Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Off Day


Quite a stroke of luck that I managed to salvage my weekend. Colleagues covered my shift because on weekdays I prefer to come in early. Pigged on my bed till 9:00 am. Drove over to Bandar Kinrara to pick SK up then we sped off to Seri Petaling for breakfast at Restoran Alison. Been ages since I actually sat down and ate there. Naturally we ordered from the two famous stalls-- one selling chicken rice and the other Hakka noodles. The roasted items from chicken rice stall had dropped in quality. The char siew was too sweet and the siew yuk was too salty. Oh well. Jalan-jalan at the wet market after that. Didn't spend too much time there. Spotted a middle-aged gay couple there buying groceries. Wonder if one day I will be out at the pasar with KH, buying supplies for a romantic live-in weekend. Got home some time before noon and dropped my mum off at my sister's place to babysit. My Almera was due for its 5,000km (but I had only clocked 3,200 on my odometer!) service so I went to the service centre at Puchong Jaya. Didn't have to 'grow mushrooms' there as KH came to pick me up. Brought him to Bandar Puteri Puchong to try a cafe that I had spotted a week before called Old School. No surprises that the wall was full of math equations and waiters were dressed in school uniforms. Even the menu was like an exercise book. SK also joined us and we ordered Old School toast with pork curry, pork burger and pork belly ribs in Hickory sauce. The toast was quite special, something they called Zebra bread. Fancy name for swirled charcoal bread. Kinda like Tobi's mask, if you're familiar with Naruto. The pork curry was quite good, salty by itself but would goes well with some carbs. The pork burger also came with charcoal bun, pork patty, a slice of pineapple and ham. Loved the wedges. The pork belly ribs was so-so, but it came with the best mashed potatoes I had ever eaten in terms of texture and taste. And it was piping hot! No special drinks there, but the milk tea was decent.


Pork Burger

Zebra Bread

Firing up Foursquare, we found a coffee place nearby called Le Pollidor. The ambience was good but the service was less than speedy even at such an off peak hour. Our lattes actually took twenty minutes to arrive with just two other tables occupied. Yikes. Coffee was OK (I tried their roasted almond latte). A bit on the mild side. By 3:40 pm, my car was done. Thank goodness they managed to fix the annoying sound that came from the exhaust pipe during idling. Lepak-ed at SK's place after that. Had a sticky rice time with KH on SK's bed, then we later moved out to the sofa. Just kissing and lying on each other. But that was enough to get KH all randy. It was evident from the tenting in his shorts. Hehe. SK did a little packing before leaving us alone. She had a dinner appointment with Lifebook. When we had the house all to ourselves, the clothes flew off. We needed no warming up as we were both very much in the mood. Went through our favorite motions and we both exploded not long after. Unfortunately, we didn't have post-coitus dinner. Both of us went home. Mel had messaged me saying that she would like to come visit. Been a while since I saw her and Cam. The little tyke was as cute as ever with his head of thick curls and long eyelashes. He was a bit shy at first, but quickly warmed up to Little Monster and Big Monster. When the ice broke, they started tearing up the house. Expected. LOL. We ate dinner at the nearby Restoran Fei Wang. Claypot fish, fried de-boned chicken, steamed egg and vegetables made for a hearty meal. Glad to see that Mel's pregnancy was going along fine. Already five months preggers. Chatted and chatted until Momma Mel had started yawning. I too was tired from the earlier skanking. LOL. Had a good night's sleep...


Coffee Among The Greens



Mr Lonely said...

it's good to have off day~ =D

Anonymous said...

R those the 2xx slippers every member of the community raving about?

- vc

William said...

Yeah lo... after working so hard

I got them for 1xx on eBay

Jaded Jeremy said...

How and where do you usually grow mushrooms? :P

Twilight Man said...

I used to eat at Restoran Alison often back in 1995 when my office was just 2 streets away! Those days the crows would shit on your heads or plates every lunch hour! My colleague was unlucky and we had to boycott with him.

William said...

On your head

Sit inside ma