Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Salmon Bones

Double Shot Latte by williamnyk
Double Shot Latte, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Met up SK, Lifebook and KH at Empire Subang on Sunday after mass. First time ever, I was jamming into the mall and had to park at B4. Good sign for them. Lunch was free that day, compliments of SK cause she managed to hit her sales quota for 2013. Ate at El Fresco, Jaya Grocer where the concept is you buy the ingredients and pass it to them to cook. If the ingredient is more than MYR20.00, the cooking surcharge is waived. One can pay extra for side dishes and sauces. A very food court style to the place but seems popular (several sexy arm cuties were dining there!). Not bad as you can ensure the freshness of the food. Came out stinking of food fumes though. Up next was double shot lattes at Whisk. My first time there and it was horribly stuffy. Ordered some cakes too. Made our mandatory visit to Kitchen Shop too, but didn't buy anything. The rest went home, but mum and I loitered at Tangs. It was their anniversary sale, but the crowd wasn't quite there. For the first time in more than a month, I went swimming. Armed with my lime green N2N trunks, I did my laps. Changed the intensity of my swim to ensure that I was gasping for breath after each lap. Definitely felt it in my arms and legs the next day. Like most Sundays, dinner was at MaisonSK where the meal was a wholesome bowl of mee suah in scallop broth with pan-fried ikan kampung salmon, chicken balls, seaweed and mui choi braised pork. There's actually a funny story in relation to dinner. At Jaya Grocer, she bought salmon bones to make a soup base, basically the leftovers from when they slice out chunks of salmon fillet. In actual fact there's quite some amount of meat leftover. An ang moh couple walked past and commented with a dirty look, "Oh my God! Why on earth is she buying bones?!". Ang moh would never understand, but I found the story quite amusing.

Salmon Bones


Anonymous said...

ang moh bodoh, they only think they are the best.

Tempus said...

Just curious, how many laps do you do? or rather, how many meters? Cause sometimes I just don't know the threshold and I kinda cheat here and there hahahah

Gratitude said...

That ang moh looked as if he hadn't had a shower in months. Chou angmoh!

Derek said...

I was tired that day and went back lo. If not sure hang out with you longer

thompsonboy said...

You should take more pics of that green n2n instead LOL

William said...

Different culture

Haha. My pool is not olympic sized le! I do around fifteen only.


I never lou gai also :P

For your eyes only?

Jaded Jeremy said...

I think Australian butchers are used to Asians already because quite a number of them (at least those in Canberra and Sydney) sell bones...if I recall correctly.