Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Exact Double Three

I'm the not the kind of the person who always looks at the calendar. Hence when my birthday came up, I didn't even know it was on a Wednesday. Finally, KH had the chance to actually bring me out for a birthday meal on the exact date since we were working close to each other (we've been missing out on the simplest of things, things that most couples take for granted). He suggested TEN at Marc Residences and unfortunately, I was late for lunch. Kinda bad timing cause my project was going live in a couple of days and the preparatory work was less than satisfactory. I was all worked up and stressed. Definitely not the right mood to enjoy fine dining. But anyway, I tried my best. Poor KH didn't get to see me at my most appreciative and happy. :P. When we walked in, the restaurant was quite empty (only three tables occupied including us). More staff than customers. Naturally, the service was better. So rajin to help you change your cutlery and what not. Like at Jaan, they actually explain to you what they are serving, although you might not get it. At TEN, you have the choice of just ordering your main, main with appetizer or a full course. I ordered their bara chirashi while KH ate a hamburg with appetizer. The appetizers were served in a large circular plate. Could definitely double as a halo. Food quality was good, at least you're getting your money's worth. Will come again, not because it's so fantastic, but because KH hasn't used his Living Social voucher! LOL.

My Halo

Bara Chirashi


Later that night, had a birthday supper with SK at K' Chiang Mai Ikan Bakar. Shared some grilled catfish and stingray. Was too tired to go anywhere fancy-schmancy. It's the thought that counts. Hmmm... 33 already, and I'm not married! Hahaha.

P.S.: Iron Chef Frech Hiroyuki Sakai visited the restaurant and to try his wondrous dishes, one had to fork out MYR1,500 per pax! Tun M and his wife had the opportunity to try.


Derek said...

Wish to celebrate many more birthdays with you! Muacks

thompsonboy said...

Sakai? Yesh I watch that show too

William said...

Muacks baby

I love it!

Twilight Man said...

Derek is so manis like gula.... Awwwww!

Twilight Man said...

Happy Belated Birthday William!

I live by the calendar.

William said...

You need a PA