Friday, November 29, 2013

Charity Sale Sunday

Charity Sale

BIL had bought MYR100 worth of coupons for a charity sale on Sunday, so I had to sacrifice much needed sleep to go there. Sis and the kids came along because BIL was tied up with his year end workload. Proceeds from the sale at the Bandar Puteri Puchong indoor badminton complex (home of Michael's Badminton Academy, chock full of sweaty teenagers) were for Da Zi Jiang Tang, a Buddhist organization to helps orphans and old folks.

Red Red Red

Plenty of food available for sale. Took my breakfast there-- fried noodles, yam cake, assorted kuih and teh tarik. From there, went straight to church using the LDP only to be greeted by an abnormal jam near the exits to Sunway and Federal Highway. Turns out that the crawl was due to Adidas King of the Road. Ugh. Thought these things finish earlier. Of late, marathons seem to be all the rage. And collecting finisher badges and jerseys are becoming a hobby. The more zealous would fly around the world to run. To our relief, Little Monster didn't make much of a fuss at church. He had depleted his battery before mass started, so he slept through most of it.

First Holy Communion

Lunch was at Paradigm Mall again. Chose to line up outside Sushi Zanmai since weren't all that hungry anyway. The whole meal was like a battle. Chopsticks and rice all over the floor. Screaming and shouting and grabbing. Aiii. So ngam Holy Archer was also there, paktoh-ing I guess. Hehe. Said hi (or bye) to him as I was leaving:

Holy Archer: (pointing to the bag in my hand) Going to gym?

Moi: Oh! Not a gym bag, a baby bag!


Left for home immediately after lunch. So exhausting feeding the two monsters. Rested on my bed and dozed off in a jiffy. Woke up an hour later with sis at the door. We were supposed to bring the kids to Taman Bukit Jalil. As we parked the car, Little Monster was fast asleep, so sis took care of him in the car. It was up to mum and I to bring Big Monster cycling. He enjoyed going around visiting 'different countries'. But he didn't cycle for long. Got a little lazy handling the slopes. And he was daunted with going downhill. Mum had to teach him how to slow down. Looking at my nephew, I realized how much of a city boy he is. Wasn't used to uneven terrain and the great outdoors. Not very sure-footed. Such a different upbringing urban kids have these days. Dinner was at MaisonSK again. Additional guests were KT and Lifebook. The kids were happy to wolf down the stewed chicken rice that she made and I enjoyed the black chicken soup. Too bad KH didn't join. Hope to be able to see more of him next week.


Jaded Jeremy said...

" The whole meal was like a battle. "

Hahaha so familiar :P

Ash Godiva said...

third picture...the cutie that carried 'big candle'(sorry i forgotten the name) before:D

Anonymous said...

yeah, the barely legal cutie (3rd pic). oh if i was there i would have transmitted gay pheromones to him and he'll be queer in minutes. lol!

William said...

Tiring kan?

Gosh, you recognized him

Think he's legal

Mr Lonely said...

well, its good to do charity lah~
btw, i like the sushi too~ XD

Ash Godiva said...

i have photographic memory on good-looking peopleXD

William said...

Name me one food that you don't like