Saturday, October 19, 2013

Merdeka Shop Hop

Breakfast Again by williamnyk
Breakfast Again, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: Lengthy post ahead, but it gets better in the second half! :P. And yeah, I know October is ending soon...

My Saturday morning breakfast ritual was at Kong Kee Wantan Noodles in Puncak Jalil with a plate of flat wantan noodles (sometimes a change is good) and cup of teh c. From that starting point, I went on a long Merdeka shopping journey which started at the nearby non-halal butcher in PUJ. Finished that fairly quickly and next travelled to Endah Parade. Since it was a notoriously 'dead' place (with the exception of the seedy massage joints), the shops didn't open till past 11:00am. So we killed the time by walking into AEON Big. Think it was my first time there since Carrefour disappeared. Heard an announcement on the PA system that they were having so kind of Jamuan Merdeka, so we went to take a look. A large cake in the shape of the Jalur Gemilang, super-sweet tea, cake, curry puffs, Swiss rolls, chicken nuggets and cocktail sausages-- your typical party fare. And Sudirman's "Tanggal Tiga Puluh Satu" was blaring over and over again in the background. Best thing was, the party was held outside the non-halal butcher section. Wakaka. Anyway, ate and shopped and proceeded to our main purpose there-- to fix SK's grandma's silver bangle. In the process, mum bought herself a pretty silver pendant. Next up, mum bought some hair care products at a distributor some shops away. Before leaving, fixed mum's wristwatch that was missing a pin in of its chain links.

Hypermarket Merdeka

From Seri Petaling, we drove to Old Klang Road to have a last shop at Central Hypermarket. Second last day of its operations in Bandar Park before the whole placed is demolished for redevelopment. Saw a cute gay boy in running shorts and pink hair buying soya bean, but I was unable to spycam him! So sad. Mum bought the kids favourite cream crackers while I managed swipe more toilet blue cleansers (have yet to track down the other stores that carry this unique product). Outside, a mobile phone shop was having stock clearance so mum bought some phone accessories and I got a replacement charger for KH's S3 at dirt cheap prices. Paused a while for lunch at House of Ceggo. Always loved their special bitter gourd pan mee. And we still had more stops-- Giant Bandar Kinrara. Bought more groceries and most importantly salmon steaks. Right as we were leaving, mum told me that she wanted a rub down, so I drove her to Reborn, IOI Boulevard for a 4-in-1 massage. Feeling lazy to go home, I waited at Ochado instead. Ordered my favourite 3Q Passionate Tea while watching "Hercule Poirot" on my phone. It rained for nearly two hours. Was a bit tired of sitting down, so I bought some bread at the nearby RT Bakery. They sell dainty Shanghai mooncakes at MYR39.80 for a box of nine. MYR4.42 for one bite. Couldn't bring myself to buy that.

Special Bitter Gourd Pan Mee

Right after the massage, we went home. Was already running late for my sex date with KH! Haha. Quickly showered and did my preparations (The first commandment: Thou shalt clean thy chute). Lube, check. SK's house keys, check. By the time I arrived, KH was already there. The poor dear was feeling a little bit under the weather. According to him, it was a case of Godiva Choclatier Carpet Germs. You see, the evening before, we had dark chocolate cake and a latte at Godiva, The Pavilion. While drinking from his tumbler, I dropped the cover onto the carpet. He chided me and I quickly washed the cover in the washroom. However, he claims that the incident gave him a stomach flu.

Heart of Darkness

Although a bit sick, he was still horny, as evidenced by his woody. Kissed and snuggled and hugged. And soon, our clothes were on the floor and he was entering me (in many, many ways). He was quite exhausted by the end of the session, but to my defence I did do some work too! :P. Actually, we had bought tickets for "Elysium" at 9:00pm, but KH decided to burn them since he wasn't quite up to it. Tried offering the tickets to JJ (since he was the nearest to the cinema), but he wasn't interested. We went to dinner at Puchong Jaya instead, taking up a recommendation from SK at Gao Ren Guan. Traffic was a bit Hell-ish.

Red Residiuum

Quite good business. Ordered some of their more weird items-- stuffed bittergourd (all steamed up and soft), pork belly in red wine residue and stewed pig offal. When they brought two bowls of white rice, I waved them off telling the waitress that I had ordered fried noodles (which I forgot to actually lol). But it was all good since KH didn't really feel like eating (too full from my cum?!). As we were finishing up the food, the golden skanky couple SimonLover and HornyBF walked in. I saw HornyBF's dinner FB post and since he was nearby (just a few shops away actually), invited him for a meet-up. Decided to move to another venue, so we just hopped across Jalan Kenari to Donutes. As luck would have it, we found a table inside and seated next to a bunch of gay lous no less with a straight cutie sitting behind us. Their latte was as lukewarm as usual and HornyBF tried some of their breads and rolls. We didn't chat too long to let KH go home and rest. A nice impromptu double date. :D.

Bitter Gourd Suprise


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The infamous carpet germ!

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Yeah lo, made me sick with carpet germs!

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"was entering me (in many, many ways)."
Wow! Keep the stories coming :D

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