Monday, November 11, 2013

Working Weekend Again

Porky Breakfast by williamnyk
Porky Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Worked on Saturday again. The whole day ugh. Started with breakfast at Restoran Yoong Seng. Found that their pork ball noodles had increased in price to MYR5.00. An increase of MYR0.50! At least they gave an extra portion of noodles. In the office, my senior manager had a very long face. Like someone had deleted his favourite his porn stash. The reason for his unhappiness was the fact that the project was not ready to be delivered. With just two weeks before the projected deployment date, error logs were still being raised and the rate at which we were closing them was not satisfactory. With every ten closed, five was reopened and not counting those fresh from the oven! Actually it's not quite my business, but I was seconded to help out. Worse thing was that they expected you to help, but could not furnish you with complete instructions. This translated to a trial and error approach that not only wasted time, but demoralized staff and project a very unprofessional image to our client. At 6:00 pm, I couldn't care less any more and left. Glad that I drove to work cause it took me half an hour to get home compared to the ninety minutes if I took the LRT.

Dinner was at MaisonSK that night. Boiled some winter melon soup, battered Salmon and Hamachi, stir-fried vegetables and beancurd. Lifebook also made an appearance, but came a bit late. We were discussing about how commonplace Salmon had become on our dinner table. To the extent that I compared it to ikan kampung. LOL! Mum buys it nearly every week actually and she uses it in soups, porridges and most of the times just pan-fries it. If this is the case, what is the original ikan kampung to me? :P. There was a Ms. Read warehouse sale going on in MINES (been ages!), so we jalan-jalan there a bit. Mum managed to get a few pieces. Luckily it wasn't too messy and crowded. Quite surprised to see that they had an instant cash rebate for HSBC credit cards. Been ages since I actually found a usable privilege. Whatever the case, I will cancel it soon.

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