Saturday, December 21, 2013

Can You Float?

SugarDaddy by williamnyk
SugarDaddy, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Like an old granny, my Iswara fung sap again. Sent her to my regular mechanic to change the brake pads, engine oil and spark plugs. Then went for my regular WTM breakfast at Kong Kee with SK and mum. Some weeks back, mum snubbed her little toe on the sofa and as luck would have it, she got a repeat bullseye a few days later. Hard to heal, so brought her to clinic for a check. The doctor ordered an X-ray and luckily it revealed no fractures. Gave her some meds. Overdue for a haircut, so ventured to OUG with the kids (yes, babysitting again!). Chop my hair down to size, short enough to last till before CNY. Lunched at Esquire Kitchen, a restaurant that I had not stepped into for quite some time. I remember it being THE place to eat while I was an undergraduate. Didn't do much in the afternoon. Watched an episode of "Vicious". Amazed that from start till end, Ian McKellan didn't stop spewing wit, poison and sarcasm. Quite enjoyable.


Later that night, TZ invited SK, Grat and I to go the Loi Krathong event at Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple, Jalan Gasing. Ate at New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice before walking over to the temple. When the bill came, we were quite shocked to find that it cost MYR157! MYR68 for one free-range chicken. My first time at the temple. Quite a crowd there that night. Lots of Thais and twinks in the crowd. Been ages since my nostrils were assaulted by so much incense and joss sticks fumes. Found our way to the office where they sold the floats or krathongs. Traditionally, its made out of bamboo stems, but nowadays its made of styrofoam. How prety your float is depends on how much you pay. Prices start from MYR30. More money means more layers, bigger candles, etc. But the basic setup involves two tiers, faux lotus petals, three joss sticks, a yellow candle and a flag for you to write your petitions. KH got a float and even SK did so because a colleague tumpang. According to Wiki, Buddhists do it to venerate Buddha and symbolize the letting go of negative thoughts, while some do it to thank the Goddess of Water.


Some people brought their own floats. Some infused with Chinese influences like pineapples and Chinese character for prosperity. Unusual floats that we saw included winged Barbie, huge golden boat, red aeroplane, two-tier wedding cake, 5 kg cake and a dragon. Perhaps I should have made one with the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Some lit sparklers and added LED lights. Loitered near the entrance while waiting for the monks to finish chanting. When the drums started beating, the procession began to move towards Taman Tasik Jaya that was just about 300 metres behind the temple. Many were uncertain whether to light their float or not. Logically it was much easier to walk without having to worry about your candle going out. And in the throng, people may get hurt by the lighted candles and joss sticks. Was quite a challenge to approach the water's edge to release the floats onto the lake. And when they finally did, it had started to rain. Unfortunately, all the floats stuck to each other (I wonder who cleaned it up the next day) in the stagnant water and one even caught fire. Quickly took a few photos and tried to rush back to the temple.


We weren't quick enough. Got stuck beneath the LRT tracks while waiting for the rain to stop. Waited and waited and waited, but it refused to stop. Long life rain la katakan. Decided to just walk in the rain. Considered the mamak shop nearby, but they were already closed (!!!). WTH, we just walked all the way back to the car. Walking along the dark pavement, KH held my hand while light rain fell around us. Romantic! The occasional ass grope did not reduce the romance factor I guess. LOL. Before going home, we stopped for drinks at Kanna Curry House. Nothing like a good cup of hot ginger tea to keep warm. Also munched on a couple of roti tisu before calling it a night.


Mr Lonely said...

nice candle flower, i like it~ =D

Derek said...

Why didn't post the pic of the kebakaran? LOL

Tempus said...

Oh I would love to float a Loi Krathong next year with him; if possible LOL.

Songkran first la.

Jaded Jeremy said...

"I wonder who cleaned it up the next day"

I was wondering too, from the start.

Yes, where's the fire pix?

kenni said...

Indeed I need sugardaddy! arrrrr.......

William said...

Try it with tea lights

I don't have lo

Wanna see him all wet is it?

MPSJ perhaps... for a sum.

There's an online catalog...