Sunday, November 17, 2013

Double Three Samba

Honey Chicken by williamnyk
Honey Chicken, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Big Monster and his dad went to the National Science Centre on Sunday night, leaving his mum and Little Monster tagging along to church. Had to continuously feed the tyke to keep him happy-- chocolate chip cookies, apricots and crisps. Lunch was at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, Paradigm Mall. Little Monster didn't mind going there again although he was just there the day before. Any kai kai is good kai kai. The kid loved the fried noodles there. But after having his fill, he couldn't sit still any more. When the head waiter came over to play with him, he practically froze up. But with his mum, he threw tantrums and demanded attention. Went to Uniqlo to look for bargains and mum walked out with some tops. Did some shopping at Daiso too. Before leaving, stopped at Hokkaido Ice Cream for some dessert. Strangely, Little Monster preferred the waffle over the ice cream. Seems to be quite averse to cold items. Same went for the 3Q Passionate Tea that I bought from Ochado. Kept on shaking his head when I offered it to him. Go home quite late. Didn't manage to rest much at all as we needed to go out again at 5:30 pm. Freshened up a bit and off we went to pick SK and her granny up.

Asparagus & Tea

Corn on Ice

Arrived a little early at Publika to do some shopping at B.I.G-- the premier choice for non-halal, imported groceries (where balsamic vinegar can come in packaging similar to XO and olive oil could be mistaken for EDT). KT arranged my early birthday dinner gathering at Estilo. Among the other guests were Apollo, QueerRanter's body double, Brian and Lifebook (KH was missing cause he was in HK attending a wedding banquet. I was supposed to be with him, but cancelled at the last minute due to work commitments :(). Ironically, the organizer was the last to arrive. Lucky that we saved food and sangria for her. Love their stuffed calamari, so I re-ordered that tapas. Unfortunately, it seems to have lost the seafood kick. The Paella Mixta was good though. Yummy with fresh seafood. During dinner, some samba thing was going on, making it quite a challenge to think, let alone talk. Three samba queens danced at the open area, gyrating their hips and moved their oiled torsos to the beat. Not my cup of tea, but the breeders were appreciative. After that several fire dancers came out and wow-ed the audience further.

Cake Pops Birthday

Samba Queen

My birthday cake was quite unconventional this year. Can't really call it a cake. The creator (Joe the bodylicous baker) called it "Cake Pops". Basically he baked a cake, crumbled it and mixed in chocolate ganache. It's then put on a stick and coated and decorated. To complete the outlook, its presented as a bouquet. Really cute. Really sweet. To make up for her tardiness, KT came over and sang a solo "Happy Birthday" for me. Hahaha. Like Marilyn Monroe singing for the president. Didn't stay for after dinner drinks. Just went into Publika to camwhore in better light. Who would have thought that the Jalur Gemilang would make a very vibrant backdrop for a photo shoot. Thank you all for attending. Muacks.

Fire Dancer

Suneo Reinforced


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Happy Birthday William!

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TQ :)

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Yeah lo, didn't go HK with me!