Monday, December 02, 2013

The Simple Pleasures Of Life

Driving home for Christmas

Note: With me being stationed at PJ City, I had been driving instead of taking the LRT. So it was some time since I accompanied KH on the train home...

On Tuesday (please apply the time zone here :P), KH and I got off work at the same time. I braved the PJ roundabouts while he joined the sardine brigade at the LRT. Waze guided me to the Seri Petaling LRT station by the way of least resistance. The timing was quite impeccable. I just needed to delay for five minutes and I managed to catch him at the station as he just exited. Fetched him home. Though the distance wasn't far, I was happy enough to be able to see him briefly and ask him about his day. Of course it did turn into a grope fest at some traffic light stops and I would certainly like to drive slower to prolong the session. LOL. Dropped him off at his condo and he would give me a peck on my cheek. During the drive home, I would have a smile plastered on my face. Ah, the simple pleasures of life.


Tempus said...

I hate you SDR! (opposite to LDR)

I wanna get physical tooooooo

Twilight Man said...

You just need 5 minutes to whip up a great dessert. That's William.

Anonymous said...

No weird looks from neibouring cars ..? Or ur tint is too dark? :p


Derek said...

Yup, missed you lots during that period!

kiddystick said...

you should drive him home haha

Mr Lonely said...

hope i can be there~ XD

William said...

It will make you appreciate physical intimacy more (or make you a super horny b*stard lol)


Below the waist, cannot see one la :P


Daily blue balls!

LOL, you want to be in the car?

Tempus said...

I think it will make me a super horny bastard hahahahah. Don't really know yet because we didn't start off as physically attracted lol. Like I'm that much of a blob

Dan said...

@MrLonely @William, 3some!

Twilight Man said...

Your Grope fest dessert lah!

William said...

Sexual attraction is an important ingredient in the relationship

Sukanya dia!

Salty dessert