiped from koobz on Flickr.

Currently, I'm working at my customer's site at Chow Kit. Being an old area, the place really exudes character. Bad character to be exact. In the background of urban decay, the sex trade in Chow Kit is well-known. Colleagues have told me that during their university days, they would purposely drive down to take a spin around the area. Transexual sex workers are often seen in broad daylight, waiting at the foot of the stairs and at back alleys. Business must be bad to have to open shop so early. Those near my office are considered familiar faces already. Another regular is the substance abuser who inhales glue fumes. He is often scene listlessly loitering on the five foot walkway with a plastic bag in hand (no doubt filled with Dunlop glue). Very young. Don't think he has showered in ages. Peeping toms were also rampant in the office building. As a result, all the toilets have access cards and the women's toilets require keys! Talk about good building security. Worse of all are the snatch thieves outside. A colleague's iPhone was snatched while crossing the road. Another had his gold chain snatched while working on Saturday. He was walking on the pedestrian walkway beside the main road and the snatcher bypassed the fencing to ambush him from behind. And I recently say a woman sobbing by the roadside, most probably just had her handbag snatched just minutes before I arrived. Fantastic right? Have to be ever vigilant there. Must be observant and aware of one's surroundings. Walking to the Sultan Ismail LRT can also be a challenge as the pedestrian bridge is sometimes dark and unmanned by security guards. But the good news is that the pedestrian elevated walkway is now open, connecting the Sultan Ismail LRT to Maju Junction and slightly beyond. Must be ever vigilant especially with the police declaring that existing laws aren't enough for them to go after criminals (but good enough to use against meek citizens) and God forbid they are too understaffed to patrol the streets (too many assigned as escorts for VVIPs kot).

Friday, August 09, 2013

Monster's Day Out

Cheerful Interior by williamnyk
Cheerful Interior, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I found my little nephew to be quite cheerful. No manja-pot-ness. Mum said that he woke up at 7:30am. Dressed him up for church. The whole time, he did not wail, but he did fidget a whole lot. At one point, had to settle him down by feeding him half a croissant. Lunch was at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, Paradigm Mall with SK and her granny. The toddler was super happy at the mall. Brought him to see some bunnies at the pet shop and I had drag him away. The kid refused to let me hold his hand. And when he walked, it was like a finale scene from "The Drunken Master". Kept falling down and bumping into things. At the restaurant, we tried some new dishes, namely yam chicken and vegetable rolls. This time round, I remembered to pay with my HSBC credt card to enjoy the 15% off. Ever since I got my Alliance Cash Back, I only use HSBC at the petrol station. Not many promotions at outlets that I frequent. Brought the kid to jalan-jalan a bit after that. There was some kind of Voir / Soda sale going on at the concourse floor and the kid kept on picking up little itty bits of lint and rubbish from the carpet. Aiyooooooh. And he also went on a rampage, whacking every standy he saw. At Komugi Cafe, his eyes went wild at the dessert counter. Varieties upon varieties of pretty cakes and colorful macarons behind the glass. He went to the end and tried to find an opening. Seeing that it wouldn't budge, he started whacking the glass. When I asked him whether he wanted dessert, he bobbed his head vigorously. LOL. Got him a balloon instead from the SK Jewellery store and brought him to see the new Mercedes A200. He was just interested with kiddy play section. By that time, he wa aready getting sleepy and cranky. By the time we sat down at Hokkaido Ice Cream, the kid was already half asleep in my mother's arms. But when the Caramel Shio Waffle arrived, he was immediately revived. Budak tu memang kuat makan.

Braised Peanuts

Vegetable Rolls

Back at home, my nephew continued his afternoon nap while I went for my swim with KH. Mr I-Swim-To-Wash-Off-My-Sweat was there again. So unforgivable though he is fair, lean and kinda cute. LOL. Halfway through my laps, a primary school girl suddenly asked me to teach her how to swim. So brave and proactive to open her mouth. The few tips I gave her she even taught to her little brothers. The little boy of eight asked: "Are you a good or bad person?". Hahaha. Of course I answered that I'm a bad person (especially to cute guys). Am I considered bad if I slip my hand into KH's swim trunks when nobody's looking? Am I bad if I wear skimpy N2N single layer drawstring swim trunks? At least it got Mr I-Swim-To-Wash-Off-My-Sweat staring a bit when KH and I got out of the pool. SK was in the mood for cooking again so we had dinner at her place. Enjoyed the herbal soup, tomato bittergourd omelette and stir-fried pig tripe with chilies. But the pig tripe was kinda chewy, needs some work. As usual, post Sunday dinner over at her place revolved around watching a China dating game show like "The Bachelor" called "Take Me Out". Always fun poking fun at the women. They often look much older than their age!

Caramel Shio Waffle

Wednesday, August 07, 2013 vs Kelantan

Coffee by williamnyk
Coffee, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Early on Saturday, SK drove over for breakfast with mum and I. Brought the tribe out to the nearby Kong Kee Wantan Noodles. Fed the little one noodles and soft wantan skin. Went out to Good Arch, Seri Petaling after that to settle some rebate issues with the administration office. Settled that quickly. Tapao-ed lunch as well at one of the roadside stalls. Some time after lunch, BIL's brother came over to pick the elder nephew for a short Melaka trip. Could breathe a little better with one less monster in the house. At 1330, I went out to meet KH. Picked up SK on the way out and headed to Kuchai Lama. Traffic around the Bukit Jalil area was horrible thanks to the Piala FA finals to be held that night. Noticed hordes of Kelantan soccer fans in red and white. Many were seen sleeping in their cars, some on towels on the road, while some families were having picnics at the parking lot. Gosh. Was so annoyed by the jams. And the heat wave didn't help my mood. Ugh. Felt like biting KH. Spent about ninety minutes on the road before we arrived at Donutes, Puchong Jaya. Thank goodness for the air conditioning. Ordered a hazelnut tiramisu latte, banana chocolate cake and a latte bun. Unfortunately, my drink wasn't as hot as I like it and the cake was quite zai. The coffee wasn't as fantastic as I was led to believe, but not bad la. And SK had a minor table toussle with a bunch of botox aunties who hogged more tables than they needed. By the time I got home, it was nearly 6:00pm.

Banana Chocolate

Latte Bun

Decided to bring the little tyke out for a swim. Don't think he has ever main air at the pool before. Took my mum around 45 minutes to pack everything and dig out his brother's swim trunks. Brought him to the kids pool and started to acclimatize him to the water. I started at his feet and moved up to his torso. He started fidgeting and looking for my mum. Slowly sat him down, and let his feet enter the water. He didn't like it. In less than two minutes, he started wailing. LOL. Plan B-- toweled him dry and brought him to the playground instead. LOL. Much happier on the slides. His first time actually. Dinner was at nearby Restoran BK where we ordered some small fried dishes, satay and YTF.


Monday, August 05, 2013


Laundry Day by williamnyk
Laundry Day, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

My sister and BIL left for Guangzhou on Thursday morning for a short business trip. So mum and I were left with the responsibility to babysit and housesit. To make things easier, I stayed over too. On Thursday night, packed some clothes and toiletries, checked the snail mail, collected the laundry, watered the plants and set the lights before going over. Not too worried about forgetting anything as its only a 3 minute drive away. The guest room was quite comfortable and the attached bathroom came with a rain shower. Huhu. Would love to shower with KH in there. Didn't notice my sister leaving the house at 2:00am to catch her flight. In the morning, had to prod my nephew out of bed. The fella was quite zombified even while brushing his teeth. The little one on the other hand was far from zombified. He was wailing and perpetually stuck to mmy mum. Even declined my offer of a chicken floss bun. Very unlike him. Mum sent the elder to pre-school, while I drove myself out to Bukit Jalil. While on my way out, I noticed that I had forgotten to bring my work shoes. Ish. Had to make a detour before driving out to the LRT station. Ended up a bit late getting to work.

The next day, repeated the routine at my house before going to my sister's place again. My nephew napped half the afternoon away and just woken up at 8:00pm. During bedtime, he kept whining that he couldn't sleep. But I was super sleepy that night and didn't layan him. Seeing that I had fallen asleep beside him, he fell asleep too. The next morning, I found that I had forgotten stuff again. This time round it was underwear! Ugh. Was too lazy to go home (and I'm not the commando kind of boy), so I went to work in the boxer briefs that I slept in. At Bukit Jalil, I was greeted by a scene of chaos. A quick check on the billboard revealed that it was Sukan Malaysia. Sienz. Friday lunch I ate with KH at Figaro Coffee Company at Menara Standard Chartered. After I had checked in there, I got an ominous comment on Foursquare: "This place sucks". LOL. No wonder it was devoid of customers AND staff. Since KH had paid good money to buy the Groupon voucher, might as well use it. I chose the club sandwich while KH settled on the chicken cordon bleu. Although there were no customers, our food took half an hour to arrive. Must have been preparaed with tender love and care. Goodness. Thank their ucky stars that I had no complaints with my meal. Perhaps I was too hungry.

Club Sandwich

Felt super lethargic and moody after lunch. Dunno why. Trudged to Lavender at The Pavilion to help KH pick out a cake for his office June babies birthday celebration. Sometimes I wonder if my boyfriend is a Libran. So fickle!! That Friday, I left work at 6:00pm to go paktor with KH. Tried Meet Fresh at the top floor of The Pavilion. The Maynamarese cashier really displayed some attitude. Ordered one of their shaved ice thingies and a taro mochi roll that was way too bland and frozen to be considered yummy. Did a bit of jalan-jalan after that. Noticed a new underwear brand in department stores called "Frank Dandy". Judging by the styles, not so dandy. Boring British cuts meet Desigual garishness. Sent KH home after that. Both of us were quite horny for each other and it definitely showed when I felt him through his jeans. Did what we could in the car but of course that was only a one way ticket to blue ball land.

Sweet @ L6

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Sign on the Dotted Line

Signature by Benko Zsolt
Signature, swiped from Benko Zsolt on Flickr.

On Monday, Public Bank called me to verify my employment and personal details. The investigation officer was quite patient altough I didn't know my home phone number and couldn't even provide my office address and contact number. So suspicious, right? SK got a much grouchier officer. LOL. In just one day, our hire purchase loan was approved (I got 2.49%) and the Nisan saleswoman requested that we come in to pay the 10% downpayment. Left work earlier that day, but due to the jam, we only arrived at the showroom near 8:00pm. That's Puchong for you. The saleswoman explained the price breakdown-- retail price + alloy rims + road tax + insurance + registration fee + HP ownership claim fee + inspection fees - promotion discount - extra discount = $$$$$! Then proceeded to pay the downpayment (the credit card terminal ran out of paper and the salesgirl ended up driving all the way to KL for me to sign the slip the next day). Settled that pretty quickly, but we had to wait for some time for the Public Bank loan executive to arrive. Must be caught in the traffic as well. While waiting for him, we discussed tinting options. She strongly recommend Ray Tech, but SK has contacts of her own. According to the saleswoman, the guy's supposedly one of the top sales guy for PBB HP. He arrived with a whole stack of files and asked us to start signing the documents. Quite a lot of clauses to initial too. Felt like I was signing a real estate S&P. By the the tenth signature, I think it looked more like a scrawl. By signing that agreement, I would be committing myself to paying a few hundred extra for seven years. Still OK though, within my means. I had already recalculated my monthly expenses recently when my insurance agent offered me a medical insurance upgrade (the decision took me more than a week since I had to ding-dong some points with KH before deciding). Coupled with major automobile air-con repair bills, June was really the month for unexpected expenses! No wonder I had a headache after that.