Thursday, November 07, 2013

Malaysia Day

I.D. by williamnyk
I.D., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Some ugliness came up in the office on Sunday. Yes, you read correctly, Sunday. My big boss was pissed with another team and had decided to offload their tasks on my team. So my manager called me in on Malaysia Day for a meeting. Heard the explanation that the other team wasn't so experienced and needed some backup, so the more senior resources were chosen to look at some aspects of their work. Come to think of it, I have much less experience on their things and I don't have a backup for my things either. Ish. Anyway, I gathered as much information as I could from the other team. The most annoying thing is that, they couldn't give me definite answers. When you outsource tasks to other teams, you really have to give clear instructions. We are here to help, not to sit around and try to digest your requirements. Since time is of the essence, just tell us A and we will do A. Failed. Went in for just three hours before I bailed. Picked KH up from home and went for lunch in Taman Desa. For some reason, he was craving for Woo Pin's fish head noodles. We shared a large bowl, but I made sure he ate more. Hehe. Met the famous Twilight and his wife there. Been ages since we last saw each other. He was thrilled to finally meet KH. Finished the noodles quickly and hopped over to Tai Lei Loi Kei that was newly-opened. Previously it was supposed to be SS20 Fish Head Noodles. Guess they finally realized it was suicide and called it off. Tried their polo bun with pork chop. For MYR13.90, it came with a large mug of coffee. Think we should have ordered the signature bun instead as the polo bun wa quite sweet. The pork chop was juicy and I love chewing on the bone. Can't believe that we lepak-ed there for hours. Talked and played LINE's "I Love Coffee" together. Can't believe that KH played it just to support me. Send me clovers! So sweet. Took us a while to decide what to do next (bonk each other in a dark room in Mandi-Manda?). Finally decided to go to the nearby Tesco. Such a domesticated dating session right? Unfortunately, it wasn't his cup of tea-- no premium groceries. He's so atas. Before going home, we shared a large herbal jelly at Koong Woh Tong. An unlikely paktor session? LOL.

Happy To See You

A Bowl of Cool Down


- a L E x - said...

I also do a lot of unlikely pak-thor sessions xD.

Shin Yong said...

Herbal jelly! It's one of our sessions too cause we need it for good xD

Mr Lonely said...

i like to eat this~ XD

Ban said...

you're part of more senior resources!

William said...

In the room!

Haha. Too much 'heat'

Cannot find in the UK

Of course!

Derek said...

Hehe .. enjoyed a lot that day with you dear.