Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bedroom Bucket List

James Huntsman gay by reinhardkrickelberg
James Huntsman gay, swiped from reinhardkrickelberg on Flickr.

Note: What do you know... just in time for the new year!

Some considerations for my sex life as recommended by a couple of well-meaning friends:

  1. ThompsonBoy - Speedo sex - I'm guessing that it involves having sex in swim trunks. KH and I should don the skimpiest of swim trunks and when it comes to penetration, KH should just just whip out his hard cock from the side of the pouch. As for me, KH would either push the material to the side to access my chute, OR just partially remove the trunks, leaving it one leg. Perhaps he meant f*cking in the pool. For reference, I'll need to dig out some Japanese athlete, poolside or beach porn.
  2. ChatMate - Jockstrap sex - According to him, it's a shame that an underwear king like myself does not own a pair of jockstraps. It's the perfect underwear for bottoms. Just need to raise my legs and voila, easy access (not to my dick though)! Any suggestions on what brand I should get?

So what do you think? Any other suggestions? But I think I should prioritise topping KH. LOL.

Happy New Year 2014 dear readers and friends! Hope that although harga barang dan perkhidmatan will inevitably naik, our gaji dan pendapatan will naik more. But first and foremost, I hope that the citizens and voters of Malaysia will naik awareness and do the right thing for our our country so that everyone will benefit and progress.


Anonymous said...

reversal of roles?? boleh meh?

keep us updated! lol...


Mr Lonely said...

lol~ happy new year 2014~ hehe~

William said...

I will!

Happy New Year!

thompsonboy said...

bossy bottom indeed!

William said...

Why bossy?