Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Pass The Fire On

Cold Cuts by williamnyk
Cold Cuts, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Mum was attending a three day course in church, so I had to send her out early on Saturday morning. On the way to Kelana Jaya, I picked up SK and we later had breakfast at Aman Suria after dropping mum off. Had leisurely bitchin' session over coffee in the cool morning breeze on the five-foot walkway. Back home, I spent the morning washing the car (wish it was like an Andrew Christian video). At noon, we went out for lunch at Mediteca. Ever since SK heard about their lunch buffet with free flow of cold cuts, cheese, salad and desserts, she was elated. KH, her granny and Lifebook tagged along. Judging from the amount of cold cuts and cheese alone, we definitely exceeded the price tag of MYR58++. KH's regular waiter Morsey was sooo happy to see us. We weren't too happy with the mains though. Salty! I wanted the lasagna with pesto clams, but they were out. Second choice was eggplant parmagiana. Quite good, but to finish it all was quite a challenge. When the owner Riccardo came in, I think he was fussing over the speed that we were depleting his cold cuts. LOL. Did a lot of bitching about work with Lifebook that day. The pains of IT systems. Some tables away were two female floggers (too bad not Bangsar Babe). One was dressed for the beach. Weirdness. Next up was a short trip to Bukit Bintang. KH and I went to Uniqlo while SK and her granny stayed at The Pavilion. I was supposed to get mum a small gift because there was a surprise family visit session at church that night. Funny thing was, I was already there the night before and bought mum a cute-sy Hello Kitty T shirt. Took me some time to source for another item. Didn't linger as SK's granny was tired from the walking.

Swimming in a Bowl

For the first time ever, KH drove me back to house. Never experienced his driving before (not even his ex) and I must say, it was a little unnerving, especially looking at the way he maneuvered. LOL. I'm sure my subtle 'nagging' and guidance can help him improve. Of course I invited KH in for some 'coffee'. I brewed a cup for him in the bathroom and subsequently in the bedroom. Definitely a full-bodied cup of coffee and oh-so creamy! To be frank, it was one of our best sex. New approach, new experiences. KH said I was noisier than usual and was more aggressive. Kinda shocked him when I requested another go. LOL. Definitely drained after the session. Snuggled for a while before KH declared that he needed to get home for dinner. So after KH left, I made myself a cup of hot Bilo Jasmine tea to soothe my sniffles (must have been the dust in my brother's room) and just lounged around waiting for dinner time. SK had prepared for me a steaming hot bowl of salmon fish head mee suah with shimeji mushrooms. The church thing started a little later than scheduled. The family members of the participants were made to wait in a dark room. The participants came in carrying candles and when the lights were switched on, it was supposed to be a 'surprise'. Don't think it worked very well. Worse of all was the fact that my mum's hair caught fire in the chaos! Luckily it was just a small patch. Someone actually joked that it was the Holy Spirit. Helped her trim the burnt ends when we got home after supper. Super tiring day!

Pop a Cherry


Anonymous said...

with 'coffee mate?' lol...btw bilo?

- VC

Twilight Man said...

Aiyo this Lifebook is forever bitchin about his work. Your dahlin drove!!! Let's go ronda ronda!

bryan said...

wow your full-bodied coffee must be nice LOL

thompsonboy said...

You mean...you always drive him? So best this bf

Derek said...

Haha .. yes one of the better sex sessions. Maybe you were turned on by my driving!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Hair on fire??? That's hairy!

William said...

Fresh cream

Lets wait for his new car

Haha. Slurp!

No choice :P

LOL. Then we should have had sex in the car


Dan said...

Always liked the sex sessions part of your blog :). Will u be writing on it exclusively someday, like in really great detail? (Hmm, getting wild thoughts :P).

William said...

Friends read my blog, so they might go "Ewwwwwwwwww... TMI!"