Saturday, November 09, 2013


Big Breakfast by williamnyk
Big Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Woke up earlier than usual on Sunday to attend English mass at 8:45 am. Deprived myself of sleep cause KH and I had matinee tickets to Hands Percussion's "Lafaz Gema". Ate breakfast with mum at Coffee Sprex. Their big breakfast set is only MYR9.50 with cereal and bottomless coffee. On the way back, stopped to visit mum's friend in Seri Petaling who had just been discharged from the hospital. Lunch was a simple meal of leftover dim sum and pau. Left home after that to pick KH up and made our way to KLPAC. The lobby was abuzz with activity and more young people than usual (some cuties and a ex-HVD actor who was there with someone who looked like his BF). Seemed like a good turnout, but actually Pentas 2 wasn't full. When we walked in, we were greeted by a giant ginseng (actually a bleached, curved faux tree trunk) and a suspended giant drum on stage. The show started on a slow note. A topless dude came out and started signing on stage, over and over and over. In the dark, other performers were pushing drums onto the stage at the speed of gamat drying in sun. Strange hand movements were projected onto the giant ginseng and the huge drum. When it finally started, it was quite lively. Fantastic coordination and drumming. The movements were quite overlapped with no collisions. Smooth and seamless. Wonderful focus on sexy, sinewy backs. But I didn't quite like the floor-whacking. Poor floor.


Things seemed to go downhill after that. Lots of arty-farty stuff that don't really highlight their core skills-- drumming. The second performance was an all-girl ensemble. They were dressed in billowing black tudungs which when uncovered, revealed a small drum. KH enjoyed that bit of halal drumming. WTF was the only way I can describe the following performance. Two large porcelain jars were placed on stage. Two of the sexier drummers were inside the jars dressed only in skin-toned tights. The VPL wasn't fantastic but it was quite a view anyway. Most of the time, they just moved slowly, rubbed their skin on the jars and slapped the surface. That was about it. Sheesh. Following that was a more instrument-intensive performance together with some gamelan pieces, diggaroo and Tibetan prayer bowl. Next up, four handsome drummers came on stage surrounded by others in dikir barat style. Their batik harem pants came with a gold Javanese style corset that nicely pushed up their pecs. LOL. There was one guy I particularly liked due to his beautiful shoulders. Then a whole bunch of drummers came on stage carrying small drums. Once again, they moved at 1.0 fps. If you were driving and saw such pedestrian on the road, you would run over them without much thought. And they started drumming at a monotonous and slow beat. So slow that I actually fell asleep!

The View Between

In front of us, a young boy asked his father, "Is this considered nice or lousy?". He must be as confused about the performance as I was. His dad was a real piece of work. During the entire first half of the show, he used his BB to record and was warned multiple times with laser lights. He seemed oblivious to it. So bad that the crew actually approached him during intermission to ask him to delete the videos. Pengz. Bumped into Espher at KLPAC. He had messaged me on FB after seeing my check-in and KH pointed him out to me. After the show, we headed to Tommy Le Baker but they were closed. Ended up at the nearby Restoran Arifah for some teh tarik and Tandoori chicken (which surprisingly KH hadn't eaten before). Met up CP after that. Last I saw him was when I visited KH prior to his relocation back to KL. About a year ago. We picked him up from KL Sentral and had dinner at Yi Xiang BKT. The determination of dinner venue was quite peculiar because it hinged on whether it would make CP sweat! LOL. And he was already dressed in a thin tank top that showcased his bulgy chest and arms (forgot to squeeze 'em). Did lots of catching and was glad to hear him say that he had started seeing someone and that his work and studies were fine. Seeing the rivulets of sweat on his forehead after digging into that porky soup, we went over to Snowflake, Kuchai Lama for some cooling down. Did the customary cam-whoring and called it a night. :D.



Derek said...

I ate tandoori chicken before! You remember wrongly le.

Derek said...

The show was not bad le. Just could do with a bit more speed. Hopefully got better shows from them next time.

Mr Lonely said...

i miss BKT so much now!

William said...

You never explain properly :P. Hopefully better lo. Tix not cheap.

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