Monday, December 09, 2013

The Soul of Teluk Intan

Nasi Kunyit by williamnyk
Nasi Kunyit, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Coincidentally, this year's All Souls' Day coincided with Deepavali. And being a Saturday, the whole tribe could travel to Teluk Intan to visit my late father's grave. Woke up at 4:00 am that day and my past working hours had made it easier for me to get out of bed. At first I thought my BIL couldn't make it, but he came anyway. The fourth quarter is always his busy period. Since he drove, I took the opportunity to catch more ZZZs. My busy working schedule these past three weeks had taught me the importance to reduce one's sleep deficit. Made good time actually. Started out before six and the PLUS highway was quite smooth. In addition to that, the trunk road from Bidor to Teluk Intan was devoid of the usual mish-mash of trucks. Arrived some time after 8:00 am. Just in time for breakfast at the Jalan Maharani food stalls. By the time we sat down, the table was already full of food. BIL had bought apam balik (too thick and sweet for my liking), the famous Liew Kee Teluk Intan chu cheong fun (my aunt says that Sam Siew Yeh is more to her liking cause its less oily) and nasi kunyit with pork and fresh water prawn. For me, I ordered a bowl of hot rice noodles (lai fun) with YTF. The rice noodles here are still genuine unlike the chewy type we see in KL used for Asam Laksa. FYI, a bowl of noodles in Teluk Intan cost MYR3.30! My aunt joined us for breakfast and after that we made our way the Teluk Intan Christian Cemetery opposite St. Anthony's Church.

Apam Balik

Anson CCF

Lai Fun

The sun was already blazing at 9:00 am. As usual, we would notice new graves but we also noticed that the old lady who did the grave constructions there was missing. We would usually see her sitting by the side of a grave with a large straw hat on her head. Already the second year. Wonder if she passed on. Some three years back she asked BIL to take a photograph of her with his DSLR. She asked him to develop a large print for use in her funeral (I remember her saying, "I got no pantang de"). Guess she finally did use it. As usual, we cleaned the weeds scraped off wax from the grave. Then offered my dad's favourite foods-- CCF, bananas and Chinese tea. Although Catholic, Chinese customs die hard. Recited the Holy Rosary, poured tea on the ground (Little Monster was so hot that he) and made three bows.

All Souls Day

Jesus  in Blinds

Horley's Shield

And what was a visit to Teluk Intan without buying heong peah. Made a beeline for our favourite confectionery factory-- Sin Joo Heong at Jalan Mak Intan. Noticed a new product on their shelves-- durian tau sar peah. Goodness. Did have the aroma, but it was spoiled by a sour after-taste. I should just stick to the classics. Immediately after that, we visited my mum's younger brother who lived in Pekan Baru. At the back of his house, he operated a business selling fat gou, miku, pau and bread. Big Monster had a fun time kneading dough and making fish-shaped miku while Little Monster was konked out on the sofa. My aunt also prepared lunch of vinegar pork trotter, steamed chicken with black fungus and vegetables. Stayed till 3:00 pm and departed for KL. I drove while the rest was lulled into sleep by the heavy lunch and cool weather. Got home at about 6:00 pm. Dinner was at Restoran Fei Wang nearby. Big Monster had a craving for their 'sand skin chicken', so we ate there again. Back home, mum suddenly went into a cleaning frenzy. Major vacuum-ing of the sofa, cleaned the ceiling fans and mopped the floor. Goodness. Not really the thing I want to do after a tiring day trip. And I had to wake up at 4:00 am the next day for production support. Ugh. Bersabar...

Sin Joo Heong

Mi Ku

Fatt Kueh

Funny Buns

Sand Skin Chicken


Twilight Man said...

I must say the cemetery's photo was well taken. Nice shades and contrast as seen by my professional eyes.

Mr Lonely said...

the first picture of the prawn really look big o~ hehe

Derek said...

Double posted dear!

Should go to TI with you one day ;p

William said...

Wahhh TQ

It is big :P

Oppps! Thanks for the heads up. But people commented on both le. Come join me!

Mr Lonely said...

ooo.. how much ah? RM3.30?