Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Chance to be Together

Voodoo by williamnyk
Voodoo, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On Saturday morning, I woke up at 2:30am to send my mum, Sis, BIL and the kids to the airport. Was in a daze when mum knocked on my door. They were going to Guangzhou for eight days. When I arrived back home, it was already 4:00am. Took me some time to get back into deep sleep. Woke up again at 8:30am feeling a little refreshed. SK came over to fetch me and we went to Kuchai Lama for breakfast. Our initial plan was to try Jade Pot at OKR, but we left after finding it desserted (turns out that it opens for lunch :P). Took a gamble and tried Dim Sum Yum Cha at Kuchai Avenue. Screwed up place where everywhere you turn is private parking where you are liable to get your car clamped. Well, the place looked good enough. The decoration anyway. Very oriental. But we should have gotten the hint when we were told that we couldn't order tea because the eletrical wiring in the kitchen had died. And when we tried to redeem the free xiao long bao, they told us that it wasn't available that day and couldn't give a replacement. Tried several varieties of dim sum. Only the siew mai was decent. The porridge was cold and I sent it back to reheat. The special chu cheong fun had some rancid oil smell and the pork ribs were weird-tasting. The custard bun and fishball wasn't bad. However, it will be my last time there.

With that bad breakfast out of the way, it was time for dessert at my place. It had been quite some time since KH came over. Years actually. Quickly ran upstairs to the shower and the bed. Kissing passionately on my bed, KH suddenly said:

"Dear, didn't the bed collapse the last time I was here?"

Immediately, we skipped over to my brother's room. He lay on the matress and I oiled up his back with lemongrass massage oil. His shoulders were stiff, but they soon melted under my ministrations. Conversely, his member was stiff and anticipating something more intense. We made love slowly and by the end of our orgasms, we just snuggled naked against each other. Sleep came naturally and we napped for an hour or so. KH woke me up and went to my room to work on his laptop (OT after sex!) while I just fiddled with my phone. In the lulls between his work, KH would call me over to fool around a bit. KH had a craving for roti canai, so we went out to QQ Bistro. Unfortunately, their roti chef was on lunch break, so we just shared a Maggi goreng and a plate of wantan noodles at Kedai Makan Puncak Jalil.


Some time before 5:00pm, we showered together and freshened up for Janvier's birthday party in One Utama. We went out a little early to shop for KH's work shoes. He needed to find something with a little more depth so that he can fit in his orthotics insoles. Went to Isetan and Clarks, but came out empty-handed (but so many gay lous shopping for shoes that day!). Finally bought a pair at Rockport. That made us late getting the party. On the way there, we bumped into Bunny and a gay couple who looked like a local version of Edison McKenna with his ang moh lover.

Bunny told us that the restaurant was just ahead, but it was actually two floors up. =_=. Upon entering Chicago Rib House, we immediately felt the heatwave. The air-conditioning wasn't working. When I checked Foursquare, I saw that someone actually posted a picture of the feedback form scrawled with the words "FIX THE AIR COND". It was on July 13 2012! Can you imagine? And after ordering, the table beside us suddenly jolted. Guess what, they saw a rat! Goodness gracious. KH, SK, Lifebook and I shared the food. Tried their caesar salad, garlic-honey ribs and roasted chicken. The food was quite ho-hum. Janvier's birthday cake turned out to be a red Angry Bird! They put a candle on its forehead turning it into a unicorn. Pretty much just a chocolate sponge cake covered with a whole lot of marzipan, but I had fun playing with my food that night. As we stepped out of the restaurant only did we realize how cooling it was outside. Before leaving we had drinks at Starbucks. Apollo bought a Starbie bear with a snake around its neck. I would have bought one with a snake out if its pants.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Instant Rewards, Instant Annoyance

Salmon Kabuto Miso by williamnyk
Salmon Kabuto Miso, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

For two years in a row, Citibank had charged me the MYR50 government service tax for a credit card that I did not want to use. All because I had forgotten to terminate it before the expiry.

"Aiyah sir, charge already can't reverse. How about use it for another year since you already paid?"

This year, I made a very conscious effort to cancel it was earlier to avoid another repeat. So on Sunday after mass, mum and I went e@Curve to burn my rewards points over lunch. Wanted to eat at Senjyu, but they declared that their promotion with Citibank had ended. But strangely, they were still prominently displaying the placards. Wnatever. Went to Sakae Sushi instead. Confirmed with the waitress that I could use my Instant Rewards there to offset the bill. Sat down and ordered. It was really crowded. When my Sakae Chawanmushi arrived, it looked like it had took a tumble down a flight of stairs. The moment of truth came when I was at the cashier. I explained what I wanted to do. The bill was MYR45.85. My points were only enough for MYR44. According to the website, Citibank will use my points and automatically charge the balance on my credit card. However, after three swipes, two voids and two cashiers later... my points had been deducted, but the balance payment did not go through. The stupid terminal just kept complaining that I had insufficient rewards points. The senior cashier was very apologetic and told me that she would settle with the credit card company. After more than two weeke, they still had not charged me the balance. A further discount?

Did some window shopping. Went to Watsons to buy some stuff for SK and I saw a cutie ang moh at the cashier with his jeans so low-riding that I could see his colorful undies. Unfortunately, I could not catch it on camera. On my way out, I bumped into the famous JokerPJ! Tangkap basah him with some guy. They had just finished watching Les Miserables and were rushing to the loo for a quickie. He seemed so elated to meet my mother. For dinner that night, we went to Ah Soon Gor with SK and Apollo. For startes, we had a chapati from next door, and as expected, the only yummy dish there was the Rawang style steamed Tilapia. Halfway through dinner, a big family arrived. One of their young daughters came dressed like a Datin. Flawless porcelain skin and high hair. All dolled up. At a kedai makan. XD. The son was also quite cute and tall. But the shocker was the fact that they brought a rice cooker with them. Bringing our own tea is common. Bringing your own cutlery is acceptable for clean freaks. But for the first time I saw a family bring their own steamed rice! Wah. Keluarga kaya pulak tu. All sorts of people in this world. :P.

P.S.: There's liquid nitrogen yoghurt in e@Curve now! I saw it in London, but did not try.

P.P.S.: Was late leaving from Church that weekend as mum and I stayed back to see a Christian art exhibition. The proceeds from the charity sale were to be used for a children's publication. A mixture of acrylic paintings, computer art, pencil sketches and some mixed-media. Not sure how many pieces were sold though.


Monday, January 28, 2013

I Am Number Six

It has been six years since you kissed me in my car bathed by the garish lights of a nearby kedai mamak (romantik sial). I'm glad I answered "Yes". 

Happy Anniversary, KH.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Please Give Me Lin Dan

Badminton by williamnyk
Badminton, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

How would you like to have this table-top calendar? For six months in a year, you can stare at the exact same topless picture of our beloved Dato' Lee Chong Wei.

Please Give Me Lin Dan.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tok Tok Chiang is in the Air

Packets by williamnyk
Packets, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

The Chinese New Year mood hath invaded the morning market at OUG. With Christmas and New Year out of the day, the redness just popped out! Decorations, flowers and biscuits for sale. Can start stocking up jor. Keep those Christmas print undies and start wearing red thongs! Ate breakfast at my favourite alley-- clear soup noodles with chicken. Love their soup. When I got home, I packed my work bag and waited for SK to pick me up. Accompanied her for breakfast (had a nip of her curry noodles) before proceeding to the office. Walking through Citibank Tower, I observed that they were taking down their tall Christmas tree. Another sign of the impending year of the snake. Wasn't very productive at work that day. Went out for a late lunch at two-ish. Walked into Secret Recipe and asked them to pack me a chicken cornish. The moment I paid and turned around to walk out, I saw that the sky had poured out it's contents. I asked them to bring me a plate. Luckily the rain stopped some fifteen minutes later. Always... always bring an umbrella. Skipped back to work and wrapped things up. Before going home, I stopped by Suria KLCC to visit Rich at his counter. Talked a bit. Sad to find out that his boyfriend had dumped him with an SMS. Even Rich couldn't be bothered anymore. Hope he finds someone nice in the future.



Took the LRT down to Sri Petaling where SK fetched me again. Upon arrival at my home, I found that mum wasn't around. Gave her a call and found out that she was going out to watch CZ12 with my sister. A Jackie Chan movie. Yucks. Decided to look KH up for dinner. He was at Nippy Noodle House with an old acquaintance from university. An AISEC-er. Somehow I don't have a good impression of AISEC. But I'm sure there are many who beg to differ. KH tells me it's just UM. LOL. But anyway, they story is, KH hadn't contacted the guy (lets call him CS) ever since he left university. And KH found out that he was relocating to Vietnam for work, so decided to meet him up. If I called up a friend out of the blue like that, I would think it was a marketing call or a wedding invite. Back to the dinner joint. Quite interesting to see that the noodles were made by using a thick bamboo stem. The guy sat on it like a see-saw! The secret to the super-springy noodles. However, that's the only plus point. Truth be told, other than the texture, the noodles didn't taste that great. And the accompanying roast pork and wantan was sub-par. If you eat there, order the barbeque sausage or char siew. And don't order the Pu-er. I had better cheap tea in coffee shops.


After dinner, we went to K3K Benta Kaya and ordered more food. Impossible to be so near and not order their topee. Chatted some more and we even got to witness a fight among the Myanmarese waiters. Some topless guy who looked like a scrawny version of hawt male model Note (the tattoos la, not the face). Some near-stool-flinging but it was quelled by the supervisor. At around 8:00pm, I sent SK to her facial appointment in Serdang and went back to chat with the guys. Found that CS was very determined to increase his weight. Boy, what a dangerous path to take. Wish I could lose some weight amd more importantly shrink my gut! At about 10:30pm, we said goodbye to CS and wished him well in his new environment. KH and I fooled around a bit before going off to pick SK up. And that was how my long Saturday went.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013.01.01 and Burberry Boy

Cream by williamnyk
Cream, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Believe it or not, I started 2013 by doing OT. SK picked me up and we went to get KH. Broke fast together at Restoran MCP. Was hankering for some curry noodles. After that, they dropped me at work while they proceeded to KLCC for some jalan-jalan. During lunch time, I walked over to Suria KLCC to have lunch with them at Umaiya. Surprisingly horrible service although they were hardly under-staffed. A whole lot of standing around and doing the wrong thing. Just to get green tea, we had to holler thrice. And one waitress even came with the pot, only to realize that we did not even have cups! Exasperating. Still full from breakfast, I just ordered a snow roll. Maki dusted with dessicated coconut, with a minty after-taste. Very interesting. Halfway through our meal, SK received a call from Umaiya confirming her ealier reservation, to which she sarcastically replied, "I'm already in the restaurant, EATING". What a bunch of idiots. To cool down after lunch, we went to New Zealand Natural for some ice cream. Just MYR9.90 for three scoops, a cool DiGi promotion.

Have Mercy

Went back to work after that (made a quick stop at the temple for a look-see) and at around 5:00pm, I left. KH and SK were still there, shopping at the Isetan Food Market. Saw some eye candy there, carrying his girlfriend or sister's Burberry handbag. But I think it's his sister cause my gaydar was pinged. Pre-dinner was Topee at K3K Benta Kaya again. Both KH and SK are addicted I tell you!

Burberry Boy

Topee Again!

Dinner was at Coco Steamboat, OKR. Bloody crowded though we arrived at 6:00pm (and parking was a problem). And it was super stuffy. Gawd. And the Indonesian waitress who took my order was damn impatient. The pork bone (and yam) soup arrived in a giant claypot. Took some time for the white liquid to boil. Truth be told, it had a porkiness quotient of 2. The pepper corns masked whatever piggy goodness it contained. Don't bother coming here. On the way out, we spotted FuFu, but didn't approach him. Never head much interaction with him, but I did get a postcard from him once. Sent KH home after that.... How's that for a first day?


Pork Bone Soup

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Non-Halal New Year's Eve

Bacon by williamnyk
Bacon, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: My back posts have finally crawled to the edge of 2012! Bear with me a while more.

Worked on New Year's eve but at least I did not do any OT. Left sharp at 5:45pm and met KH at the LRT station. From Sri Petaling station, SK fetched me home, while they proceeded to secure our table at The Pork Place, IOI Boulevard. After mum got read, we drove out to the restaurant. Took us some time to locate the restaurant because we had parked in the basement car park and once we got out we didn't know which side of the square the restaurant was on. Attempts to ask the security guards were returned with blank stares. Useless. But we did manage to find it after one wrong guess. The gang was already there with the exception of Parco and Briyani. I sat in between KH and mum. Huhu. Reminds me of a classic Indonesian song with the following lyrics: Madu di tangan kanan mu; Racun di tangan kiri mu. Food wasn't all great and they were short-handed. Days before, SK pre-ordered German pork knuckle. It was served with a giant fork in it. Like it was speared in the pig pen and thrown into oven just like that. Other orders included a sausage platter (the whiter ones are always better. There was one tiny version that looked like mini keropok lekor. Horribly tasteless), some Christmas special that was wrapped in pastry (the skin reminded me of currypuffs), spaghetti in pesto, spicy spaghetti with ham and salad with bacon. To wrap things up, SK ordered a citrus-based cake from -Alex-. So sour that I couldn't open my eyes mid-bite! But so suitable to clear one's palatte after a porky dinner.






Left the gang after that to attend NYE mass with mum. As usual, there was a slideshow on past activities, fireworks and food. I was looking forward to hot teh tarik, but I was so disappointed when they served Vico instead. :(. Munched on kuih while watching the fireworks. Think I was standing to close because I was showered with ashes. Opps. By the time I reached home, it was already 1:00am. Too bad I couldn't give KH a deep kiss with tongue with a firm grope on his ass... Bye 2012... Hello 2013. Lemme do a quick recap of 2012 (I know, I know, everyone else has done it). Didn't really want to do it, but I will listen to Socrates and examine my life a little.

** Became a landlord in 2012 after a year of procrastination. Glad that my tenants are good paymasters.

** Successfully rolled out my system to a nationwide network of branches. Definitely not without challenges, but I'm glad I was given a strong team to work with.

** Managed to cross-over to a new product. Kinda like starting over, but I was bored of the old shit anyway. Wish me luck!

** Transitioned from being into an LDR to a normal relationship. Still ironing things out with KH.

** Managed to control my cholesterol levels a bit. Need more work, but I know I'm on the right track.

** Continued to meet new people from FB and blogs. Or finally met friends face to face. And reconnect with old friends.

** Eat. Eat. Eat.

** Became an Uncle yet again, but not through my effort. LOL. The kid is super cute!

That's all folks! (or at least all that I can think of). As for resolutions, perhaps in another post. LOL.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Chinese Lunch, Thai Dinner

Fish by williamnyk
Fish, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Sunday was pretty uneventful. Didn't have to crack my head thinking about where to have lunch that day because SK invited mum and I over for lunch. The occassion? Cause Lifebook was coming over too. The clever fellow bought SK a pressure cooker and with that comes with free nutrituous soup. In addition to the lotus root soup, SK also whipped up her trademark marmite pork ribs, french beans with fishballs and stewed siakap with ginger. Lazed around and chatted over hot bowls of barley and beancurd skin while watching a supernatural Taiwanese series in Hokkien. Totally entertaining. Wonder if I can find it on torrent. Later in the afternoon, I looked KH up for some pool activity. Wore my white trunks and I think one of the mothers gave me a second look. :P. Swam with him for several laps before it started raining heavily. Bah!


In the evening, I scheduled a belated birthday dinner with Mel. Surprise guests came with her, namely her hubby (damn, couldn't gossip) and her sister who was back from Melbourne. And of course her beautiful baby boy came with her with a thick head of curls! Ate at Fa-Ying by Rama V. Wanted to try it after purchasing some vouchers off LivingSocial. SK did the initial research and told me that the food wasn't great. Opps. Never mind. Sat inside, the non-smoking area and it was really warm. Lousy air-conditioning and the lighting made it worse. And the location made it quite difficult to get the attention of the staff. The place basically served Thai tapas and fusion food. The whole menu could fit on a piece of paper the size of a place mat. For starters we went for the pomelo salad with prawns (yummy and easy to do), dory in Nam Tok style (yawn) and roasted pumpkin soup (not bad). For mains, we shared the roasted duck sandwich (yummy, and the presence of the french fries caught the attention of Mel's toddler the whole night), Fettuccini with roasted duck curry (too much santan for my liking) and angel hair tom yam seafood (could do with more kick). It was like a war zone seeing Mel feed her child. The challenges of motherhood. Only my second time meeting Mel's sister after the wedding in Penang. First time having a proper conversation with her. She was nice enough to pass me some liqour infused chocolates and puddings from Australia. Hehe. Before leaving, gave Mel her belated birthday and Christmas presents at one go. In a way its nice to receive belated gifts. Kinda like surprises after the actual event. LOL. We should have another gossip session soon... sans hubby and baby. :P.



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good Arch, Good Business

fresh foot stain by azmirahrouge
fresh foot stain, swiped from azmirahrouge on Flickr.

Recently, mum bought a pair of GoodArch shows for a whopping sum of MYR2,980! She didn't even go to the shop. The saleswoman just did it on the side at the neigbourhood mini market. Amazing. At least another three aunties bought it. Basically they are orthotic shoes. Just by stepping on a special inkpad, they manage to get the contour of your foot. And based on that, they manufacture customized insoles for you. On Saturday, I fetched mum and a neighbour to their HQ in Seri Petaling. The initial directions I was given was that the place faced a housing area and was nearby the night market. Great. That's about anywhere in Seri Petaling. Anyway, I managed to get better directions after calling the PIC. The place was large. Three shoplots combined. And it was crawling with customers (old and young alike). Every ten minutes, the doorbell would ring. And the place was very 'Chinese', rightly so since the product is made in Taiwan and it's a Chinaman company. Mum was actually there to try out her shoes (changed show type and size several times, that's doing aunty business for you). The consultant would adjust the insole and advise on proper walking posture. They also took pictures of mum, so that when she returned three months later for maintenance and readjustment, they would be able to track her progress. So that is why the place is always busy-- after-sales service and regular adjustment. Another gimmick is the far infra-red emitting sole. Supposedly helps in circulation and detox. With such a hefty price tag, luckily they have tie-ins with credit card companies to provide interest-free instalments. From what I see, business is VERY GOOD. Supposedly a lot of success stories, but KH's chiropractor did comment that the insoles didn't seem very customized at all. Oh well. Hope it helps.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Foodie Christmas

Wallet by williamnyk
Wallet, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: This post induces severe hunger pangs. You have been warned.

On Christmas morning, I handed mum her gift-- a blue, long leather wallet with a girly bow on the front. Guess she liked it because the started migrating the stuff from her old wallet right away! Haha. Went out for breakfast with SK and her granny while mum stayed at home to do some chores and freshen up. Just a simple wantan mee. I notice that I've been eating a lot of that of late. Around 11:00am, we got dressed and headed to Levain for brunch. It was actually a farewell outing for CK's housemate CY. She was leaving before the year was out, bound for the United States. After learning of my plans for Christmas, KH was a little upset that I did not invite him. So, he arranged for Apollo to pick him up and voila, we had my boyfriend and mother sitting at the same table (we actually changed tables twice). Think I was sweating a bit. As expected, Levain was the usual pain. Trouble with tables. Trouble getting food. Trouble paying. Trouble with the crowds. Felt so messy. Finished up the pastries, buns and desserts and couldn't wait to leave! Collected the car from the valet (where on earth can one find a valet for MYR2!? Even the self service parking just opposite charged MYR5!) and headed to The Pavilion to check out the Christmas decorations. Boy, what a mistake that was... We jammed for an hour in the parking, inching from B1 to B3 and back before finally securing a place at the already full valet. Practically had to use SK's grandma to get some pity marks. Kinda dizzy after that.






First thing we did was to camwhore. When KH arrived some later, we camwhored some more. KH tagged along mum and I to take pics at center court. Mum even took a photo for us! Haha. Kinda like a family outing. Getting enough of all the Christmas trees and tinsel and bling, we joined SK and her granny at Espressamente Illy for coffee. Ordered their Cafe Fondente and had it with an Othello Cheesecake and a Chocolate Fudge. So satisfying. Opened Apollo's Christmas gift-- it was an angel and Christmas-themed pop-up book! Very well-made and pretty. Thanks. A surprise guest made an appearance too-- Lifebook. Did some shopping after that and left for dinner at Restoran Stadium Negara. Too bad Apollo and KH couldn't join us. We were the first to arrive, so we choose the dishes. Since it was a farewell, we ordered the stuff that would most probably miss the most over in the states-- barbeque Sri Lankan crabs, sweet and sour Sri Lankan crabs, stir-fried tofu with broccoli and prawns, bitter gourd chicken (don't order this, not worth the MYR30 price tag!), barbeque calamari, stir-fried clams and barbeque chicken wings. Strangely, they were late in arriving. When SK called, it turned out that they decided to walk over from Bukit Bintang and they got lost! Yikes. We started without them. By the end of the night, we were stuffed. Camwhored a little more before bidding her farewell... All the best!







Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Saviour Was Born But My Lappie Died

Pan Mee Breakfast by williamnyk
Pan Mee Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Sunday night: fired up my laptop > chose my Jap porn du jour > spanked the monkey > cleaned up > went downstairs for a drink of water > came back up and found that my lappie was dark! Tried some troubleshooting by removing the battery and etc, but it still wouldn't start up. Just blinked a bit and went silent. I'm pretty sure I didn't shower the lappie with my jizz causing it to shortcircuit and die! Oh well. The next morning, went out early with SK to get it looked at. Stopped at TTDI's Restoran Kuan Lee to have pan mee. The uncle's finally out of the hospital and back in business. Parked at KPMG Tower and went looking for the service centre. Think the place was quite new. Never noticed it there before. Didn't even have a signboard. Manned by a bitchy looking support staff (she earlier barked at an IBM employee, telling him that the in-house support's on the 18th floor). She asked me to deposit my laptop on the counter and she started punching in the serial number. And she declared that my warranty was void. She explained to me that I needed to pay MYR162 for labour and diagnosis charges. I reasoned with her that I suspect it's just a battery problem. She said that even if it was, it would take weeks just to order a battery. Fantastic. Anyway, I managed to convince her to do a quick diagnosis for me and she obliged. After five minutes, she returned with a fake smile and told me that my motherboard was dead. Cost of replacement? > MYR1000. Better to throw it into the dustbin she said. Opps.

Christmas @ Pavilion

Not sure what to do next, I just decided to extract my HDD first. Drove to Tech Hypermart Puchong Jaya to get it settled for MYR35. The technicians there seemed so eager to help. Like a pit stop, the screwdrivers were on the back panel even before I explained the situation. They also offered to fix my motherboard for MYR380 in 3 days. Sounded tempting but I declined. Needed to wait for approval. Arranged a lunch date with KH at The Pavilion. Walked from end to end on the sixth floor looking for a suitable place to eat. Finally decided on Kyo-ei Ramen because I was enticed by the strong aroma of chicken broth wafting from their kitchens. However, I was disappointed by their ramen. It's the sliced variety. Not very good. But their shio soup base was really good. Also some bad news-- En Ginza Cafe is no more. So if you didn't catch the Japanese barista, your chance is gone.


Reached home at 3:00pm. Spent my time at my sister's place looking after the rug rat. At around 6:00pm we went to church to attend Christmas Eve Mass. Had to be a bit kiasu to get a good seat and avoid the jams. The cantata started at 7:30pm and boy was it weird. Did it in the dark, with each ministry singing a carol one after another. The performers were illuminated by spotlights. The momentum was quite slow. Failed to set the stage for an explosive "Gloria In Excelcis Deo" finale. Failed to get the crowd to join in. Helped out in the hospitality ministry that day. Even had to do two collections. A rarity. This year, the priest brought in Baby Jesus in the dark and an altar boy illuminated Him with a torchlight. When the lights were switched on, the fake palm trees and strings of angels (look more like Casper the Friendly Ghost in an angel costume) were lit up. As usual, the English congregation was much more kiasu. They rushed in the minute Mandarin mass ended. Wanted to eat BKT at Yi Xin Ge, but they were closed. Ended up at Kuchai Lama Food Court instead. Only my second time there. Ate at the famous stall Golden Bun that specializes in sweet and sour crab served with fried man tou. Their grilled stingray was also very yummy. A very good way to welcome the birth of Christ!



Friday, January 11, 2013

Cold Perm

curlers by gaetano pavano
curlers, swiped from gaetano pavano on Flickr.

Sunday was quite uneventful. Church as usual. But right after mass my mum told me that she wanted to perm her hair. But she did not make an appointment! She always does this. Same goes for facials. Luckily for her, the Creative Director at A-Saloon IOI Mall took her in although she had four customers in concurrence. Another gamble. The stylist who did her hair last year had resigned and this woman was unproven. If she dislikes the outcome, she can go on and on and on and on... Had a quick lunch at Next Station. SK joined us for some marmite pork ribs rice (sedap) and seafood kuay teow (very wet). Got mum settled in and we went around the mall for an hour. I was feeling a little feverish again, so we sat down at Koong Woh Tong for some herbal jelly. Went to SK's place after that for a nap after popping a Paracetamol. At about 5:00pm, SK dropped me back at the mall. Mum was done by then (thank God she was satisfied with the curls), and we did some shopping at Jusco and Daiso. Munched on some fish-shaped baulu too. Yum yum. Mum stopped at one of the optical shops to adjust reading glasses as they were a bit loose and the branch manager gave me some crap about the lens being the wrong size, yadda, yadda, yadda. I just told him to put it under the heater and bend the legs. He grudgingly went off and did as he was told. How unprofessional. Met SK for dinner at Restoran YY in BK5. Some fried yee mee and rice wine mee suah. Good choices for a sickly boy like me.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Holiday Hobbitsess

Coconut by williamnyk
Coconut, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Went to wet market as usual on Saturday but it was horribly lacking in parking that day. Turned around and around and around before I found a spot. Was also sick that day. After more than a week of trying to evade a skulking sore throat, it had finally jumped on stage to start its Gogo Boy show. Bought some coconut water to accompany my breakfast of charsiew wantan noodles. In the afternoon, I bought tickets for "The Hobbit" at Tropicana City Mall at 2:10pm. I had forgotten that KH's mum had arranged for a massage session him at 4:30pm for him. Naturally, he chose me over the massage. LOL. And his mum wasn't happy. Oppps. Another MIL and SIL clash! Found some time to have lunch, so we chose the nearest restaurant to the cinema-- Taiwan Street. Simply ordered their braised duck rice. Lucky for and lucky for them, it was delicious. A generous portion of braised duck and it even came with some stewed tendon and kimchi. The movie ran for around 2.5 hours. Don't quite remember the details from the book really. I read the book in lower secondary school I think. I remember the trolls and how Bilbo found the One Ring, but the rest I can't recall. To me, it was kinda draggy at the start and the story unfolded not unlike "The Fellowship of the Ring". Go watch it if you must.

A Piggy Breakfast

At the end of the movie, we headed home while KH went for an aromatherapy massage at Thai Odyssey (I could have oiled him up for free and even thrown in a happy ending!). Freshened up a bit and not long after we drove down to Klang for Gratitude's Christmas get together. He had outdone himself by cooking and setting up the table with a very Christmas-y theme. Red napkins, table centerpiece (candles, ribbons and stalks of bottlebrush) and the good crockery and cutlery. Iron Chef Klang presented us with a seafood marinara pasta, potato salad, roast chicken with roasted sweet potato (with a choice of cranberry sauce or gravy, I prefer it salty!) and meatloaf. SK supplemented with an avacado salad and a platter of Thai sausages and cockroach-flavoured fish cakes (a fusion Christmas). And while we ate, the Chinese Golden Melody Concert was blaring on the TV, giving it a very Hokkien Christmas. LOL. Only in Klang.

Christmas Centerpiece


And what's a party without drinks? Apollo brought a 2006 bottle of white wine from his private stash (the same he got me for my birthday) and we supplemented with another bottle of red and white each. He was totally in the mood with red shorts and a scarf. CK was also red, but from the wine. Lotsa of chatting went on around the table with SK's grandma, my mum and Grat's mum in one thread and the rest of us on another track. And occassionally the conversation would merge. We stuck around till midnight waiting for a peach pie that did not materialize XD. But I must say that it was a wonderful gathering with good food and company.

Roast Chicken

Seafood Marinara

Sweet and Salty