Friday, December 06, 2013

Paradigm Party

Clown in Suit

Once again, the whole tribe followed mum and I to Sunday mass. And you get no points for guessing that we had lunch at Paradigm Mall. RHB had some kind of road show there with a giant monopoly sort of game to attract kids (and ultimately their parents of course). Just with a roll of the dice, you can get freebies. Of course the kids were interested with the balloon animals that the sullen clowns were making. Big Monster asked for a machine gun while Little Monster got a teddy bear. Big Monster had a hankering for chicken, so we ate at Nando's (A tip on Foursquare made me laugh: "Senyumlah sikit..."). I made the mistake of ordering mild instead of lemon & herbs. That made feeding time with the kids quite challenging. Little Monster kept complaining that the food was spicy and wailed a lot. Practically fat lan char. His mum calmed him down and he eventually fell asleep without eating much. Luckily Big Monster was more tolerant since we ordered his favourite chips and garlic bread. Couldn't secure a stroller from the service counter, so I had to lug the sleeping kid around. Quite a challenge. Parenting problems.

Nando's Family Meal

Little Monster's battery recharge was less than half an hour, so my back didn't need to suffer anymore. Fearing that Little Monster didn't have enough to eat, we ordered a honey roll and a blackberry tart from Komugi Cafe. He seemed more interested in the cute albino bee on the cake. He ate it in one gulp and spit the wings out. LOL. Did some shopping after that as mum was looking for a belt for the new dress that SK bought her. There was also a Popular book fair and I managed to catch Jojo Struys giving a talk about stress. I surmise that her voice gave me stress. :P. Reached home at about at 4:00 pm. No swimming for me as it was raining. The Monster's aunt appeared at the door step bearing baos from from Tanjung Sepat. That definitely helped my figure. For dinner, we just packed some claypot chicken rice, lotus root soup and soup kway teow from the nearby coffee shop. Little Monster had his appetite back and started compensating for lunch. Always a pleasure seeing him enjoy his food.

Blacberry Tart

Honey Roll

What Do You See

P.S.: Look at the bao... what does it remind you of?


Anonymous said...

vanilla post today... lol

with amount of food you consumed each weekend..surprise u can still jaga badan :P


untold stories said...

seems like you really like kids... ever thought of having your own ones?

Mr Lonely said...

i miss nandos roast chicken~

Derek said...

Hehe next time help you to babysit!

William said...

Cannot jaga tummy only :P

Such a handful!

I'm sure there's nice and cheap roast chicken in the UK

Keep your promise!

Twilight Man said...

The bao reminds me of my mother!

William said...