Friday, November 29, 2013

Charity Sale Sunday

Charity Sale

BIL had bought MYR100 worth of coupons for a charity sale on Sunday, so I had to sacrifice much needed sleep to go there. Sis and the kids came along because BIL was tied up with his year end workload. Proceeds from the sale at the Bandar Puteri Puchong indoor badminton complex (home of Michael's Badminton Academy, chock full of sweaty teenagers) were for Da Zi Jiang Tang, a Buddhist organization to helps orphans and old folks.

Red Red Red

Plenty of food available for sale. Took my breakfast there-- fried noodles, yam cake, assorted kuih and teh tarik. From there, went straight to church using the LDP only to be greeted by an abnormal jam near the exits to Sunway and Federal Highway. Turns out that the crawl was due to Adidas King of the Road. Ugh. Thought these things finish earlier. Of late, marathons seem to be all the rage. And collecting finisher badges and jerseys are becoming a hobby. The more zealous would fly around the world to run. To our relief, Little Monster didn't make much of a fuss at church. He had depleted his battery before mass started, so he slept through most of it.

First Holy Communion

Lunch was at Paradigm Mall again. Chose to line up outside Sushi Zanmai since weren't all that hungry anyway. The whole meal was like a battle. Chopsticks and rice all over the floor. Screaming and shouting and grabbing. Aiii. So ngam Holy Archer was also there, paktoh-ing I guess. Hehe. Said hi (or bye) to him as I was leaving:

Holy Archer: (pointing to the bag in my hand) Going to gym?

Moi: Oh! Not a gym bag, a baby bag!


Left for home immediately after lunch. So exhausting feeding the two monsters. Rested on my bed and dozed off in a jiffy. Woke up an hour later with sis at the door. We were supposed to bring the kids to Taman Bukit Jalil. As we parked the car, Little Monster was fast asleep, so sis took care of him in the car. It was up to mum and I to bring Big Monster cycling. He enjoyed going around visiting 'different countries'. But he didn't cycle for long. Got a little lazy handling the slopes. And he was daunted with going downhill. Mum had to teach him how to slow down. Looking at my nephew, I realized how much of a city boy he is. Wasn't used to uneven terrain and the great outdoors. Not very sure-footed. Such a different upbringing urban kids have these days. Dinner was at MaisonSK again. Additional guests were KT and Lifebook. The kids were happy to wolf down the stewed chicken rice that she made and I enjoyed the black chicken soup. Too bad KH didn't join. Hope to be able to see more of him next week.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Mousetrap & Celebtrity Kong Sai Karl

Pumpkin Glass Noodles

Been working my ass off ever since the system went live. Coming in at the wee hours and leaving late at night. As the Chinese like to say-- "No day, no night". Or worse still, "Got time to die, no time to fall sick". KH had bought tickets for Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" (or some reason, KH always tersasul say "The Mouse Hunt") and it wasn't cheap. Naturally he was worried that I couldn't make it and he hadn't seen me for more than a week. Gotta admit that I was a bit disappointed that he seemed to be more worried about the play rather than my current work conditions. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. Just that KH often says the wrong things at the wrong times. I know that he always thinks of me. But anyway, with the system stabilising by the end of the week, I sat down with my boss and arranged a work shift so that I could take Saturday afternoon off. Naturally, KH was thrilled. Picked him up at about 1:00 pm (later than expected due to work shit) and we went to lunch at Restoran Soon Lye at Kuchai Lama. Was quite hesitant to go elsewhere as the Saturday traffic was less than pretty. Shared a plate of fried glass noodles with pumpkin and soup dumplings. Began to pour heavily after we finished. Was worried that it might make KH's flu worse. For some reason, he had been sneezing away the whole morning. Since we had only one umbrella, I went to get the car while he waited at the shop lots. Still got a bit wet though.

Soup Dumplings

We Waze-d our way to Auditorium DBKL, hoping that it will help us avoid the jams. Unfortunately, we still had to go through some rough patches before arriving at our destination. Didn't really know where to park as the signage was quite retarded. Can you believe that "Parking The Mousetrap di Basement" actually pointed up a ramp?! Gah. Ended up at the open air car park at the other end of the building. The crowd was mostly middle-aged men and their families or senior citizens with walking sticks. Outside the auditorium, some sponsors set up booths, namely Samsung and Borders and there was even a hotdog stand! Samsung's latest premium offering of Ultra HD is truly amazing. The auditorium was distinctly government in nature. It had the customary VVIP lounge area (for fat cat politicians) with flowery settee and the interior was draped with flags. Bloody cramped seating. Zero walking space. The people beside you would have to get out if you needed to pangsai halfway through the show. Imagine the commotion. The play started a little after three and the whole thing just revolved around one set, the sitting hall of Monkswell Manor Guest House. Great acting from the cast but I still managed to doze off three time during the play (too tired from work and the accumulated sleep deficit). When I woke up for the third time, I found that I had guessed correctly in this who-done-it. Haha. The women who sat in front of us was busy taking pictures with her smartphone and tablet. I dunno why I keep running into these people. The staff frantically gestured at her, but she was oblivious.

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad

Right after the show, we drove to SK's bordello for some lovin'. Although KH was sleepy from the Piriton that I fed him after lunch, his sex was definitely raring to go. Very quickly he got me moaning and horny. For the first time ever I exploded while he was inside me. He was behind me pushing all my buttons and I collapsed with a loud grunt. After cleaning up, we went for dinner with SK at Restoran Kong Sai. It wasn't my first choice, but upon seeing that Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil was paralyzed due to an over-turned crane we just turned in. No visit to the restaurant is complete without ordering their signature free-range chicken. Yummy as usual, and the young waiter (Celebrity Kong Sai Karl) was yummy too. Sent KH home after that. He gave me a peck on the cheek and alighted in the light drizzle. Can't wait to see him again...

Chicky Chick Chick

Can I Take Your Order?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Korban Demi Syarikat


Hari Raya Haji was a working day for me. I think my client was quite shrewd to have chosen to go live on the Saturday before it. Any hiccups on the working Monday and one could use the public holiday on Tuesday as a breather to deploy fixes or in the worst case scenarios to fall back to the old system. I came in at 4:00 am only to be told that the host system had not run its batch yet. They had delayed the processing due to a major glitch the day before. Major patching went on till 4:00 am and subsequent transactions were throttled to a snail's pace. Thirteen thousand transactions basically took five hours. Only at 5:00 pm did they begin the host batch. Since it would be another three to four hours, I drove back home to catch some Zs. Took me a while to fall asleep a my mind was quite active. Luckily it rained heavily, think that help me sleep. However, it wasn't very deep sleep. Had a skanky dream about an ang moh twink in my bed. Remember that he had a pleasant face, long-ish blonde hair that sexily draped a part of his face and a lean body. He was entwined in the white sheets and his skin was as smooth as silk. Gave me a wonderful woody. At 8:00 am, I checked with my colleague again in case I make another wasted journey. They advised me to come in at 10:00 am. Since that was the case, I went to have breakfast with mum at Restorang Yoon Ping-- Curry noodles and YTF.

Upon arrival at the office, the tech team notified us that system ran at about 1.0 transaction per second! Bollocks! And we had another 13,000 transactions to post that day before 12:30 pm. Definitely did not make it on time. The whole process trickled way past 6 hours, tinkling like a man with a prostate the size of a Jack o' Lantern. While waiting for it to finish, we went out to lunch at Restoran Kam Heong, PJ State. KH brought me there for lunch some days back (so sweet of him to rescue me from the drudgery of work). He loves the prawn noodles there. Anyway, it was another long day for me and it went on and on and on... It's like babysitting Damien Thorn. Or maybe more like monitoring a patient in the ICU. When the monitors show an alert, people shut and jump and scramble all over the place. Some bosses have remarked that sometimes we looked like a stock exchange. Oh well. Hope things stabilize soon. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers :D

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Code Name: Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak Wisdom by williamnyk
Nasi Lemak Wisdom, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

The project that I had been working on since August last year finally went live on the 12th of October after one postponement. Truth be told, the scope was too big and the timeline too rushed to produce a good end result. And it was muddled by internal squabbles between teams, unclear requirements from users (exacerbated by indifferent business analysts on our end), some sloppy development work on our end, bad feng shui, gung ho upper management, poor dissemination and coordination by the project management office and difficulty working with a 'black box' type of technical framework. Till the final week before D-day, we were still in the dark about many things. Wasn't even sure if the production environment was ready. Anyway, they finally told us to check the parameters on Friday night and by then I wasn't even sure if Saturday was actually with live production data or just a test run. Went to the data centre on Friday afternoon and guess what? Both the front-end and the back-end wasn't up. For some reason, JDBC couldn't work on the AIX server and on the IBM iSeries. The whole thing dragged till 3:45am. Horrible troubleshooting. The security was too tight and we had no expertise on what particularly to look for. Basically our fat ass couldn't get through the door and the security team would rather open the door a bit at a time rather than open it wide then close back. Great that we managed to bring the system up on time because there was checkpoint at 4:30 am. At that time, there was a huge meeting to thresh out the issues of the previous night and decide whether to proceed or not. At the ungodly hour, I was already like a zombie. Lucky there were three rounds of eats to keep me awake-- pizza, nasi lemak and sandwiches. Surprising that one's tummy grumbles at odd hours when you're not asleep.

By 7:00 am, lots of business users were streaming in. A carnival-like atmosphere ensued. Transactions started to come in and it was chaos. The money couldn't get through. Things were timing out front, left and centre. We found some problems on our end and we found some problems on the other end. The whole floor milled till about 9:30 am where all the key users had another meeting to decide whether or not go through with it. Once again, we were given the green light. Breakfast was served but there wasn't enough food. When I got to the buffet line, I had to scrape the noodles from the bottom. :(. And while I was filling my cup with coffee, my plate fell splat on the floor! Argh! More activity went on till noon. My chance to go home. SK was nice enough to wait for me and pick me up. My car spent more than 24 hours at the Bukit Jalil Stadium car park. Luckily the tyres were still intact when I got there. Got home, showered and jumped into my bed. Was so tired and my back was stiff from all the standing and rushing around. Set my alarm for four hours sleep as I needed go in again. However, I didn't hear the alarm and only woke up at 6:30 pm! Thank goodness that my colleague and boss covered for me. Just ate hokkien mee at a neighbourhood shop. At about 9:00 pm, KH came over to see how I was doing. Damn sweet of him to do so. So I brought him out to to eat tong sui nearby. Unfortunately, it wasn't up to par and we needed to leave cause they were closing shop. Had to hop to the nearby bubble tea shop instead. Although it was just an hour, I felt refreshed after seeing him. At 11:00 am, I slept and my alarm was set for 4:00 am ... The torture continues...

P.S.: In case you're wondering about the title, my project manager commented that he never ate so much nasi lemak during a project implementation in his life.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Exact Double Three

I'm the not the kind of the person who always looks at the calendar. Hence when my birthday came up, I didn't even know it was on a Wednesday. Finally, KH had the chance to actually bring me out for a birthday meal on the exact date since we were working close to each other (we've been missing out on the simplest of things, things that most couples take for granted). He suggested TEN at Marc Residences and unfortunately, I was late for lunch. Kinda bad timing cause my project was going live in a couple of days and the preparatory work was less than satisfactory. I was all worked up and stressed. Definitely not the right mood to enjoy fine dining. But anyway, I tried my best. Poor KH didn't get to see me at my most appreciative and happy. :P. When we walked in, the restaurant was quite empty (only three tables occupied including us). More staff than customers. Naturally, the service was better. So rajin to help you change your cutlery and what not. Like at Jaan, they actually explain to you what they are serving, although you might not get it. At TEN, you have the choice of just ordering your main, main with appetizer or a full course. I ordered their bara chirashi while KH ate a hamburg with appetizer. The appetizers were served in a large circular plate. Could definitely double as a halo. Food quality was good, at least you're getting your money's worth. Will come again, not because it's so fantastic, but because KH hasn't used his Living Social voucher! LOL.

My Halo

Bara Chirashi


Later that night, had a birthday supper with SK at K' Chiang Mai Ikan Bakar. Shared some grilled catfish and stingray. Was too tired to go anywhere fancy-schmancy. It's the thought that counts. Hmmm... 33 already, and I'm not married! Hahaha.

P.S.: Iron Chef Frech Hiroyuki Sakai visited the restaurant and to try his wondrous dishes, one had to fork out MYR1,500 per pax! Tun M and his wife had the opportunity to try.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Double Three Samba

Honey Chicken by williamnyk
Honey Chicken, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Big Monster and his dad went to the National Science Centre on Sunday night, leaving his mum and Little Monster tagging along to church. Had to continuously feed the tyke to keep him happy-- chocolate chip cookies, apricots and crisps. Lunch was at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, Paradigm Mall. Little Monster didn't mind going there again although he was just there the day before. Any kai kai is good kai kai. The kid loved the fried noodles there. But after having his fill, he couldn't sit still any more. When the head waiter came over to play with him, he practically froze up. But with his mum, he threw tantrums and demanded attention. Went to Uniqlo to look for bargains and mum walked out with some tops. Did some shopping at Daiso too. Before leaving, stopped at Hokkaido Ice Cream for some dessert. Strangely, Little Monster preferred the waffle over the ice cream. Seems to be quite averse to cold items. Same went for the 3Q Passionate Tea that I bought from Ochado. Kept on shaking his head when I offered it to him. Go home quite late. Didn't manage to rest much at all as we needed to go out again at 5:30 pm. Freshened up a bit and off we went to pick SK and her granny up.

Asparagus & Tea

Corn on Ice

Arrived a little early at Publika to do some shopping at B.I.G-- the premier choice for non-halal, imported groceries (where balsamic vinegar can come in packaging similar to XO and olive oil could be mistaken for EDT). KT arranged my early birthday dinner gathering at Estilo. Among the other guests were Apollo, QueerRanter's body double, Brian and Lifebook (KH was missing cause he was in HK attending a wedding banquet. I was supposed to be with him, but cancelled at the last minute due to work commitments :(). Ironically, the organizer was the last to arrive. Lucky that we saved food and sangria for her. Love their stuffed calamari, so I re-ordered that tapas. Unfortunately, it seems to have lost the seafood kick. The Paella Mixta was good though. Yummy with fresh seafood. During dinner, some samba thing was going on, making it quite a challenge to think, let alone talk. Three samba queens danced at the open area, gyrating their hips and moved their oiled torsos to the beat. Not my cup of tea, but the breeders were appreciative. After that several fire dancers came out and wow-ed the audience further.

Cake Pops Birthday

Samba Queen

My birthday cake was quite unconventional this year. Can't really call it a cake. The creator (Joe the bodylicous baker) called it "Cake Pops". Basically he baked a cake, crumbled it and mixed in chocolate ganache. It's then put on a stick and coated and decorated. To complete the outlook, its presented as a bouquet. Really cute. Really sweet. To make up for her tardiness, KT came over and sang a solo "Happy Birthday" for me. Hahaha. Like Marilyn Monroe singing for the president. Didn't stay for after dinner drinks. Just went into Publika to camwhore in better light. Who would have thought that the Jalur Gemilang would make a very vibrant backdrop for a photo shoot. Thank you all for attending. Muacks.

Fire Dancer

Suneo Reinforced

Friday, November 15, 2013

Meet the BFF

wine glasses by Xipe Totec39
wine glasses, swiped from Xipe Totec39 on Flickr.

Saturday was another working day for me, but I just clocked in a few hours after having a WTM breakfast. Arrived in the office at about 11:00am; had free nasi lemak compliments of my client; waited for the file to be loaded; found that the transaction settings were incomplete; waited for my client to complete the set up; verified the results; found that there were problems; had free lunch of fried chicken and stingray curry; unable to resolve the problem cause the other team didn't come in; clients went home, so did we! Reached home at about 3:30 pm. Should have rested, but I didn't. Went for a swim instead. Dug out my black Aussiebum trunks and when I stretched the material, I heard a crackling of sorts. Kinda like crumpling a pair of undies with dried cum on it. Think it's about time to retire that pair. Luckily it didn't slip off during my laps. Dried myself off and went up to SK's place for dinner. Two of SK's female colleagues were there and I'm sure they were wondering why a guy in a towel was at the door wanting to get in. LOL. Just walked straight into the bathroom after saying "Hi" and explaining that I couldn't see without my spectacles. Bet there were a lot of question marks on top of their heads. Just a simple meal of bitter gourd soup, stir-fried vegetables and soy sauce pork belly.

Post-dinner was at Apollo's shop for a wine drinking cum meet-the-BF session. Not Apollo's BF, but KT's new squeeze. As usual, she was late, so we started without her. But funny thing was, SK and I drank tea. Also picked out a pair of glasses, just for fun. LOL. The tea made me super hungry. Just as we were gonna call KT to tapao supper before coming over, she had already arrived. Ish. Finally met her BF. A Kuantan-ite like me, and of the same age. Quite friendly and wasn't too shocked by our skanky conversations. I didn't have much to comment, as long as KT finds him suitable for her. With her arrival, Apollo brought out the wine glasses and we started drinking. Reds. Whites. Prosecos. Moscatos. For snacks we had dog food jalapeno pretzels, pomelo and dragon fruit. Mostly we talked about the storm in Apollo's business and his socio-sex life. LOL. He has a very interesting attraction theory that he swears by. The subject was juicy enough to last us till 1:00 am. Kinda nice that all this coincided with my lunar calendar birthday. :D.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Salmon Bones

Double Shot Latte by williamnyk
Double Shot Latte, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Met up SK, Lifebook and KH at Empire Subang on Sunday after mass. First time ever, I was jamming into the mall and had to park at B4. Good sign for them. Lunch was free that day, compliments of SK cause she managed to hit her sales quota for 2013. Ate at El Fresco, Jaya Grocer where the concept is you buy the ingredients and pass it to them to cook. If the ingredient is more than MYR20.00, the cooking surcharge is waived. One can pay extra for side dishes and sauces. A very food court style to the place but seems popular (several sexy arm cuties were dining there!). Not bad as you can ensure the freshness of the food. Came out stinking of food fumes though. Up next was double shot lattes at Whisk. My first time there and it was horribly stuffy. Ordered some cakes too. Made our mandatory visit to Kitchen Shop too, but didn't buy anything. The rest went home, but mum and I loitered at Tangs. It was their anniversary sale, but the crowd wasn't quite there. For the first time in more than a month, I went swimming. Armed with my lime green N2N trunks, I did my laps. Changed the intensity of my swim to ensure that I was gasping for breath after each lap. Definitely felt it in my arms and legs the next day. Like most Sundays, dinner was at MaisonSK where the meal was a wholesome bowl of mee suah in scallop broth with pan-fried ikan kampung salmon, chicken balls, seaweed and mui choi braised pork. There's actually a funny story in relation to dinner. At Jaya Grocer, she bought salmon bones to make a soup base, basically the leftovers from when they slice out chunks of salmon fillet. In actual fact there's quite some amount of meat leftover. An ang moh couple walked past and commented with a dirty look, "Oh my God! Why on earth is she buying bones?!". Ang moh would never understand, but I found the story quite amusing.

Salmon Bones

Monday, November 11, 2013

Working Weekend Again

Porky Breakfast by williamnyk
Porky Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Worked on Saturday again. The whole day ugh. Started with breakfast at Restoran Yoong Seng. Found that their pork ball noodles had increased in price to MYR5.00. An increase of MYR0.50! At least they gave an extra portion of noodles. In the office, my senior manager had a very long face. Like someone had deleted his favourite his porn stash. The reason for his unhappiness was the fact that the project was not ready to be delivered. With just two weeks before the projected deployment date, error logs were still being raised and the rate at which we were closing them was not satisfactory. With every ten closed, five was reopened and not counting those fresh from the oven! Actually it's not quite my business, but I was seconded to help out. Worse thing was that they expected you to help, but could not furnish you with complete instructions. This translated to a trial and error approach that not only wasted time, but demoralized staff and project a very unprofessional image to our client. At 6:00 pm, I couldn't care less any more and left. Glad that I drove to work cause it took me half an hour to get home compared to the ninety minutes if I took the LRT.

Dinner was at MaisonSK that night. Boiled some winter melon soup, battered Salmon and Hamachi, stir-fried vegetables and beancurd. Lifebook also made an appearance, but came a bit late. We were discussing about how commonplace Salmon had become on our dinner table. To the extent that I compared it to ikan kampung. LOL! Mum buys it nearly every week actually and she uses it in soups, porridges and most of the times just pan-fries it. If this is the case, what is the original ikan kampung to me? :P. There was a Ms. Read warehouse sale going on in MINES (been ages!), so we jalan-jalan there a bit. Mum managed to get a few pieces. Luckily it wasn't too messy and crowded. Quite surprised to see that they had an instant cash rebate for HSBC credit cards. Been ages since I actually found a usable privilege. Whatever the case, I will cancel it soon.

Saturday, November 09, 2013


Big Breakfast by williamnyk
Big Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Woke up earlier than usual on Sunday to attend English mass at 8:45 am. Deprived myself of sleep cause KH and I had matinee tickets to Hands Percussion's "Lafaz Gema". Ate breakfast with mum at Coffee Sprex. Their big breakfast set is only MYR9.50 with cereal and bottomless coffee. On the way back, stopped to visit mum's friend in Seri Petaling who had just been discharged from the hospital. Lunch was a simple meal of leftover dim sum and pau. Left home after that to pick KH up and made our way to KLPAC. The lobby was abuzz with activity and more young people than usual (some cuties and a ex-HVD actor who was there with someone who looked like his BF). Seemed like a good turnout, but actually Pentas 2 wasn't full. When we walked in, we were greeted by a giant ginseng (actually a bleached, curved faux tree trunk) and a suspended giant drum on stage. The show started on a slow note. A topless dude came out and started signing on stage, over and over and over. In the dark, other performers were pushing drums onto the stage at the speed of gamat drying in sun. Strange hand movements were projected onto the giant ginseng and the huge drum. When it finally started, it was quite lively. Fantastic coordination and drumming. The movements were quite overlapped with no collisions. Smooth and seamless. Wonderful focus on sexy, sinewy backs. But I didn't quite like the floor-whacking. Poor floor.


Things seemed to go downhill after that. Lots of arty-farty stuff that don't really highlight their core skills-- drumming. The second performance was an all-girl ensemble. They were dressed in billowing black tudungs which when uncovered, revealed a small drum. KH enjoyed that bit of halal drumming. WTF was the only way I can describe the following performance. Two large porcelain jars were placed on stage. Two of the sexier drummers were inside the jars dressed only in skin-toned tights. The VPL wasn't fantastic but it was quite a view anyway. Most of the time, they just moved slowly, rubbed their skin on the jars and slapped the surface. That was about it. Sheesh. Following that was a more instrument-intensive performance together with some gamelan pieces, diggaroo and Tibetan prayer bowl. Next up, four handsome drummers came on stage surrounded by others in dikir barat style. Their batik harem pants came with a gold Javanese style corset that nicely pushed up their pecs. LOL. There was one guy I particularly liked due to his beautiful shoulders. Then a whole bunch of drummers came on stage carrying small drums. Once again, they moved at 1.0 fps. If you were driving and saw such pedestrian on the road, you would run over them without much thought. And they started drumming at a monotonous and slow beat. So slow that I actually fell asleep!

The View Between

In front of us, a young boy asked his father, "Is this considered nice or lousy?". He must be as confused about the performance as I was. His dad was a real piece of work. During the entire first half of the show, he used his BB to record and was warned multiple times with laser lights. He seemed oblivious to it. So bad that the crew actually approached him during intermission to ask him to delete the videos. Pengz. Bumped into Espher at KLPAC. He had messaged me on FB after seeing my check-in and KH pointed him out to me. After the show, we headed to Tommy Le Baker but they were closed. Ended up at the nearby Restoran Arifah for some teh tarik and Tandoori chicken (which surprisingly KH hadn't eaten before). Met up CP after that. Last I saw him was when I visited KH prior to his relocation back to KL. About a year ago. We picked him up from KL Sentral and had dinner at Yi Xiang BKT. The determination of dinner venue was quite peculiar because it hinged on whether it would make CP sweat! LOL. And he was already dressed in a thin tank top that showcased his bulgy chest and arms (forgot to squeeze 'em). Did lots of catching and was glad to hear him say that he had started seeing someone and that his work and studies were fine. Seeing the rivulets of sweat on his forehead after digging into that porky soup, we went over to Snowflake, Kuchai Lama for some cooling down. Did the customary cam-whoring and called it a night. :D.


Thursday, November 07, 2013

Malaysia Day

I.D. by williamnyk
I.D., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Some ugliness came up in the office on Sunday. Yes, you read correctly, Sunday. My big boss was pissed with another team and had decided to offload their tasks on my team. So my manager called me in on Malaysia Day for a meeting. Heard the explanation that the other team wasn't so experienced and needed some backup, so the more senior resources were chosen to look at some aspects of their work. Come to think of it, I have much less experience on their things and I don't have a backup for my things either. Ish. Anyway, I gathered as much information as I could from the other team. The most annoying thing is that, they couldn't give me definite answers. When you outsource tasks to other teams, you really have to give clear instructions. We are here to help, not to sit around and try to digest your requirements. Since time is of the essence, just tell us A and we will do A. Failed. Went in for just three hours before I bailed. Picked KH up from home and went for lunch in Taman Desa. For some reason, he was craving for Woo Pin's fish head noodles. We shared a large bowl, but I made sure he ate more. Hehe. Met the famous Twilight and his wife there. Been ages since we last saw each other. He was thrilled to finally meet KH. Finished the noodles quickly and hopped over to Tai Lei Loi Kei that was newly-opened. Previously it was supposed to be SS20 Fish Head Noodles. Guess they finally realized it was suicide and called it off. Tried their polo bun with pork chop. For MYR13.90, it came with a large mug of coffee. Think we should have ordered the signature bun instead as the polo bun wa quite sweet. The pork chop was juicy and I love chewing on the bone. Can't believe that we lepak-ed there for hours. Talked and played LINE's "I Love Coffee" together. Can't believe that KH played it just to support me. Send me clovers! So sweet. Took us a while to decide what to do next (bonk each other in a dark room in Mandi-Manda?). Finally decided to go to the nearby Tesco. Such a domesticated dating session right? Unfortunately, it wasn't his cup of tea-- no premium groceries. He's so atas. Before going home, we shared a large herbal jelly at Koong Woh Tong. An unlikely paktor session? LOL.

Happy To See You

A Bowl of Cool Down

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

High Hair

Coffee Sprex by williamnyk
Coffee Sprex, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

As usual, mass on Sunday morning followed by a cup of Macadamia latte from Coffee Sprex. Drove over to Plaza OUG for my hair appointment. Was expecting to see my stylist in his super blonde hair, but he had dyed it darker. These guys change hair colour like lampu lip-lap. He asked me the desired length and I answered, "short". He shaved the sides of my head much higher this time. The reason he gave was like a knife to my heart. It would give added 'length' to my face, as though my forehead was higher. Reason: to camouflage the roundness of my face. T_T. Aduh! Finished my haircut some time before 2:00 pm. Was famished. When mum saw me, she got a little shock as my stylist had gave me high hair that day (something that could challenge Nicky05, but the pic here is not original 'altitude' LOL). We ate at Vietnam Kitchen, Citrus Park. Been ages since I ate there. Ordered a little too much. Such a large portion. Loved the soup noodles. The broth actually had the flavour of chicken and it was sprinkled with bits of crispy pork lard. Yummy. Unfortunately, the fried chicken was too dry and the fried noodles a tad salty. After lunch, made a couple of short stops at Endah Parade and Giant BK5. Had only a little under two hours to rest at home before going out again for a Mid-Autumn festival celebration in church.

Haircut Science

Sis and the tribe joined us in church. Quite a good turnout. Basically free food, games, prizes and entertainment. The first performance really woke me up. A tall and lanky secondary school boy did some crazy K-pop choreography on stage with a little girl. Not something from Super Junior, but more of something from Girls Generation. Boy, can that boy move. His hips were all over the place. Pinged my gaydar like the emergence of a class 5 Kaijiu. Other performances included some singing and Chinese orchestra (the kid was really good). In between, they had a pomelo peeling contest (only mouth and hands allowed... and they later served the end result to the audience XD), mooncake eating contest, lantern-making contest (some macabre designs resembling shrunken heads and headless angels), lantern riddle contest and "Guess The Hymn" contest. In the end, we had a lantern procession around the church. Little Monster's lantern was super cute-- a battery-operated Ultraman with a helicopter rotor embedded in his chest. LOL. Most importantly, it didn't have an annoying soundtrack. On the other hand, Big Monster wasn't so interested in playing with lanterns. Just after twenty seconds, he would hand me his lantern. Short attention span. Guess he would prefer a lantern app on his iPad. By the time I got home, it was already 11:30 pm. Zzzz...

SIC Mid-Autumn Festival

Riddle Me This

Where's My Head?

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Working Saturday

OT by williamnyk
OT, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Saturday wasn't a day of rest for me. My client's CIO cracked the whip and 'encouraged' his staff to work the weekends to make for better progress in the testing. So far, only 40% of the test cases had been covered and a milestone was coming up in a week. I doubt that there will be much drastic improvement even if they worked 24/7. But still, it was duty as vendors to help the project along, else we get blamed for delays. And so, I went in early in the morning. Not much activity from my client's side that I could detect, but there was a major glitch in the web application that caused most of the inquiry screens to fail. Scrambled half the morning to fix it and arrange for an emergency deployment. That was enough to disrupt things. Such a stroke of bad luck. But that wasn't really my issue. After making sure that my stuff was working well, I took my leave. Immediately went to pick KH up from home. I was yawning all the way from Chow Kit to Bukit Jalil, so I was really yearning for a good cup of coffee. Much to my surprise, KH was able to suggest a good place for my caffeine fix-- The Scurp, Kuchai Lama. Just MYR5.90 for a cup of Musetti latte. Not bad. Was a bit nippish, so gave their croissant a try too. That wasn't too good. And they charged us for the spread! Adoi. The place was quite empty at that time of the afternoon, and the staff just squatted behind the counter, molesting their smartphones. Gave KH and I plenty of 'privacy'. He was still a bit dizzy, so I gave him a pressure point massage on his hands. Love to see him grimace under my ministrations. Hehe. Got back home at about 5:30 pm. Slept for an hour and watched "Fringe" Season 3. Mum had went out to visit a friend so I had dinner alone at Restoran Yoon Ping. Craved for rice (noodles for both breakfast and lunch) so I ate a plate of steamed chicken with ginger and Chinese parsley with a bowl of steamed rice. Really hit the G spot...

Just Me & You & Coffee

Friday, November 01, 2013

Langkawi Lads

Hi guys. Today we have another spy cam contribution from BeautifulMale. His skill and cute ang moh magnet capabilities seem to be advancing by the day! This set of photos were from his trip to the beautiful island of Langkawi (sorry, not Speedo shots). Check it out!

So very German. Wish he wore less.

More of the blonde shutterbug.

This couple is obviously fabulous kan?

Waiting for his knight...