Friday, December 13, 2013

Cranky Tuesday

Meat Lover by williamnyk
Meat Lover, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

I got up at 4:00 am again on Tuesday. And it was a public holiday. F*ck work. At least it was the last handover session for me. In the future, I will only be involved in second level support. Left work at 8:00 am. Immediately drove to Kuchai Lama to pick KH up for breakfast. The fella wanted to eat at Restoran Kim Kee, Kota Kemuning but didn't find out how to get there. Made me a little mang zang. In the end, Waze saved the day. The address was Jalan Anggerik Varanda. Fantastic. Got a parking space smack dab in front of the shop. That helped my mood a little. We ordered wantan mee and curry noodles. KH had the curry. And when I switched my wantan mee with him for a while, he practically decimated all the noodles on the plate! T_T. So sad. Remind me not to share my food with KH next time! Hmph. For drinks, we ventured to Jalan Anggerik Vanilla pulak, a place called Brew & Bread. Was practically full. Ordered a cafe latte, piccolo latte and a French toast since KH practically ate all of my breakfast. Business seems to have improved greatly since the last I was there and they have a cute-ish barista now. Interestingly, they fill their ashtrays with coffee grind. Halfway through our drinks, I got mang zang with KH again. Whenever I point out something to him, he never seems to get it. Getting up at 4:00 am is hazardous to relationships it seems. LOL. But of course, it didn't bother KH at all. It slides past him like a well-lubricated dick.


Recently, KH won some Air Asia e-vouchers and he found a willing buyer on (so surprised that he lurks at those forums). Made an appointment for a COD transaction at Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. Arranged to meet at Black Canyon Coffee where we ordered some drinks (never order their mint fruit tea punch unless you're suffering from low blood sugar levels). Basically he came, dumped his laptop on the table and went off to withdraw money for us. Wonder if we were supposed to run off with his laptop. He handed us the money and we walked him through the whole process of buying the flight ticket. He was going to Beijing alone, but was secretive about the reason. LOL. Anyway, he asked a very cute question we he saw KH & I: "Are you guys brothers?". Definitely I'm the YOUNGER brother lo. :P. Contemplated to go to One Utama after that, but the horrible traffic around the area deterred us. Went straight to SK's place instead. We had lunch together at Restoran Shiang Hai, Dataran Mentari. Vegetarian. So unlike me kan? Anyway, it came highly recommended by SK. Tried their mango maki (sweet mango slice over nori and perfect sushi rice), twin hor fun (fried hor fun and deep fried hor fun that resembled fish maw, interesting and yummy dish), beancurd soup (amazing Sze Chuan soup with fragrant rice wine) and asam fish (nothing to shout about). With just one miss, I would say its a pretty good restaurant. And another tip, don't order their pu-er tea.

Sweet Until Die

Mango Maki

What better thing to do than to have sex after lunch? KH was itching to get me naked since he didn't manage to go all the way last weekend. Got me through all the motions and he had no sign of slowing down. He was really horny that day. And he too me seriously when I told him he could be more rough in bed (guess he was holding back all these years XD). It was a great build-up till he climaxed and I was surprised that I could take the faster pace. Nearly fell asleep in his arms after I came. Think I shot out all my crankiness into KH's mouth. XD. Sent him home after that. Surprisingly KH reported that he felt energized after that sex session! I went home and rested a while. Then showered and went over to my sister's place for dinner. Curry chicken and steamed siakap with hot bean paste. Delicious! Until next time!


Tempus said...

Man those adjectives and going all out LOL. *sigh* shall wait shall wait~~

Wonder how he really looks like LOL

Mr Lonely said...

ah, miss this wan tan mee so much!

Dan said...

Energized by the extra protein intake I guess!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Cranky Mr Skanky

thompsonboy said...

is there no such thing as TMI these days?

William said...

Who? KH?

Cook yourself :P

Recommended daily intake. :P

As usual :P

Welcome to the information age :P

Derek said...

Haha I always learn new ways of pleasuring you! ;-)